Rubin & Marie – Australia – Road Trip

Track ” Help me lose my mind ” by german producer Mazde

After Working for 2 Month on strawberry farms my girlfriend and I bought our van “betty” and drove down down down from cairns and then through the outback.

It was only a short period, but it was for sure the best time of our life so far. Every day was just packed with exciting stuff and we had the feeling of complete freedom.

This Video is meant to motivate everybody who is thinking about going to Australia…. DO IT !!!! You will have the time of your life

Special Thanks to “Mazde” fot letting me use his awesome music, check out his other tracks.


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Riley Long says:

This is amazing. I especially loved the walking towards the camera bit at the beginning. I’m currently traveling around Australia and I can sympathize with the taking a shower outside of the camper van feels. I’m trying to make a video like this, but mine will not compare. Was this shot on a go pro?

Joshua Harbach says:

I want to travel Australia but I don’t know how to plan it or where we are going to stay how did you plan your trip

Chris Athanasatos says:

great video!!!!

La Penseuse says:

I so much like to do the same .. escape

Aidan Sanchez says:

Love Videos like this and making them!! Awesome Job, looks like ya had a great time

Desu says:

Aqui no Brasil, tentar uma aventura dessas é suicídio. É um lindo país, no entanto, está repleto de pessoas desonestas, insensíveis e nojentas!

Aprecio países como o de você e espero um dia poder realizar o sonho de me aventurar em uma Road Trip.

Parabéns! ^^


Here in Brazil, trying such an adventure is suicide. It is a beautiful country, however, it is full of dishonest, insensitive and disgusting people!

I appreciate countries like you and I hope someday I can fulfill my dream of venturing into a Road Trip.

Congratulations! ^^

(Translated into – I apologize if there are any errors).

Rani Permentier says:

How did you edit this movie?? 🙂

Ali A says:

What’s name the music ???

saltyXrice says:

This is brilliant ! Good stuff ~~~ Must’ve been a lot of work ~

Guus FT Hill says:

Heey Robin
This is really awesome what you did! I would like to go to Australia in a few years, but how did you know what spots are the most beautiful to go and where did you get this information?
I would like to hear something 🙂
KInd Regards!

Carolina Rosales says:

Amazing place !! hugs from Chile

Jeremy Rollex says:

So perfect video !!!

Which Movie editor did you use ?


Benjamin Hedegaard says:

This looks amazing! How did you make that effect in the start with pointing out the places you were going to visit? That kind of map over Australia 🙂

Maitre Caribou says:

Great video, great music, for a nice trip, thanks for sharing 😉

Andrey Nascimento says:

Hi nice video! How did you do the 3d map in the beggining of the video? Which software did you use please? Thanks

HWG Football says:

Song please at the start? And what kind of music do you call it when it sounds kind of like trap

Ladretes says:

Hi! Just wanna say that we will feature this video on tomorrow:)

Monoplan Music says:

awesome road trip video! would be so cool if you take one of my songs for your videos! 🙂

V. Rattlinger says:

wie lang wart ihr unterwegs? geile sache

Eric C.H. Park says:

damn, so cathartic!

MarjoRit says:

J’ai voyagé derrière mon ordinateur pendant ces 4 minutes. Je vous remercie pour cette superbe vidéo (I traveled behind my computer during these 4 minutes. Thank you for this great video)

Leeo Loebel says:

Lindo vídeo meu amigo ! eu faço a mesma coisa que você só que no Brasil

David & Merit says:

Wow ! This video is so Lit.

Rum and Coke Van Travel says:

Cool video guys loved the soundtrack x

La Penseuse says:

the music?

rrtv3 says:

What camera did you shoot with?

Fun piece!!

LT CH says:

This is amazing! The two of you look like you’re having a blast! 🙂
I traveled Australia as well, had some pretty crazy encounters with whales, sharks and crocodiles. Check out my channel if you’re interested, I think you might like it!
Keep it up!

Ben Gerrans says:

so sick

Josefine Blomberg says:

Amazing film!

Maria Beatriz Soares says:

Amazing! Omg! Amazing! I also did a video about my roadtrip in Brazil! Take a look

gaurav babbar says:

this is superb. Loved it.

The Outsider says:

So cool!! 🙂

georgia whitton says:

What places did you go too?

kkiik says:

mit welcher Kamera wurde das aufgenommen ?

Thomas Weinreich Films says:

One of the best videos I have ever seen… I need to go to Australia!!!

Yvanna Bruin says:

Amazing!! It’s my dream to do this one day


hello 🙂 how are you doing? im planning on going on a road trip with my friends. im from seoul korea. Can i ask you how long and how much did it cost for the whole trip?

Cara Negula says:

I have been there too and it’s nice to see it in a different view! 😀 realy nice video! 🙂

Paige Bartleet says:

I’m Australian and thought this represents the country well. Good job!!

___traveller___ says:

Richtig nice das video! Für mich geht’s Ende des Jahres auch dort hin! 🙂

NIIGHT says:

Amazing video!

Lara&Jasmin says:

Wir haben das Video im Unterricht gesehen! Super Video! 🙂

Ocean Eleven says:

amazing that you guys travel and live on a small van to explore the vast Australian land. how long your take for the whole journey?

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