10 AWESOME Things to Do in BARCELONA, Spain – Go Local (2018)

Ever wondered what Barcelona, Spain is like? I take you through a list of my favorite ways to experience the city, in as local a way as possible.

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Life Is – Cosimo Fogg (201) https://soundcloud.com/cosimo-fogg
Los Sundayers – ¡Qué Paciencia! http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Los_Sundayers/
Before I Sleep – Muciojad https://soundcloud.com/muciojad
La Juerga en Estado Puro http://freemusicarchive.org/music/El_Nio_del_Parking/Art_Fussion/

Additional footage by lifein2mintues, hiszpaniatime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkVcqqsd3wM

a movie by Cal McKinley


Clara Bentanachs says:

Antoni Gaudí spanish… I think this is the second biggest dislike I give in youtube, right after Logan Paul’s Japan videos 😉

Meccus says:


Jordi Guillumet Canals says:

Review from a lifetime local:

1. Only tourists nowadays
2. Only tourists nowadays
3.Only tourists nowadays (definetely)
4. ONLY TOURISTS NOWADAYS (note the caps)
5. Only tourists nowadays (by the way, locals don’t go to Sagrada Familia…. Maybe only once or twice in a lifetime, tops)
6.Only tourists nowadays (althought night might be interesting and unique)
7. Only tourists nowadays
8. Only tourists nowadays (castle montejuk does not exist)
9. You are actually right, food is fine in bcn
10. You are actually right.


Rosanna Severino says:


Genís Gil Mañé says:

That’s a nice video with many interesting facts but some mistakes. But at least you did better than many other foreign youtubers

Jack Briggs says:

you forgot to mention the countless coffee shops

Fergus Kavanagh says:

The truest thing said in this video is what you said about exploring the smaller streets. The best thing about the centre of Barcelona is just getting lost in it. There’s something cool down every street and alleyway.

Joan Ramos says:

Barcelona is not spain anymore!

Ainhoa Aranzamendi says:

Guiri que no sabe de lo que habla.

Ramon says:

Can you believe I lived my whole life in barcelona and Ive never been inside sagrada familia? Hahahaha

Rainbow Socks says:

8:40 in case someone is interested in the band playing, it’s called Beach Beach. They are great!

peponcio peponcio says:

And the “cannabis coffe shop”

Valentí Monrós says:

Lluís companys is a hero for the catalans. He is a symbol of the Catalan Republic, we trust him, we want him alive. He was killed by Franco just because catalans want to be a new country. If you want to say something about the local history you must to investigate first, and please don’t put songs from andaluzia in a Catalan video.

Johnny Thunderdrone Urbex Project says:

Very good man, i’m from Barcelona i love this video

Kram13 says:

I’m from Barcelonaaaaaa

luis montalvo says:

Lived here for 1 year and 6 months it’s terrible there is no sense of professionalism people treat you like shit. The most Racist city I have ever lived in. It’s terrible I had a realtor tell us oh luckily you have this type of passport because if it was just your girlfriend I would not rent you her kind of people even in the USA people are not so racist. And the Catalan movement is a joke people complaint about democracy if they want democracy then why not the whole country vote for this the whole country will be effect this shows you the type of people they have i this city/ region. On top of that the weird hours want to do something fun on a Sunday don’t even plan it nothing will be open except food and if you go eat some where that is not expensive expect waiters throwing the menu and telling you what do you want as if you are being a bother for eating at the restaurant. Can’t wait to move away from the butthole of Europe( this statement was said by people in Madrid, Italy, basically every where even locals). Enjoy your trip!

Akiyoshi San says:

Lol you filmed my boyfriend on 0:43 😀

ECA says:

Are u sure the street art party is not in September? La mercé

Ana Solís Doménech says:

l LIVE NEAR BARCELONA, the great of the city and the result of the centuries that this own it’s the magic of the mixt of cultures, all of them make Barcelona, and maked a better place, beause of that, barcelona has life.

Nikitanipone says:

The bes thing of the Arc de triomf is the friky triangle xD

Asim Tufail says:

my father live in barcelona sanda parpata

Irene de la Riva says:

Tourists go home!

Biel Alemany says:

lluis companys was a catalan president, who was killed for making the catalan republic, not spanish

joel arnold says:

Like a week ago i saw a vid w a title similar to this one, it was crap… This one is preety good do, would totally recomend for someone going to barcelona

Subsonic_210 says:

You could try balconing.

