We go on adventures to see the Queen Victoria market and finally go to the zoo! Such a fun memorable day!

*Re-uploaded do to copyright song.

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Paul Richardson says:

its not an insult but i think it goes back to the early convict days where a freed convict was as good as his boss and was offended if given a gratuity in any situation . also there was a law case about 1901 where a company was brought to court regarding low wages . this high profile case led to a law where every working adult had to be paid a living wage. There after tipping was not practised and as time went on through the early years after federation times were hard , not much work, high numbers of returned ww1 soldiers were unemployed and had to be given an allowance which became welfare. even now i feel very uncomfortable giving a tip , its like i am throwing some poor sucker a few pence. its embarrassing and i feel really like i am insulting. I am a little older but tipping really is not our coulture. When i went to the US a few years back i didnt know who or how much to tip. Im sure i put a few noses out of joint. Many years back i was in paris latin quarter , a trader was selling us a few pastries ,when he heard we were aussies he dismissed us with a scoff and wave of his hand .He knew we dont tip. ha . enjoy your time here.

Lyl Martinez says:

I L❤️VE Chuck he’s too funny he could really make someone’s day I’m a care giver and he does such an amazing job I could see it

Ciliawillia C says:

Chuck does need a girlfriend
He’s so good to GG ☺️

Exploring with Stewarts says:

Australia well most countries don’t tip.. Its more an American thing to tip cuz we are under paid here. I’m from NEw Zealand and it’s the same way there. The wages are a lot better so there is need to tip.. It’s the culture here in California/US so it’s all you guys are use to and won’t understand it.

Carina Chirino says:

Lol chuck is so funny

Diana Williston says:

haha chuck! toilet break and that music lol

Meranda E says:

All of your vlogs are amazing! Can’t wait for another Q&A!! 🙂

Sonia Moreno says:

Jessica me encanta ver tus videos!!! Gracias 🙂

Allie Bengochea says:

That girl was a babe, Chuck! Get em, cowboy!! Haha..Especially loved this vlog!

Mayi says:

I can’t believe I almost missed this video……always good to see you all

Alisha OToole says:

I love when chuck tries to vlog! I love how close you have all become

Aly Thomas says:

Chuck’s theme song honestly kills me, I automatically start smiling when I hear it… You all are such amazing good people, I wish there was more people like you guys in the world!!! xxx

Lovinglife143 says:

I love their market & zoo! So cool. I love it when chucky tries to vlog LOL

germaine96792 says:

Wow, that hippo under the water is soooooooo beautiful! Fascinating! Never saw that ever. Thank you for sharing the zoo experience with us. I wish you shared more time with the Kangaroo, but that’s okay. Loving that you shared more video time with Chuck. Have a blessed day!!

Lilly says:

Hope you guys enjoyed Australia … Make sure y’all come back. Much love from Sydney , Australia xox

Aly Thomas says:

Yaaaaas Chuckie haha!!!!! you get em boy!!! Chuck deserves a good nice girl…

Michelle Hollinger says:

Yet again thanks Jess, mad love!!!!

ScrapnAllie says:

Loved the zoo it was cute listening to the kids talking and hearing their Australian accent

Alina Hacina says:

You three are an amazing team!! 🙂

Happy Impulse says:

Chuck is too funny boy!!!! All you make me happy kiss 🙂

gmfuhlman1 says:

Nice vlog, keep them coming!

Sam Chaney says:

I love chuck!!!! And I love you two!!! Literally makes me so happy. Thank you guys.

nelee01 says:

Gotta love Chuck!!!

trini kid says:

song playing in the bar when chuck was talking to the bar tender?

JuJuRachel says:

Let me be your assistant. I’ll help you with your Christmas tree is it’s still up. lol I love your blogs.

Ana Ortega says:

I haven’t been to a market since we lived in Mexico as a little kid. I used to love going.

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