Hello there! Welcome to my channel if you’re new here, if you’re already a subscriber – welcome back. My name is Brigita (or Bri for shorter) and I share with you my adventures here on this channel.

Today I am sharing with you a multisector trip Dubai-Sydney-Christchurch-Sydney-Dubai. Three amazing layovers, amazing crew and lots of fun memories! Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you do – please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! x

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1.) Onda Norte – Highwire
2.) Daniel Gunnarsson – Spinn Me All Around
3.) Ehrling – You And Me (Song provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:
4.) David Björk – Shlow Motion 1
5.) Lvly – Paper Chasing
6.) Martin Hall – Love For The Ocean (Tigerblood Jewel Remix)
7.) Hosini & Jones – Become

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Sophie Woolrich says:

I’m cabin crew too and New Zealand is my home. I’m so glad you got to experience the natural beauty of our country, hope you enjoyed your layover in Christchurch!

Helen Han Kun says:

can you do your makeup video 🙂 <3

Nina Mikulek says:

Hey Bri, where’s that black and white stripy shirt with dragonflies on it from? Looks great!

Shauntaye -Marie says:

Trini in the building!!!!!!!! Also is it okay if I follow her on her social media?

Оля Сулковская says:

Hello. Really love your vlogs. Such a great atmosphere. 🙂 Can you tell what camera do you use for filming?

Gabija Vičytė says:

Sveika kaip tu taip gerai ismokai anglu

Sameh Ghanem says:

You looks like a million dollars .
Have you been to egypt before ?

sikupyte s says:

Aik tu saaaaaaau..kaaaaaip nerealu.. numirsiu!!! Kaip grazu!! Aciu, kad suteiki mus galimybe keliauti tavo akimis.. Australija.. Kalifornija..mano svajone.. tavo deka galiu ten nukeliauti.. ir kodeeeeeeel as nemaciau tavo video kol buvau dar netekejus ir neturejau seimos.. gal ir as buciau stiuardese ir galeciau keliauti.. nuostabu!!! <3

best guy says:

Do you want to marry ?

Leonardo da Vinci says:

Netekėk už babajaus – verksi….

Isaiah Bee says:

Yeah! She is JLaw’s long lost twin sister! Just in case nobody knew that. Amazing vlog Bri! More countries to vlog. Take care.

Rayhan Kabir Konok says:

Your trip was really good.

juandenz2008 says:

Great vlog Bri ! You always do a nice job with your videos. Nice to see J-Law in the video too ! ha ha. I should warn you though, you millennials will never be able to afford a house if you keep ordering that smashed avocado on toast ! If you simply skipped 21,000 avocado’s on toast you might be able to get a deposit together ! ha ha (this is a joke, I know some other commenter will think I’m serious).

Gods of Death Love Apples says:

Ahhh, tas paskutinis restoranas kur staliukas kampe … gives me life ♥ taip grazu!

Devesh Kumar says:

Mam can you pls tell me what is retirement age in your company

Eunice Joy Labaro says:

Enjoyed your video .. more to come

lewis kuriya says:

hey ,….if we are doing cabin crew job can we also study in any of the dubai universities….side by side .. if we can manage…plz reply

The Ahmed Saif says:

Hi Brigita, how are you? I hope you are fine. I have a question for you, when was your first flight & how was your felling? Keep smiling 🙂 take care

cķäìvä says:

Kaip tau pavydziuuuu ❤

S B says:

New follower from Australia. Glad you enjoyed your brief stay in our beautiful country. I love your refreshing videos. Keep up the great work.

Agnes Wills says:

Yep… she has Jennifers Lawrence face from the side 🙂

Zanzebek says:

I’m totally new to your channel, and am quite excited to enjoy watching your travel content! But I really want to hear out your story 🙂 A warm subscriber hello from Kazakhstan!

Kamilė Petkutė says:

video kaip visada nerealus 🙂 ar galetum pasakyti kokia pudra naudoji? labai graziai atrodo.

Anastasia Bastian says:

whats the minimum age to become a Emirates flight attendant? By the way—-video was lovely!

Alicja Jaros says:

Love your channel, I have just come across it and I ‘ve just subscribed xo

Syed Danish says:

hii bri

Miranda Miranda says:

Hi, You are very similar to this girl on Youtube “The Michalaks”. You should definitely check it out. You look like sistars.

Alicja Jaros says:

hi guys, if you wanna see more of what is it like to live a life of an international flight attendant, please visit my channel xo

Reda Jan says:

She definately looks like JLaw’s!

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