Tips for Australian road trips!

Here are some solid tips for Australian road trips!

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Scar says:

You forgot the obligatory PSA on how to safely handle a seatbelt thats been left in the sun, don’t want anyone getting third-degree burns. Had a mate that forgot that forgot to do a 5 point room scan for seatbelts when he hopped in the ute, nasty buisness that… by the time the ambulance arrived he was begging us to put him out of his misery, his kids still don’t recognise him through the scarring and his wife left him. *An exposed seatbelt is a deadly seatbelt*

Dragonstrike 3579 says:

No views

Loleze says:

I fucking love you lads

Ray Pest says:

Yeh fkn carn the Socceroos

Captain ChildRape says:


Chris Edmunds says:

Kenny: can we play a different game?
Elliot: No, come Kenny
Hahahaha I died.

SkyGames Official says:

Always pack light

*brings lite milk*

Axel Rules39 says:

Wheres the beer

Yolooncey says:

Mr. baggy is my spirit animal

Squeaker Squade says:

Lol top ten

Patrick CLIFFORD says:

Make sure u bring the buds

Mitchell Roy says:

No Ivan Milat reference! Proud of you guys! That Glen guy seems nice too

Big Schmidty says:


Richyyy Rich says:

Few tube gnarly dogs

BlackRayquaza98 says:

Good shit boys

Gizmo says:

Didn’t Isaac Butterfield do this??

JG Notorious says:

2nd like so close boys

Akku8581 says:

An educational video from you guys?

Solomon Childs says:

Glens a good lad

PTcruser65 says:


Motoridingluke says:

Whys this video so normal? Haha

Cynane says:

Mr Baggy!

Jordazhe Wall says:

did you hire a juicy van for this video?

Liam The Museum says:

SPAR Market bois

Matt 301 says:

That glen bit made me shit bricks in laughter

Esryn Shudder says:

Big ups the Dibble cameo 1:34

Robbie Elmes says:

Great video boys keep it up legends!!!!

Seamus Dineen says:


Jodie Baldwin says:

It’s like the qantas safety video

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