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Ready for an adventure? Click play on our travel guide video to uncover some of the best things to do in Syndey, Australia.

Established in 1788 as a penal colony, Sydney was once a little rough around the edges, but it has since transformed into a must-visit coastal destination. Today, tourists flock to this city on the east coast of Australia for its pristine beaches, coves, and harbors.

During your romp around the scenic coastline, make a stop at the Syndey Opera House and eye its magnificent architectural design. Looking for a little more adventure? Venture over to the Syndey Harbour Bridge, nicknamed “The Coathanger,” and brave a bridge climb tour. Next, hop on the antique thrill rides at Luna Park, which is a family-friendly favorite that dates back to 1935, or saunter around Darling Harbour. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer to make a splash, dive into the waves at Bondi Beach or hang ten at nearby Manly Beach.

Dabble in the city’s history, architecture, and beach towns, and embark on several Sydney tours during your next trip to the capital of New South Walves. To jump-start your adventure and get more tips and ideas on how to spend your Sydney sojourn, check out our travel guide video.


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Muhammad Hanif Hasballah says:

I love traveling. I will visit sidney..

Usama Ayan says:

I love sydney

Muhammad Waqas says:

Not much places to visit though! Just drink VB VB VB VB VB VB VB

G Suryaraj says:

l like Sydney city want to settle there it self

Goretian says:

Wish to born in Sydney

Didem Ibacka says:

My big love sydney, I will come soon ❤

Sydney lawson says:

my name is Sydney


Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to go to Sydney. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by it ,
#love From #Algeria

Skiller 006 says:

lodfunki ist schwull

Вячеслав Драчёв says:

wow . Sydney it’s so amazing city

Joe Horne says:

I want to go so bad.

Did you know?
Jørn Utzon, architect of the Sydney Opera House wasn’t even invited to the opening ceremony!

Noah Schiphof says:

Hey guys, Sydney’s an awesome city, but I’m looking for ways to improve our beautiful beaches 🙂
If you gusy have a minutes please complete the survey below, it wont take more than a minute or two and will help improve our stunning beaches!

Thanks and enjoy beautiful Sydney 😉


sydney is really beautiful city, I See this oneday…

Erik Thureson says:

Good stuff!

iAlaura x says:

Why am I watching this? I was born and live here. I’m 10 everyday run from my house which is a Australian Bungalow and dl cartwheels on the beach why swimming and practicing ballet! Love living here!

Learmmore says:

great presentation

Damjan Trickovic says:

I’ll be there in few years… Can’t wait… 😀

The Protagonist says:

Is Hugh Jackman narrating this

Amazing Stud says:

where are the aboriginal australians?

Eang Keat says:

I love information the best into city

john walker says:

I would love to live in sydney

bess tosc says:

Sydney will never have the culture, food, coffee, laneways or anything that melbourne has, Melbourne is a beautiful city that’s why it was named MOST liveable city in the world 5 years in a row. Sydney will only be known for the cities ‘looks’ and that’s about it!

Veneil says:

Sydney isn’t quite as big as, say, New York, Mexico City or Rio. It is, nevertheless, a huge place and one of the truly great cities of the world. It’s got literally everything. Stunning location and views, a cosmopolitan population and liveability unmatched by any other city of this size that I can think of.

marco Sinnes says:

super video thank you

Its All about beauty hacks says:

it’s a beautiful city

Abdul Razzaq says:

love ur page!

Eang Keat says:

life lucky go two

krishna sir says:

AMAZING video .. i will visit very soon …

Jimmy Benyoucef says:


Dinhchautuan says:

I come from Vietnam and I love Australia very much. I have a youtube channel and you visit my channel!

Prezi Tend says:

Can’t wait to visit next week!

Rajesh Jaybhaye says:

lovely city

iAlaura x says:

Wait its a favourite about the fun coulors around it!! Visit one day maybe see you there !!

MetroVal Sydney NSW SydneySider Valuers says:

Welcome to Sydney ! #metrovalsydney

Harry Batley says:

Only white people, no racial diversity

Some Bloke says:

I recommended Punchbowl or Lakemba if any Americans are visiting Sydney for the first time.

Jonathan Hubertz says:

My Famyly is talking about living the next 2 years in Sydney

G Suryaraj says:

l like Sydney city want to settle there it self

داعس على راس كل معمم كواد العراق says:


Brendan Alimony says:

Beware of the emu’s!

TREX young says:

I think I gotta earn quite a bit of money, after seeing expedian vids. thanks anyways

andre venicio says:

I love Australia

Gangsters Vegas says:


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