Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!

The top Travel Destinations of 2018! A list of where you NEED to travel in 2018! I share with you the best World travel destinations of 2018.

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World Travel Destination Playlists:
Norway –
Bali –
Maldives –
Japan –
Bonaire –
New York –
Hawaii –

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KrackowKid says:

The dreams are there but the money ain’t.

Girish Menon says:

Awesome video

Thomas says:

Norway is love, Norway is life! Been there this summer, it was amaaaaaazing

A Luz says:

Awesome video!!! The only thing I am against is the animal abuse thing in many countries like Bali and Thailand…”Most animals used as props for photos have been taken from the wild as a baby. Those who grow too large could then ultimately be killed. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project estimates that for every one gibbon you see on the street, 10-15 gibbons are killed in the name of a photo. Most will have their teeth removed too so that they can’t bite tourists.” (Cruelty Free Super) Don’t support animal abuse and cruelty in tourism!!!

Michelle smile says:

Lucky guy wow!!!!

DASC Travel says:

I have got to see all these places!! 2018 isn’t over yet!

D O says:

Went to Cuba this month and it was AMAZING! Loved the footage in your video!

Samski says:

Thanks for sharing! You are very skilled. I really like to travel too:)I not long ago shared my first ever movie – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would definitely adore your comments on my video/editing and so I am able to get better like you!

Sara Howard says:

go to turks and caicos

Zoe van Zeeland says:

I have been to NYC

Mike Walton says:

Where the hell are you people getting this money from?

Krazy Shady says:

Sorry I’m new here, my question to you is where do you find the money to travel the world like this? I work a full time job and have the opportunity to travel to one of these places maybe once every couple years or so… My dream is to travel the world to experience different cultures… but realistically it’s nearly impossible when you work 12 hour a day and only get a certain amount of time off per year

Sakshi Mehrotra says:

I went to new York city

Travel Buddy says:
watch the video to know 10 best budget resorts in Maldives

simon chung says:


kendry gonzalez says:

have your first trip with airbnb with this coupon

Qasim Ali says:

Visit Pakistan, one of the most beautiful country.
The Karakuram Highway, Skardu, Hunza Valley, Neelam Valley, Minimerg, Ratti Gali Lake, Dudipatsar Lake. K2 base camp, Nanga Parbat, Fairy Meadows.
Amazing amazing Lakes and Valleys are in Pakistan.
You’ll lost your heart in these mountains.

Влад Б. says:

where do you usually getting your airline tickets?

MiTTU BeNiWaL says:

Spiti vally, India

Erik Conover says:

Here are my top 7 Travel Destinations of 2018! The most impactful places I’ve experienced over the past year. Comment your favorite location or some suggestions for 2018!

Abu Bokkor Akash says:

You did not say Cox Bazar, Bangladesh the longest beach in the world and the Sundarbans longest mangrove forest and bandar ban…..I feel bad for that So I did not subscribe sorry

gabble core says:

Mauritius google it

الله العلي العظيم says:


winster pereira says:


Tanya Kling says:

Awesome video!! Really enjoyed watching you travel! Thank you for posting!

carolinawanderlust says:

Hello travelers! Watch my Australia’s travel diary
and vote so I can actually make my dream a reality! thaaanks

Cassandra JD says:

Do u know JON and JANNID, they are from sweden like me

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