After 2 years since they built them rides, Waiting and waiting to reach that right Height (145cm)… Kids Finally allowed to get on the BIG RIDES and so they DID LOL….. What an EPIC DAY FOR MY KIDS………Wooooohooooooo hahahaha


Ikson – Outside

Camera: Canon G7x


BishItsLuweez xD says:

My fav ride is the asylum (the green one not the green lantern) cuz its so fast

Jayde Pearson says:

You girls are so much braver than I could ever be!!!! I’ve not been to movie world in 11 years and going next month….does the super man one go upside down? And is Scooby Spooky coaster/castle still there?

Remy Santiago says:

They are amazing kids, not even scared to all rides!!!! Take care all of you Kuya & your family, god bless.

Ebz33 says:

I’m going to the Gold Coast next week. Can’t wait to go to Movie World!

Drew Noar says:

This video has helped so much, I’m going to the Gold Coast in two weeks and I’m so excited, last time I went I couldn’t go on any rides as I was only tiny and I really wanted to see what the rides were like, I’m so excited for the superman

bruh bruh says:

This is just like movie park germant

HannahTheDirectionerAnd Legend says:

I’m going to movie world in 2 days I’m so excited

featherqueen31 says:

The superman ride is actually so fast at the start. You won’t know how fast it actually is until you go on for yourself.

its mate says:

The green lantern is crapey and dangerous

Bangtan Booty Booty says:


abigails lifexox says:

That is right next to Australian outback spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly Fountain says:

I’ve been to movie world but I didn’t go on any rides . at the end of this term we’re going to dream world.

Xxpiper Darbyxx says:

They look my age

Amelia Smith says:

Hello po . Plano namin magpunta this weekend sa movie World . Tanong ko lang yung parade ng characters usually ba anong oras yun ? Meron ba nun lagi ? Kasi magdrive pa kami ng one hour eh. Baby yung Kasama ko e di naman sya pede sa rides kaya yung mga characters/ mascot nalang para Maka enjoy naman si Baby . Looking forward to your reply . Thank u .

Ryan Callender says:

Imo the scariest in order:
DC rivals
VR Asylum
Scooby Spooky Coaster
Log Flume

I think I missed one, not sure.

Chow Chow says:

Gosh I miss this place so much!! Reminds me of the best summer of my life.

its mate says:

I’m Australian I live 10 minits from movie world been there like 25 times

John O'Neill says:

Anyone who goes to dream World is unAustralian. Don’t support this danger and death merchandising unAustralian business.

Gacha Gurl says:

I went to Gold Coast and It was soooooooo fun!!!

Awesomesquid 04 says:

They replaced the fountain in the middle with a stage

Panda says:

What about bat man

Fish Army says:

Dc hypercoaster is my fav

Xxpiper Darbyxx says:

My dad will probably do the card thing

Celeste Louzis says:

I’m going next year to Noosa but I’m going to Movie World too! I’m super excited! It’s my first time going to Movie World!

Jodie Marschke says:

Movie world is so fun

Chris Grace says:

Same with me I also wated 2 yers

Sweetwifey Curtis says:

hello jusr waved u wish u will do the same for
my channel thanks

Nisa Loves everyone says:

Wow cool one day I wanna go to move world with us

Holly Pendred says:

I went on the DC Rivals coaster and I do not remember any second of it XD I think I passed out lol

followetal says:

Wait for us Australia and we’ll visit you GoldCoast! It’s so fun to be a kid! Great video here! Keep it up kuya!

Rainbow Pizza says:

kuya, i need to thank you. salamat po. (forgive if i spelt it wrong, i dont speak fluently) we travelled to gold coast last week, my experience
in movie world was the best day this year. and this video is the reason i even wanted to go to movie world.(honestly when i got there, i was so happy, i almost cried)

so thank you, for helping 23 of my dreams become reality

Nrules7yt says:

Aye nice vid

Poasa Naoia says:

U should go on the log ride where it said wild west it’s really cool

Bits of Real Panther says:

*Thank you so very much for visiting my channel. Your stopping by is always appreciated!*
*Sending you some love with a **_full play_** and like #133 from Bits of Real Panther!*
*I’m always happy to help out! We’re all in this together!*
*Wow, this video has a lot of views, dude! Congrats on THAT!*
*Hey, hey, we finally made it to the weekend. I hope yours is awesome, KuYa’s World Ronaldo Rueda!*

BishItsLuweez xD says:

Yeessss i went here in may with my bff for a day it was the best but superman and wild west falls were shut wahh

Aidan Lam says:

Is it a rollercoaster park or something? Why aren’t there any other rides?

Liam Russell says:

Where’s the Scooby-Doo ride at? xD

Fish Army says:

I’ve been on all of them they are sooo good

Monica Benally says:

love the video looks like you all had a great time. me and my husband plan on visiting the gold coast in Jan. whats the name of the song

AquarioStickJuice says:

i went here on wednesday and the batman ride was awesome!

Nathan Ring Star says:

Awesome I haven’t been to movie world ever since the hyper coaster was being built nor the doomsday ride.

Booger Balls says:

I love movie world

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