Touch Down in Australia with NO Bags! (WK 243.4) | Bratayley


***Special Announcement***
The Sydney Meet and Greet will take place outside the Target store at Westfield Parramatta on Thursday September 3rd at 6.30pm

We arrive in Australia with out our bags 🙁

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Most of you may know that Annie is a gymnast. You should definitely check her channel out if you didn’t know

See what kind of Minecraft fun Caleb is up to!

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Charlyn Chua says:

I think they are in Perth ldk. I been to Perth but maybe this is Sydney

Kimberly Morales says:

Watching this makes me cry. R.I.P Caleb

Summer Videos says:

we do have target in Australia I’m Australian

Olivia Gaill says:

Yass they came to sydney that’s where I live

Bella MOuntain says:

sydney harbour bridge’

Lyndel Scammell says:

Annie yawns
Katie: darling your gonna make me yawn
me: yawning at the same time as Annie
me: I yawned

EllaLol says:

i miss this editing style, i don’t like they’re new one

Ranjiini Naidu says:

The bar that was gold is so good it is my favourite

MEHH !!!!!!! says:

BTW it is winter

Wimpy Doughnut says:

Annie didn’t want boost what the!

Amy Guilfoyle says:

What did Hayley eat at the beginning

Abigail Cal says:

When visitors visit Australia for the first time: WOAH! THIS IS AMAZING, I WANNA LIVE HERE FOREVER!

me when I get home from school (In Australia): UGHH CAN WE MOVE TO CANADA?!

It’s amazing the times you don’t live there but when you do live there you’re kind of bored of the country

Fredi Nava-Castro says:

My sis has the same shirt as Haley

Emma Dixon says:

Rip Caleb

Bella MOuntain says:

annie dissing all of my stuff #australian clothes

Rykhia Butler says:

Chrunch boost twirl and flake are actually British

Rina Stanfield says:

I’m Aussie … and you should come here more often

Bohdan Jelinski says:

lookes amazing

Awesome Seanna says:

Who lives in Australia

Liv Rubina says:

I live in Newcastle, Australia

North Modz says:

Any bpdy else notice the next day Caleb died

Jonathan Rees says:

Meeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Awesome Seanna says:

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hannah De Ruiter says:

I’m Australian and it’s not candy it’s lollies

Baconbobby1721 says:

Just 2 months before Caleb died sad…

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