A glance at some of Gaudi’s most iconic work, obligatory market visit, a free walking tour and an amazing light show at the Montjuïc magic fountain!

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Ash J says:

The girl is hot…

Cara Pan says:

Nice video of my city 🙂 I hope you had a good time in Barcelona.

Debbie Edelmann says:


tony roberto says:

Natural Style Barcelona @naturalstylebarcelona is a cool shop to get natural herbs with a bit of a kick to them, say Tony sent you and they will look after you

el comentario irreverente says:

What a lot of “drama queens” here…These guys just want it to make a video of their personal experience…Regarding the Catalan residents comments here, te lo digo en Español: “Ya quisieran muchas ciudades del mundo tener el magistral turismo de Barcelona”…Tourism is the arrival of “new money” everyday to any given economy; please do not be IGNORANT about it…If you don’t want tourists walking in Barcelona spending their precious money, just close El Prat (the airport)…You can’t expect that the tourists know everything about España. Yes, I agree that it’s not everything about Paella, Flamenco and Sangria, but not everyone necessarily is going to know that in their first trip, apart from the language and cultural barriers….Barcelona was my first European city (2) years ago, and I loved it! It always will be special to me in so many ways…However, don’t be so rude people. Focus on the message, not the messenger…

Alexandru Nagi says:

Too bad your video did not have any theme, or logic, just some random places. You visited around 3-4 places (out of which you only entered in one – La Boqueria) but no mention of Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, Parc Guell (really?), Montjuïc or the beautiful churches in the Gothic section etc. Your video editing is cool though, I like it, it’s just that the video doesn’t have a start or an end. It’s just a video but it could have been even better 🙂

Chips Handon says:

Barcelona resident. Wouldnt really recommend any of these places. Also people filming like that in the Boqueria is a large part of the reason locals don’t want to shop there anymore which drives out anyone selling well priced fresh food.

Sketch Paper says:

3:41 “I am recommending you visit this place even though I never been in myself.”

woah says:

can somebody post a list in the comments. thanks

Cassandra Balado says:

Love your videos and your level of detail to food, architecture and just everything. Super fun to watch!

Marjon Van Gemert says:

Wat is the name of the first song?

MJlageh says:

did you go to the stadium to meet your look alike Sergio Busquets 😀

robert111k says:

Barcelona is becoming a dirty and dangerous place with plenty of tourists traps. I miss the pleasant city it used to be. Pitty.

Jennifer Lorence says:

I LOVE PAELLA, and Berenjena ( Eggplant ) are Two of my Favorite Foods.

Alexandre Lopez Marquez says:

As a local let me tell you: STOP saying BarCCCCCelona. In Catalan we don’t pronounce the C like the Spanish way. Is more a kind of strong S like we pronounce BARÇA for short name of Barcelona football team. The way you pronounce Catalan people find it annoying. And YES it rains in Barcelona. Check the forecast before to go to any city. And Rumba catalana is from Barcelona. BUT NOT FLAMENCO!!! Despite that: your video is very nice. Congrats!

c4nel4 says:

That´s not paella noob.

B B says:

Please read,be informed about the catalan gastronomy and culture.A good paella doensn’t cost 4,75€…never..this is paella for “guiris” (tourists like you).I recommend to choose a local or certified guide. Unfortunatelly Barcelona is full of tourist’s business that have no idea about the city,history or traditions Sangria and paella aren’t an icon for Barcelona,my city.Thanks

Catherine Young says:

Should be titled the most expensive food in Barcelona, that is not proper Paella and 6.50 for Pimientos de padron? MADRE MIA!

barnbersonol says:

They don’t say Barthelona in Barcelona. That’s a Madrid accent.

Nancy Pirrello says:

hey guys lovedyour video enjoyed it so much especially we are going there in 6months time, quite informative. Thank you

arkhon i says:

Catalan independentist = NAZIS and terrorist

Milaries Toro says:

Hey guys any advice on how to go from Lisbon to Barcelona?
Love your videos great job both of you!

James Archer says:

Your camera should be slung over your neck instead of shoulder…harder to grab camera by a street urchin.

rockerdrake says:

Barcelona is a poorly organized city. Overprized for locals, taken by low profile tourism, having a drug slum (Raval) right ahead the city centre makes some very picturesque urban scenes. The narrow streets with relatively tall buildings make it difficult for light to penetrate and for people to go their way freely. Except for bigger parks circunscribed to specific zones, there’s a lack of wide boulevards and open green areas spread across the city, due to it mostly being shaped in a square block pattern with little space in between. In what refers to the population, most people from Spain agree that businesses and services in Barcelona respond to one philosophy: ask for the most, give the least. The lack of respect for rules and coexistence somehow leads to think everything’s fair. Foreigners, even those coming from countries with heavy drug trafficking agree that in few other cities’ main joints are drugs offered so shamelessly and openly as in Barcelona’s La Rambla. Pickpocketing is another of the main issues, permissive laws and lack of punishment allow gangs to make their way on the streets and in the subway network, leaving many people cashless or passportless, rushing to the police station and consulate. …In Barcelona, a city that is better to stay away from.

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