My boyfriend Declan surprised me on our one year anniversary with the amazing gift of a trip to Byron Bay Australia. It was so much fun and a life changing experience going solo on this travel for 4 days. I learnt so much about myself and I hope you enjoy the video xx




I N S T A G R A M ➜
S N A P C H A T ➜
T W I T T E R ➜

Thanks everyone for all the love and support you continue to bring to the channel. I can’t wait to keep bringing you vlogs, boyfriend adventures and random videos in the future.



William m says:

Very nice, keep up the great work. Life is an adventure so go explore.


That’s so cool , good for you

Jayden Kouli says:

Thanks so much for watching beautiful people!! I hope you enjoyed this little travel VLOG xx

TheClassicMikey says:

I just found your channel today and Ive been binge watching all your videos

David Grandi says:

Loved your Bryon Bay adventure. Such a neat gift from Dec. Having time by yourself is allowing you spiritual growth time…getting to know Jay. Do more of it. Love ya. X

Daniel Dan says:

literally binge watched your videos over the last 3 days. love the positive vibes. cant wait for this years adventures.x

Laura Willmott says:

Best Byron Bay vlog I have come across! I was wondering what camera you use which was water resistant? Thanks 🙂

Elementalize Li says:

I love how you’re answering everyone’s comments. Can I ask what camera are you using to vlog besides your GoPro?

Reiley McGlynn says:

This is so cool! I just vlog my life in Los Angeles so this makes me want to get out there and travel more! This makes me want more diverse content!

Paul Kolone says:

Was there last year during my summer break holiday and I was completely amazed by Gold Coast and Byron bay…

Tom Couture says:

Enjoy your “nice little trip”.

Jaime M says:

You guys are amazing!!!

Bottom Line Up Front says:

*I’ve found that making travel vlogs SOLO is always a bit uncomfortable. People look at you like you’re crazy when you’re talking to a camera, but I guess it’s becoming more and more accepted/understood.*

Doug McCracken says:

Wow, awesome Vlog man! I love your enthusiasm and spirit of adventure Jayden. Gotta say that the scenery is stunning. Some day, I will get to Australia; there is so much I want to see and do. For now, I will live vicariously through your vlogs cuz they are awesome. Thanks again.

Greg Donovan says:

I absolutely Love your videos!!!! I love how positive you are and I love how open and natural you seem, this video length is really nice too! Big Fan ❤️

Steve Hofmaster says:

Loved this so much Jayden,what a lovely place I want to visit there.I absolutely love your smile and your always so positive,what a great life you have.I really need to get back to your beautiful country one day.Well take care,all the best!

JP Ambler says:

Oh damn, I love this channel, thanks for being such a great role model for the LGBT community. Happy Australia day!!!!!

Mark Thomas says:

We ALL thought you left the planet without taking us! I’ve heard good things about Byron Bay. Must be all those positive ions..:)

Robert Perez says:

I travel alone for work but never have on a vacation. I’m going to have to get out of my comfort zone as well and try it.

GetLostwithJohnny says:

Enjoy your trip 🙂

Declan Malone says:

We missed you Jay but awesome you had an amazing time in Byron! Nimbin looks like the place to be ha

broseph says:

Great video! I really enjoy your channel. Cheers.

Thomas Mead says:

Very sweet of Declan, solo trips can be a lot of fun, looks like you had a great time and nice to see summer weather as I am in the northern hemisphere!

Dana Anillo says:

I loved your video very much I love you, your boyfriend are the cutest couple I’ve seen, I wish you the best kisses ..

John Astro says:

This should be sponsored by air pods because now I’m convinced they’ll stay in your ears no matter what lol! Love you videos man, ✌️ from America.

air kaka says:

I miss Declan in this video 🙁

Rasheed says:

Love you both!!! xoxo

wayne spottedelk says:

So why he want alone and if if he has a boyfriend and he did not have him with him hmm just wondering

Nepalese Nomad says:

fun vlog ! enjoyed ! thanks for sharing 🙂

2009grifin1 says:

You found the mystery van.

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