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The scent of roasting coffee beans wafts through the air in Melbourne, Australia. This city is serious about its coffee, and if you’re game, you can base an entire Melbourne tour around sampling the offerings from local cafés.

If you’re looking for a little more than a caffeine buzz from your Melbourne sightseeing, you’re in luck. Melbourne sits on the banks of the Yarra River, and you’ve got your pick of cathedrals, parks, and giant buildings to explore, as well as an extensive streetcar network to help you get from one place to the next. Ready for a delicious meal? Take the tram to the Southbank neighborhood, where you can enjoy lunch at a café along the riverfront.

Melbourne’s locals love art, and the inner city laneways are jammed with street artists painting over the external walls of buildings. Don’t worry; these artists have a permit and are sanctioned by the city. You can spend hours examining the artwork and talking to the artists about their inspiration, and then follow it up with a trip to Queen Victoria Market. You’ll find hundreds of stalls here devoted to selling delicious fresh produce, local crafts, and yes, more coffee. We hope you like caffeine.

Cap off the day with a little bit of history when you visit Luna Park™. This theme park, established in 1912, features one of the world’s oldest roller coasters and a number of additional vintage rides. Just make sure you let your lunch settle before you ride—the old coaster really gets rolling!

What will you do in Melbourne?

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Enoch Mendee says:

can somebody helps me to see this beautiful city

Mike 10452 says:

they will rip you off. Check the rip off report and their facebook post.

Reisevideoblog says:

Awesome video! I would love to travel to Melbourne and Australia 🙂 What is the best travel time for Melborune? Best greetings, Stefan

Brendan Alimony says:

Man Australia is way more fun looking than Canada

Rock Halliday says:

the discarded mattresses and couches you see lying along side the road and in the ditches as you drive around this city is a real touch of class. Goes well with the rampant graffiti, littering and vandalism.

Colin Kaepernick says:

Perth > Melbourne

Osiris Campos says:

Love Aussie accent ❤️

Glens Shed says:

its not very Australian, its basically mini New York

Martin Kent says:

In Melbourne, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children and many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Victoria, deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants – their future depends upon it. Let’s double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear in Melbourne!! The freewheeling family phenomenon, is extremely inappropriate on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Especially in any capital city.

Sabo Rivaille says:

Shits all over Sydney

Max5941 says:

90% of Melbourne looks like the worst 10% of the average North American city. The term “hole” was invented to describe this city.

Director Krennic says:

my friend lives there, I wanna visit him

Natalie Lucik says:

This misses some seriously great places to visit. Some great suggestions for a far more authentic experience through Melbourne:

1. Degraves Street and Centre Place – amazing place for coffee, lunch and some boutique shops
2. Melbourne Central – shopping centre
3. Hardware Lane – another great place for coffee and lunch
4. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy – A trendy paradise great whether you’re there day or night
5. Chapel Street – A great area to go shopping, or head out to a bar late at night
6. City Circle Tram – An original Tram that takes you through a loop of Melbourne CBD

Take a Tram to your destination! Locals will always help you trying to find your direction and tram stops within the CBD are free!

west A says:

real boring city.
i live here and u cant beat european cities

Trang Trần Minh says:

Melbourne mà đẹp cái nỗi gì Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane

Lương Từ says:

Excuse me, anybody’s here want to learn Tai Chi Praying Mantis ?

desi punjab says:

iam from india i wanna go australia

Kodiak says:

driving around Melbourne’s suburbs and neighborhoods, it is painfully obvious that having a nice home and yard and neighborhood is not at all part of the Australian culture like it is in North America. What an ugly, dirty, dreary dump of a city.

Nuwanda84 says:

Looks like a hybrid of New York and Hamburg.

Guilherme e Júlia e Sophia so e gui says:

Melbourne me City

dji zzah says:

surf central, from the west coast to phillip island, mornington peninsula and more it must rank as one of the top surf destinations in the world

Andrew Elston says:

Can’t wait to visit tomorrow!

Jordon morrissey says:

Get the hot jam doughnuts from vic market

souk souk says:

miss this wonderful city. hope to visit it again

Valerie Kidder says:

I am from the us and I think this is awesome

Rico Travels San Diego. says:

Melbourne looks amazing!

Aditya Das says:

2:44 that guy is from ISKCON temple drawing Lord Krishna and Radha….

Shri Khiran says:

Chennai > Abu Dhabi > Melbourne Etihad airways April 17 can’t wait !

Luke Smith says:

Melbourne is a good place to be if:you want to have lots of tattoos, a beard and wear shitty second-hand clothing (and that’s if you’re a woman) and strut around like you’re someone special;You want to suddenly be an expert on coffee, but the reality is, all you do is drink coffee like everyone else ;you want to buy an overpriced house ; you want to be stuck in traffic;you want to have a home invasion or for you to experience a car-jacking;you want to have a massive wait for elective surgery;you want a crowded and overpopulated city;you want a shitty airport without a train to get there;you want to become insular and think that Melbourne is the only place in the world with cafes, restaurants and a diverse population; you want to live in a nanny state.

Caio César says:

I want live in Austrália but i have afraid of spiders and other tropical animals, haha. But its amazing county beautifuls cities!

Caitlyn Graham says:



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Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

Thank you

ShineyM says:

Just visited melbourne from sydney. Sydney is way better.
There is no fucking parking in melbourne. Everything is damn terror; you get fined for this and that.. no fucking parking, how does a tourist get by?
They say get a myki ticket or whatever that thing is to make u ride on trains. However, if u r staying there for only a few days it is not worthit. Definately not a tourist friendly city.
But in saying that the traffic is better than in sydney (much faster) and it is more cleaner.

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