Holiday Travel Video Guide for Cairns, Queensland Australia

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We stopped in to check out the some of the great natural experiences that can be enjoyed in Tropical North Queensland. We started in Cairns and went out for a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

We sailed out to the reef to Michaelmas Cay with Passions of paradise. The great thing about this location is that you can snorkel right of the beach and if you are a certified diver you can also scuba dive this location.

We then decided to head north to check out the Daintree Rainforest. To get to the Daintree head towards Port Douglas. On your way to the Daintree be sure to check out Mossman Gorge, if its a hot day its a great place to go for a swim.

When you get to the Daintree there are many great walking tracks. As you adventure out along these tracks there are many different experiences that will enjoy and if you are lucky enough you may even see a Cassowary in the wild.

The Atherton Tablelands offers a range of things to do and see. Some of the places to visit are the crater lakes of lake Eacham and Barrine through to the Curtain Fig a must see. Heading further into the Great Dividing range you visit Mount Mulligan.


Fun Travel TV Show says:

Yes I met a lot of people there who went for a holiday and were still there many years later. It is a beautiful place with so much around it to do and explore 🙂

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killerbeau95 says:

definetley a butter face, gonna have to bag it

Fun Travel TV Show says:

Thanks Ryan. Cairns is a beautiful place so there is so much to show off there 🙂

jezelf says:

pause at 0:28

Fun Travel TV Show says:

Hi Darcy, It is called Lake Eacham. It is a really beautiful spot and an awesome place for a swim on a hot day. Take your food though as there is not many places to buy food there. Enjoy 🙂

Ash Almond says:

Lovely video, I’ll be there next weekend!

HorseLoverAnnalise says:

My second name is cairns

Darcy Swain says:

what’s the name of the lake at 2:15

Neon Angel says:

this woman looks like an older brunette version of natalie bassingthwaighte!!

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bornonice87 says:

Australia… the place where everything there can kill you

Element X says:

Growing up in Melbourne and now living in Cairns for the past two years I can say it is no more expensive then any other city in Australia, in fact things like real estate are cheaper. As for the unemployment? Sure but the lifestyle here is different, houses are much cheaper, the nature is free, people don’t need to work as much to pay for things they don’t need.

damon79 says:

1:42 She’s lucky she didn’t aggravate the cassowary. When they’re breeding they become very territorial, especially with chicklings. It would have gutted her like a Sunday roast chicken.

Element X says:

As for broken bottles and glass I don’t know what creek you are referring to but I have never seen broken glass in any of the pristine areas. People here and visitors are generally quite respectful of the area and things are well preserved.

dvchel says:

Wow what a stark contrast between the Daintree rainforest and mount Mulligan! Still both look very beautiful.

Holidays Tour and Travel says:

Wow, what a scenario, I want to travel there…………

Christopher Gray says:

I like this Holiday Travel Video Guide for Cairns, Queensland Australia.

Matt Sales says:

Im there now for a holiday 🙂 love it

Cairns Lifestyle says:

Love this video. We have reviewed many of these places and there are so many more secret spots that we are reviewing in the near future. Cairns is the best location to live and holiday in Australia.

Fun Travel TV Show says:

Thanks for the comment. Have you ever been to Cairns?

Ryan says:

Nice work

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