My Australia Travel Trip – What to Eat and Do (Sydney and Melbourne)

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Cat Life says:

I see Wengie I click on it

Explore Australia says:

Always amazing video Linda

Spaces of Life says:

what was the song right at the beginning in the intro please??

cutepinksocks says:


maxi tef says:

Thank god for the Asians in Sydney that make the city look good and Fuck with out them the city will be a ghost town at 7pm everyday of the week!! Global city that sleeps at 7.45pm what d fuk fuk

Willy Herrera says:

Which dessert is she eating at 3.15 minute?

Akhii Kareem says:

I want Australian wife

blackpink is superior says:

omfg that bin chicken lmaooo

Lucinda_ McKenzie says:

I live in sydney and every single person i watch..

Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney says:

Keep up your good work.

Pineapple Poop says:

who else was like YAAAAAAAAAS when they saw the cendol. I’m malaysian

Luisa G. says:

I loved this vlog!

Jadeplusapatchy plusàpatchy says:

Back in vi etnAm //Forest gump

PRO Plumber Brisbane says:

That’s just amazing !

anime bae says:

My country

JissoAU says:

lmao you made friends with the famous Australian bin chicken XD

SKPBoy says:

I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne…. and I have to say Melbourne is the best for everything.
They have the best cafes, restaurants, food, cultural events, architecture.I found Melbourne so accessible with their cute trams. People so friendly too.
Sydney is ok… but loved Melbourne so much. Can’t wait to get back there.

Glen Maher says:

Go all the way to Australia and eat Asian food the entire time. haha

Sus says:

Wow so cool! Where was that beach at the end of your vid? Would love to go there!!

rosemariewoodchuck says:

Super jealous that you can eat all that and not gain a pound

Hara Papadimitriou says:

Nice vlog, very fun. Also, you are friends with Wengie! That’s so cool!

claudia lo says:

Where is the place at 0:36 the one after grounds of alexandria? i really wanna go there

Elvis FlAmingos says:

I have seen you in Sydney, I live on Sydney


6:01 omg it’s eljannah wtf did you write

Jennifer Curry says:

Please say what you are eating and where you are.
Downtown where? Sydney or Melbourne would help. Thanks for details. Looks fun!

Sophie Phan says:

Is that wengie

Kahlil Sykies says:

Australia definitely isn’t known for its food lol. No wonder why she at a Chinese, and Vietnamese restaurant. Both the cities of Sydney and Melbourne; look absolutely beautiful. But she spent basically no time, showing what there is to do in those places.

Trendy time says:

Did u come doing Australian summer aka Canada Winter because it will be dam hot like 40 degrees celsiues

Robbie Backpacking says:

0:22 Like a flower making love to a coffee bean! LOL!

James H says:

Eye candy

ECT Cambodia says:

We give or not wengie

NO1 Pest Control Brisbane says:

Very Nice Video.

RoxiRO says:


He Vivi says:

This girl was rubidium’s rubbishy

Capricosm says:

Dont visit Australia because it is to expensive .

hedra's toy show says:

I live in Sydney Australia

co0kii says:

List of Locations (reposted as original comment was lost in a reply :P)
0:08 (NSW)The Grounds of Alexandria
0:39 (VIC) Phillip Island
1:12 (VIC) Flinder’s Street Station, Queen Victoria Market
1:36 (VIC) Starbucks (gurl, why??? Melbourne is literally the capital of coffee)
1:42 (NSW) Central Station area, Spice Alley, next to Central Park Mall
2:55 (NSW) Sydney Opera House/Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay
3:02 (NSW) Pho Tau Bay, Cabramatta
3:10 (VIC) Docklands, Melbourne Chinatown, Dessert Story
3:23 (NSW) Coogee Beach
3:26 (NSW) Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly, Manly Markets, Manly Beach, Shelley Beach
3:52 (???) Pappa Rich (not sure which one she went to, but there’s numerous locations)
5:28 (???) Ippudo Ramen (again, numerous locations)
5:30 (NSW) George St, Central Station
5:32 (NSW) Black Star Pastry in Newtown
5:31 (NSW) El Jannah (do you even live in Sydney if you haven’t been?)
5:53 (NSW) Sydney Chinatown, Emperor Puffs (get them from a little window next to Emperor’s Garden Restaurant)
6:12 (NSW) some Shanghainese restaurant (that don’t know the name of :S)
6:24 (NSW) Chinese Garden of Friendship (another guess)
6:27 (VIC) Great Ocean Road
6:46 (VIC) The Twelve Apostles

scorpio gamer 27 says:

She is always eating good

PRO Removalists says:


Pro Asbestos Removal says:

Nice video man! Love the editing

PRO Tree Removal Brisbane says:

Keep up your good work.

Axel ONE LIFE says:

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JustSushiThings says:

I’m from Malaysia!

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