Sydney, Australia Travel Guide TOP 10 Attractions

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. The most important places to visit in Sydney are: Sydney Opera House , Set on the Sydney harbor, Sydney Harbor Bridge (simply called “the bridge” by locals, courageous ones can even climb up the bridge), Bronte Beach (lesser known than Bondi, it is a beautiful beach, popular amongst families), Blue Mountains (an unspoiled mountain range filled with Eucalyptus trees. It is located 30 miles from Sydney, and there are plenty of hiking trails), Bondi Beach (Sydney’s most famous beach, its lively promenade is as exciting as the beach) and many more.
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Ana Maria Unumunzaga says:

El país con gente de IDEAS fantasticas,eso es xq duermen poco y se les agudiza el ingénio

VIP Electrician says:

Thanks for shaing

That Guy From Sydney says:

Sydney is definitely one of the city’s you should visit. If you wanna see the city, check out my vlogs on my channel.:-)

ConnollyCove says:

Perfect!!!…I hope to go there one day. 🙂

Julia Blackmore says:

From Keith Jones Christian drummer and contestant on UK Bargain Hunt. Our TV episode of the UK series Bargain Hunt has been shown in your city, hope you enjoyed our episode the title of it was Rock Drummer and Singer, Exeter. Female singer Gerri is still singing but I have retired to Cornwall. God Bless (K.J.)

john walker says:

i plan to visit sydney. this is my number 1 travel location

Hanna Kirovska says:

i live in sydney

Kurt Santos says:

Breanna go to sydney

अखंड भारत says:

Australia is twice the size of India, it has ample iron ore, coal, natural gas, gold, silver and uranium reserves. So I think the Indian and Australian government should come to and agreement to take in 100 million Indian nationals. Indian has close to 1.35 billion people and we need to get rid of at least 500 millions people living in India. I think they should be relocated to sparsely populated countries like Australia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Russia. The world should take in as many Indians as possible.

Dave Lee says:

Sydney. Yayyyy

Karim krimo says:

I Love Sydney and Australia

Cheap Flights says:

Thanks for shaing

Brain Damaged says:

I wanna visit to Australia

Jarrod Walton says:

One of the cave engravings is iconically Australian. See if you can spot it.

Travel Geek BD says:

Great tutorial dear! Thanks for sharing.Actually, I am a fan Sydney Opera House

VIP Asbestos Removal Sydney says:

Awesome Dude

Bdour M says:

why did the queen open the opera house

Martin Kent says:

Lovely, stunning, freewheeling capital city. Did you know, that many of the parents in Sydney ignore traffic laws with their children and that many of these parents are civil servants? Youth in New South Wales deserve better from their civil servants. White-knuckle parenting has no place in any capital city. Let’s double traffic fines in capital cities and watch law-abiding streets and adults appear in Sydney. What do you think?

toyarj37 says:

The guy talking about the opera house was very extra lol

aman singhal says:

I like Australia

KatiushaVN4 says:

Look at the chairs of the Opera House. So pathetic!

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First Step Travelers says:

Great video! Thanks for the ideas. Going to be traveling there soon and I will be taking you up on a few.

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