Robert Irwin’s Australia Zoo tour

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Robert Irwin is following in Steve’s footsteps with the release of his own Australia Zoo tour! Come behind the scenes with Robert on this interactive tour of Australia Zoo.


Tima Dasouki says:

Cold you pet the tortis

P!nk Lipstick says:

Robert, You did an amazing job. Im so impressed

Snakeman says:

chip off the old block for sure.

Kathy McG says:

Wow, Robert is a clone of his father! Both he.and Bindi have grown into amazing young people – their father would be so proud.

Vitor Martins says:

And I’m a girl

PiranhaFisher says:

I would go to Australia just for this zoo

sebastian lee says:

Following his dad’s steps.

Conspiracy Truth says:

legendary kid, legendary family


a natural in the camera hope he revives the crocodile hunter when’s he’s older along bindi I LOVE STEVE IRWIN MY IDOL

Jordynn Miles says:

You are wrong it is not a blue tongue lizard it is a blue tongue skink

Rosie Flo says:

U aren’t a trained perfectional coz your like 4 and u think that bottoms are funny u r so immature

GamerGraze says:

Copy cat from steve

Bleach says:

“Because i am a trained professional”

Lucy Hughes says:

just like his dad

Greta Ker says:

It’s Fantastic!!!!!!

jNagR says:

Ah, my heart. 
He is so cute!

Maria Smith says:

Good job Robert you look so much like your dad!

Charelle B says:

We’re going to go there

Kamsi Mgbojirikwe says:

Man that was a lot of animals

Vitor Martins says:

And a Cola

Kamsi Mgbojirikwe says:

I wonder what u guys do if an animal dies

Willis Ethan Simms says:

wow, I remember watching his dad when I was around his age,maybe younger. But wow have the kids really grown, makes me feel old.

Stephen Terwilliger says:

Man sounds the just like his father. He would be proud

ECT Cambodia says:

There are all amazing and cute

Kamsi Mgbojirikwe says:

Now this is what I call a real zoo. I love the animals and how much space you put in the sections and their is food In Their

Samtimus Prime says:

He is his father’s son!

holycrow! says:

the bowlcut tho

Mimi Sitton says:

I wanna go when I get to Australia! 😀

Kamsi Mgbojirikwe says:

And they actually have a hospital in their. The other zoos they wouldnt even care they would just wait till they die. I wonder what happens when one the animals dies.

Cosmotion says:

he is probably always happy near these animals ☺

PiranhaFisher says:

Lol he looks just like his dad

Haslam Motorcycles says:

WOW! You’re a real credit to your Dad. Great memories have come rushing back from my childhood watching your dad. He’ll be very proud of you both.

KadenzaKat98 says:


iwaheedinpro says:

this boy is doing amazing job

Hugo Lindberg says:

amazing animals!

earable hanson says:

My fave is a cow

CaspianDragon says:

if I didn’t know this was robert, I’d think it was steve, really, Robert looks like a young steve

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