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We recently completed our 88 days rural work in Australia to gain our second year working holiday visa. In this video you will see a range of farms that we worked on, the wonderful co-travellers that we worked and lived with, and all the fun stuff we got up to on our days off.

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We are about to embark on an adventure to S.E Asia couchsurfing, hitch hiking, and volunteering our way across, so please stay tuned for videos from this trip very soon!

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FAQ – Where and when did we farm? – Bowen, Queensland, from May – September 2015


Affane says:

which part in Australia ?

Jason says:

At one time..You would be able to walk into a person’s farm house and make a lot of tea and a sandwich whilst waiting for the farmer to return home.
Because of the heat or other weather didn’t want a person..even a stranger to to suffer.
If you waited for a period of would leave a note and a thank you with your contact information..and a time when you would be back.
You wouldnt find a house with their doors unlocked and no alarms and security cameras very often now. Too many strangers in the country now. They don’t play by the same rules…not are they predictable.

Ing. Yarango Gutierrez Diego Miiguel says:

very interesting



made bagus says:

how to get a job like this in australia,,? i love work in garden

sahil khan2 says:

I am amir Abbas my name is amir Abbas I am diploma holder in agriculture field assistant I need this job can I help them

Antonius Raja says:

Ugh I’m from Indonesia and I want to work in Australia so bad! I want to experience the Australian life. Can someone help me get the holiday visa please?

Mélissa Voyage says:

so nice video!

Wahyu Putra says:

ok2 ctk?

Jay says:

how can i do farm work? i’ve always wanted to experience that side of australia !

Vikas Sharma says:

Wow amazinng.. Wanna work lile this

Kopi Hitam says:

good job bro

Wahyu Putra says:

ok tu saya mau ke australia koling visa

Geoff Fisher says:

cool video

kanga1234567 says:

I hate backpackers thar don’t clean their mess … if you can’t do that don’t bother coming to Australia.

Kato John says:

add me I’m ready to work my email is katojohn169@ gmail. com

Garth Algar says:

Where was this?

Natalie Friesen says:
best time of my life!

Sharon Yang says:

Please film an updates WORKING HOLIDAY YEAR in Australia! Where to find a job, where to find accommodation, etc! Love this channel!

Patrick says:

This is awesome!

Biking Phnom Penh says:

Reminds me of the old days when I used to pick melons in Eilat,Israel.

Shahrose Khan says:

I can imagine these working holiday visa holders are Still enjoying a happy life at end of day.

Gary Stafford says:

We looked at moving to Australia and found this website for Perth. We were blown away at how nice Perth is as we did not even consider it. We finally went to visit and eventually relocated to North Perth. It was a tossup between Brisbane and Perth and after visiting both places Perth took the trophy.

mjon1111 says:

Hello i am going to Australia in August 2017 for 3 months, traveling from darwin to Sydney with a Holiday working visom, this looks pretty cool. is there a place, where u can sign up for a job before u u go on the trip? 🙂 my hotmail is (, if u got a link for it

hope u can help me 🙂

dheeraj sindhu says:

how to apply for this job sir

Faptastic says:

Is it worth the money? I need to save alot to be able to do this

Andrea Buonopane says:

Beautiful video 🙂

Dirga Rismawan says:

May i know in which part of aus was it?
I will go to aus on this july with working holiday visa and will seek for 88days farming job also
Thanks, great footage btw

Jim A says:

Completely Dope bruh! Go budgeteers!

Ing. Yarango Gutierrez Diego Miiguel says:


my names us Dyego Yarango

hi like to recive information my email is

Darah Penistone says:

Brilliant video!

Breanda Crump says:

what is the 88days rural work? I am trying to get my first fruit picking job in Australia

Nobilangers Obilangers says:

Moderner Sklavenhandel Farmen in Australien Hostels in Australien Dort ist so viel kriminelle Ernergie
Vorsicht vor diesen Modernen Sklavenhandel

Natalie s says:

some great shots of #visitbowen.

Shailesh Patel says:

Hello friends anyone who cab guide me or help me if i need farming land on long lease i m from india planing to immigarte australia in india we do farming. We need do farming there also. Anyone can guide me do email me on

Hauke™ Official says:

You can`t survive this without alcohol or? 😀

Silva Bermali says:

How to work there guys…

Rachel Benaim says:

Hey! This is a great video and that’s so awesome that you did this 🙂 It’s 100% on my bucket list, too 🙂 I’m an editor at and I co manage our Facebook page for travel called brb. I was wondering if we could use this footage in a feature we’re working on– we would of course give you full on screen credit. What do you say? LMK <3

stephen rex says:

Job vacancies of all sorts open at Novartis pharmaceutical in Switzerland .Apply now by submitting a copy of your CV to their mail. via

Sulfen says:

That’s a lot of people working in one field. In the US I’ve seen a whole field get cleared in a couple of hours with half the amount of people. Most of the workers are Mexican though so they have the stamina for it.

Nizamettin Bilgin says:

Such a amazin experience! Great video thanks. I am wondering that where is this farm actually? I Will move to Darwin. Are there any farmwork as this one?

nickycoley1 says:

If you come to america specifically washington state & oregon you get paid $150 to $100 per big wooden bin. You can even negotiate the pay and because you speak english you’ll get hired immediately and are preferred choice over the illegals from mexico

Muhammad Fadly says:

hello. i wanna work in australia. but i dont have information how to get a job. someone could you help me?

BackpackingJosh says:

Cool Vid! I’ve made one too, hopefully this may help someone find their farm work as well-

azzo vlogs says:

What should I do to travel work in Australia as a volunteer on a farm ?
How do I get the Visa I am from: Algeria in North Africa ?
please answer ! 🙁

Alnord Brain says:

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