The 10 things you can’t miss in Melbourne including a library, seeing penguins, and a movie in a park!

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Egon Wegh says:

Well done!

Edgar Deutschland says:

i’m visiting melbourne in a few weeks, i’m so stoked. love the city so much.

Jordyz96 says:

Lived in Sydney all my life, beginning my professional career in 1-2 years, I’m so contemplating moving to Melbourne, it looks soo surreal.

andrew price says:

come and live with me… no joke.

꺄아 says:

How beautiful!!

Sharon Waininau says:

No.11 Eat at chin chin restaurant.. A must!!!

Tivamoo says:

I live in Melbourne and would check out all places you mentioned! LOL Actually went to NGV last weekend and there is a Van Gogh show at the moment which is great! It’s on my video too 🙂

Car Savage says:

I lived in Melbourne for 8 years

Gringo Show says:

I came here today because an Irishman in Rio told me _I prefer Melbourne, sorry_ when I told him I’m from Sydney. It looks lovely to visit, but I would still prefer to live in Sydney – it’s just bigger, better and brighter. And you were absolutely delightful.

Purple Studios says:

I’m so excited I’m going to Melbourne in 1 week !

CanadaDig says:

I got to see crisis actors in a fake terror Car drill. Real Zionist fake terror .

Fla-bushcraft Prepper says:

That China Town looked like the China Town in Washington DC. It had a little Gateway into it also. We drove to Washington DC from Florida one day just on a whim. I mean we grabbed clothes and tossed them into bags and drove. We got there and went to China Town to buy sports bags for our clothes because they were in garbage bags. We did not want to check into a hotel with garbage bags.

We do spontaneous trips sometimes and end up buying clothes, luggage or packs along the way because we leave home to shop or eat and do not come back for a week or two. My wife and I got married two weeks after we met and have been married for like 30 years. Enjoyed your video.

Gordie LaChance says:

I live there it’s boring tbh there’s nothing to do that’s fun, only touristy shit

Frank Townsend says:

The wonderful landscape!

Secular Witch says:

Is there any nudist beach in melbourne?


I was in melbourne in january and I was ablle to go to many these places, suke this video, which I watched before goin. Forgive-me, but English is not my fist language. And Mari, a big hug from brazil.


I moved out to Melbourne one month ago… Its a beatiful city.. Fantastic!


Omg at number 8 you walked at my street!!!!

Anthony Tobba says:

I spent a week in Melbourne on day…

Dalton Chew says:

Tip all trams within the free tram zone you will know when your in it and important if your trip starts or from out side the free tram zone to in it your have to pay.

Ju Tu says:

The sound could be better, i had to replay several times to understand.

PeanutButterJelly 1 says:

I love my city going there tomorrow

Fun Town Toys says:

great channel! big LIKE from us 🙂

Nicholas Khau says:

More Melbourne video

Nerd Output says:

shots of stuff with music she talks music stops repeat = profit

FlywithKristina says:

I’m moving to Melbourne in a week :))) loved the video, subbed xx

ChoirinNissa says:

i like your video so much Mari Johnson

Pando says:

Whoever lives in melbourne go to the Mombasa festival it’s cool

simonelbert says:

Unfortunately I had to leave Melbourne after a year of living there (damn you VISA). Watching your video has awaken fond memories for that city, thank you 🙂

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