Our Trip to Australia!

Snippets from our trip to Australia where we visited Sydney, Melbourne and The Great Barrier Reef while on Hamilton Island! More photos and stories on our blog, http://www.lovetaza.com


RachelD13 says:

Such great editing, you have a real gift!

Oh Jeez Pony says:

Such a happy little video ♥

olah shanna says:

I love your travel videos they are instant mood booster!! xxx

Jenns June says:

Love it keep doing it please! I’m LDS too! 🙂

Gryffindor Makeup says:

I love how you put a whole day in to 3 mins this is perfect

Alina Y says:

Lovely video. I have been really inspired by ur travels! How do u keep all the kids healthy? Have they gotten sick when u were abroad and what did u do! That’s my worry traveling with little kids, I have 2 and one on the way, we planned a trip to Paris but I’m terrified that kids will get sick and the trip turns sour.

Josie D says:

Love every single one of your videos!! So cute!!

Luke Lovett says:

the father kind of looks like deadpool


Hello, This is a nice family to Turkey , we expect

Nessi Benarroch says:

WAIT!!!! This is insane!! Such a wonderful VIBE!!! Wooou… can’t stop smiling! Your little ones are adorables and you two so cute! Beautiful family, Naomi! 🙂 Greetings from Spain.

Diana CC says:


On my tree says:

What is the music ?

Melanie Crd says:

Your videos are always on point Naomi 🙂 I love watching them from France! Bisous!

Sam x says:

Please do more vlogs or even daily vlogs would love to see more of your videos, one of my favourite youtube families out there! xx

Raja Shasha says:

I just love your vlog and your family is too cute and adorable!

Shannon Treho says:

Your family is my fave

Abigail Weirdo says:

#Australia isbae

Ivona Střasličková says:

You are such a cute family :O 🙂 BTW nice video, I’m hoping to visit Australia one day .

Ana Gallego Martínez says:

Your family is so lovely.

Seth M says:

You guys seem like an epic family

Jacob Dunne says:

I’m from Australia

Michelle A says:


Salina Misnan says:

what’s the title of this song?

Claudia Benitez says:

Do I see Samson with his knock-knock jokes in 0:12? Awesome video, as always. I’m going to Australia next year and this makes me super excited!

Joanna Touma says:

Love love love❤️

Hakim Benalileche says:

I love you taza from algeria africa ❤️❤️

Tamara Taci says:

#snapchtafamily 🙂 i love it!
xoxo, Belgrade, Serbia


love it so much!

Kristin Witcher says:

This is my favorite video you’ve posted! I just smiled the entire time! What a lovely experience for your family!! I know your children will love looking back at this video when they get older. (:

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