Maja Rzepka says:

omg honestly learn how to pronounce things, a lil research never hurt nobody, otherwise a cool video

Nuria Prats says:

Good job on the video, but please if you are going to make this kind of videos get the right information first. Not bc Catalonia is part of Spain for the moment, means that all the ppl living there is spanish and all the music in spain is the same in all the regions.. Catalonia has their own language, music and culture.

baananan wkqi says:

I’m lazy to watch the video, where did he eat that food in the thumbnail? Or it was just a clickbait

Pablo de los Ríos says:

1. Ga U dÍ!!! Not Gadi 2. Mont JUIC

Ynaê Pastallé says:

The video is nive but instead talking of Barcelona as if it was just another part of spain, you should talk about it as the state it is. Different lenguage, Gastronomy, music… You should have shown to your followers that we speak catalan there and instead of using music in spanish you should have used catalan music because it woul represent more the catalan culture. This is what is wrong with the turism that comes here, they think that they are in Andalusia or something…
Also, Companys wasn’t spanish president but catalan one, killed by Franco (spanish dictator)

Mariaah says:

Your Lluis companys story was not very accurate… but great video nonetheless!!!

Jakob Straub says:

Nice introduction to Barcelona, though as others pointed out, you got some facts wrong and gave a run-down of _very_ popular places. Check out this guide for a local’s point of view: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MRJ6DLL/

Lilly Olateru says:

Thanks Carl. You’ve inspired me to visit Spain, the country of my ancestors!!! Gracias, amigo! : )

mikroto797 says:

Sorry, but can somebody give me the title of the song starting on 7:50 ? 🙂

rockerdrake says:

welcome to Iberian Peninsula, where people get offended or pissed off for whatever reason

benoit chenard says:

first images talking about gotic are actually from another barrio, raval

Alejandro Martinez says:

When I saw this video I said: “Oh my god, he said that Barcelona was Spanish. The separatists are going to be furious”.
So I went to the coments and, obviously, it was full of those coments. C’mon, Barcelona is officially in Catalonia, inside Spain, so shut up already!

Karen Vanessa says:

I’ve been to Barcelona, Spain. I went by myself, I was only 19. I toured the whole city by foot, metro, bus, and rollerblades (I had brought them from the US) The only time I experienced something unnatural was when I decided to go visit a club by myself downtown closer to the beach area. It wasn’t so great tbh and on the way back home towards Catalan, I’d taken a metro. the blue line, Line 5. Mind you this was like 3 AM. There were still a good amount of people on the metro as if night-life were always that lit. So I got comfortable and I stood on the metro as if I were taking the red line from DC to MD. I was wearing a shirt, shorts and some sandals because I did not have night-out outfits. (Oh well! I still don’t! Lol) Out of nowhere some man, who seemed to be “drunk” came up to me and tried to stumble on me and felt up on me when he did. I gave him a stank face and I moved. I looked around to see what others reactions were or why they didn’t help and everyone in that cart just looked at me. It was a look you get when you know something’s up. So I got a flight feeling inside then. I went to go sit down by a few people. I Facetimed my friend who was still awake here in Penn. US and told him about what had just happened. He asked me “Is he still there?” I looked up thinking the man had left and on the row next to mine the man was there, looking at me with his arm resting on his leg and his head resting in his hand just looking directly at me. If this were daytime I don’t think I’d think much of it but the man didn’t get off and there were two more stops left on the metro until it ended its trip. My stop was second to last, and I thought there is no way this man has the same stop as me. My stop had come, which was El Carmel and people had begun to get off. I got out and started to walk fast paced toward the exit. For those who haven’t taken this stop, it’s quite a walk to get to the surface- if anyone has taken the metro from DC to MD to Wheaton Station and seen the flight of stairs you have to climb to get to the surface– well imagine that x4. So while I was exiting the first room where the metro had dropped us, as I looked behind me while going up the stairs and thought ‘yes! he’s gone!’ but I thought too soon because when the metro was about to leave, out pops the man looking around, saw me, and headed towards my direction. By that time I was on top of the exit stairs and my flight senses kicked in. I sprinted all the way home. Not to the surface, HOME. I ran like I never ran in sandals before in my life!! I don’t know how I did it but I did and I’m lucky. I’d still go by myself again– or maybe not be selfish and share the greatness with somebody– either way those two weeks were the best weeks of my life! I’m 22 now, and I miss it very much! It’s not really different to change to their custom, you really don’t have to. Just be optimistic, about yourself. Don’t close yourself to one part of the world just because you’re familiar with it. Everything was foreign to you at some point so just relax, accept the earth as your whole home and everywhere will feel like home, as long as God is your best friend honestly that’s how I did it. I felt as if he were always there, watching me even if I was 3000 miles alone and away from home. I felt peace, happiness, and joy. There’s always good in bad and bad in good but that’s the good thing about energy- that there’s good and bad and everything can only be transferred so stay positive and positivity will radiate from you and everything you come across or get into.

Steve Davis says:

My self medium steve Davies will be doing Psychic and Spiritualist working with people like Susan Daubney giving my spiritualisr messages in england and Abroad between now and beyond two thousand and nineteen may I had my partner visiting me this may. I even hot her photo on my gallery the rainbow pattern along side the right side if my face the cold draft

Sandra Víctor Eló says:

Your video makes my city look more beautiful than it is. Thank you!(:

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