Robert Irwin’s virtual Australia Zoo tour!

Join Robert Irwin to see what wildlife encounters await at Australia Zoo – it’s as wild as life gets! (2017)


Alejandro Torres says:


Michael Yandell says:

wow he is just like his father. Steve would be proud! hope he gets his own show he has the same charisma and enthusiasm his dad had respect Robert your doing amazing

amazing ANIMALSSS says:

I will see you in Australia mate

Muffhands Hands says:

2:15 i lost my shit LOL

sandeep prasad says:

You’re a great entertainer like your father. Your style of presentation is brilliant. Your dad would really be so proud of you. Great job young man!!

Techie says:

The way he says zebras is so funny

one happy kid 12 says:

Did you grow because last time I saw a video you do and say same

a ss says:

It’s so similar to the one when he was young like really similar.

eribaldo Yes says:

Way to go, Robert!!

Leica Cudia says:

Would so much want to go there but have no moneeyyyyy

Green Fragment Studio says:


Jennifer Marshburn says:

I love the Irwin’s! I will make it there one day hopefully ❤️❤️❤️

Shooting stars says:

I am now binge watching these vods

Bubbly Love says:

Did he remake this from his 2014 tour?

nrachmi says:


laj hawj kaus yaaj says:


Deshawn Clementina says:

rip steve irwin

Anish Sudhager says:

I support you brother. I am one of your dad fan. Because I watch all Steve Ervin show before . He is amazing person good family man.

Wilt C. says:

Your dad was one of my heroes. I actually wrote a biography about him in middle school. Long live Steve Irwin

Tyler Bradley says:

Good job, Robert

monserrat Jimenez says:

I wish steve Irwin was alive

Dr. Rahul Kewal Kumar says:

I miss your father mate….God bless you ….carry on the good work . Love from India

Ogi the sergal says:

His dad would be EXTREMELY proud.

Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend says:

This kid has major star power. The cameras love him and he’s great.

Queen Flan says:

He kissed the giraffe

Trey Katena says:

Now I want to see the Australia zoo

Sarah The best says:

I wanna go to the Australia zoo is it in Melbourne Sydney Queensland Cambria or where in Australia

Lauren Berglund says:

When I was little I went to Australia zoo and saw your dad with the crocodiles and I got to touch an alligator your dad would be so proud of you

I Trust Me says:

“Like father Like son”…
Really happy to see you like this Mr.Robert , I loved your father alot..
He is a great Man and great Human being…
May God bless you my boy…

Snazzy A.R.M.Y says:

Poor Josh the koala

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