BARCELONA – Is It Still The Best Skate City?

I just spent a couple of days in Barcelona, Spain with Palen.
I took it easy and just skated and had fun, but I figured it would be interesting to look into whether or not this city is still worth going to. Barcelona used to be featured a lot more in skate videos back in the day, there was a lack of big skate companies coverage of the city for a while, but it seems like it’s catching up again, and won’t ever not be a place of consideration for the next trip. Barcelona has amazing spots to offer, and is therefore definitely still worth it as a vacation spot 🙂

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jakob moeller says:

Street jake!

jayward lim says:


CasperTheSwapper says:

Nice Jake!

Proudyfoot says:

Portland Oregon is the skate city of the world has been for years you can skate anywhere and skate anything with no worry of the police

Calin2727 says:


brun0 says:

London was a better experience then Barcelona for me

Chris Frantz says:

This video was put together very well! I enjoyed it for sure. I definitely have to go to Barcelona, mainly for skating! Also, Stevie Williams is a beast!

bror skands says:

Håber jeg en dag ser dig skater hver dag i Kbh

PalenSkate says:

imagine that, not having internet for days then just discovering this upload!

rare evan spotted says:


rroollfallen says:

This was an awesome video! Good insight! Good video parts! Good tricks from you! Really like the gring to front shove late flip out! Cheers Nightspeeds!

Frederik Holmegaard Jensen says:

Har ikke set videoen men har allerede givet den et like

Nathan Cef says:

You’re back! :p I hope you have fun in Barca

Ike Buttle says:

I went to Barcelona last month and it was so fun for skating and we did get a bag stolen but it was empty

Daurell Varga says:

Skate Sweden

Charfoo01 says:

yeah mdan it is definately worth it. Macba is insane

Dines Vids says:

WTF du likede

Chris Nobles says:

Damm you shred man!

BabillonCaffe says:

I skated all af the spots and met skaters frome all over,i had such a good time there. Miss it!

Öldam Soppasson says:

I live in the southern of sweden and i’ve been skating since I was 6 years old (now im 12) beacause I got my first board when i went to spain with my family beacause it was a skateshop near the place we lived in at the time (we was only there in 2 weeks) and me and my older brothers used to cruise around there, then we went home to sweden and it can be very hard to skate some times beacause I live in a little city and there isn’t very many skatespots here, and we have no skatepark too and the ground is very ruff, but there is some spots that is great.

William Demant says:

NICE VIDEO!!!!!!!!
Love it 🙂

SheSkates 926 says:


IvarDF says:

Daniel becaus #makevarialflipsgreatagain! Really want to go there one day! Nosemanual nollieflip is a dream also haha! Looking good with them new wheels!;)

Joel Folkesson says:

Unfortunately I only ever got to skate the newer parallel

Rowan Johnston says:

Make Aaron kyro

Raxe says:

Catalan living at Barcelona who doesn’t skate here, I love seeing skaters! They are part of the mood of the city. I hope Barcelona gets better for skaters for years to come. Nice vid 🙂

Andrew SSGSS says:

Hey nightspeeds do you think you can get an update and an interview with the game devs of Project Session?

Rasta Buritos says:

I don’t understand why they would tear down a popular skate spot, just to build a skate park there, it’s a waste of money

Cryptic Hex says:

If you are looking for haslam, just look for the only bearded man in barca

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