Barcelona Travel Guide | Discover Fun Things to Do in Barcelona

Discover fun things to do in Barcelona and join us on a food tour of the best places to eat in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Travel Guide:

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SKPjoe Coursegold says:

well done Russos.

Retired and Prepping says:

I enjoyed this video so much. It is a beautiful country. Than you so much for taking us along. Have a wonderful week.

Joyce Barnett says:

I would like to see the Swiss Alps. So where is the next country you will be traveling to? Another great video. Thanks for sharing.

Neal Nilsen says:

Fantastic storytelling and visuals

Rich Krutch says:

Hey guys love these videos you’re making me hungry

Mfhairstream says:

Uganda. U should take a little detour and head that way.

bikenmama says:

With all the eating you two were doing reminded me of when I went on an Alaskan Cruise and gained 5lbs

Gary T Pablo says:

What a surprise to bumped into you at Christopher Columbus Square here in Barcelona. Even bigger surprise when we saw ourselves on this video. Tomorrow (5/18), we’ll be flying back to Pearland, Texas after 4 days enjoying the sights and food of Barcelona. Meeting you guys by chance will be one of the highlights of our vacation. We’ll continue following your adventure on You Tube – Gary and Cora Pablo.

Crazy55 Rider says:

Hey how about a visit to Hawaii the rates have dropped.

lbird says:

It’s truly a small world when you meet people from TX who are familiar with your channel. I heard it’s popular there for people to go from bar to bar eating a small tapas at each place.

ka1133 says:

My daughter was in Spain last year for a week or so and spend several days in Barcelona. I recognized some of the places you visited from her pictures. And talk about a food lovers delight. Yummy … my mouth was watering all the time while watching. As for where would I like to travel to? Norway … my father’s homeland. He came to Canada in 1939 after Germany had invaded Norway. He joined the US Merchant Marines and sailed oil tankers across the Atlantic in the convoys but was never able to return again. Great video … looking forward to more International Travels.

Linda-P says:

What a wonderful treat to see Barcelona through your eyes! Looks like you had a fun trip. You guys looks so Happy!

SKPjoe Coursegold says:

Joe loves evvvvvvvvvvvvveything.

M Brouwer says:

did you go to f1

Todd Reimer says:


Rich Krutch says:

Yes this was a great video thank you

Nancy Stephens says:

Quick trip from NYC to Barcelona!

Crazy55 Rider says:

Joe take your hat off when in doors. Come on..

James Mckinney says:



Very nice plan to go by ship one day to show me a lot of thing to see and check out when we go there .
Hope you go to the Philippine so much to se e there .

Robert Omstead says:

Thanks for sharing..

Wythegoodsense says:

Great report, thanks guys!

Scott A says:

Hi great video we were just there , a wonderful place. I was wondering if You were selling your one pot recipes if so were can I purchase them really would like to have them . We just bought a passage and going on a 6 week tour of the country. Thank you for the help

Donna says:


Miss Maude says:

Tony Soprano would not approve your wearing your hat inside a restaurant. It is considered rude and uncivilized.

Jazzie Red says:

I dream of going to Barcelona.

Yale Brozen says:

Miss the van. Miss Leo. Barcelona looks great. Looking forward to Leo’s successor, a European van and seeing your travels around the world.

Eva H. Bonnesen says:

Hi guys!
Welcome to Europe. I’m one of your European followers. Nice to see you here. Hope you like Barcelona. Are you going to other places in Europe?

We're the Russos says:

Where is the one place in the world you would like to travel to?

Norman Forshew says:

Paella looked a tad overcooked, love your videos

Asif Adeni says:

Wow glad to see that you have started visiting Europe. Thanks for sharing your visit Barcelona

ConnollyCove says:

Wonderful place to go-Nice one. 🙂

Adrienne Stearns says:

Looks like Joe ate his way through Barcelona and Kait filmed it! Really enjoyed this episode as I visited Barcelona a few years ago and found it to be a magical place! Wondering where you stayed while you were there?

TheMsPetal says:

Gorgeous city!

reddevilparatrooper says:

The beach on the waterfront is also an awesome sight. There are more bars and restaurants there also.

absolutblue says:

loved everything except for the background music, lol

energymaven says:

My mother-in-law got sliced in the hand by someone trying to steal her bag.

Barb R says:

Thank you for sharing your time in Barcelona with us! Its a beautiful city!

Jeannie Mirliev says:

Wow.. you can be travel agency and agents easely !! Thumbs up !

Kai Feng says:

Just went there in March, beatifull City

Steven Edmundson says:

Patatas bravas… the crispy potato dish you were eating. I had the chance to take a 2 month stay in Seville back in 2004, I lived on that dish while I was there. I still dream about it today.

Janice Peck says:

Excellent video and Thank you. My daughter was there for second time last month for a more thorough look than the first. Granddaughter traveled with Mom too. Quite a amazing .

Ralph Feldes says:

Spent a great deal of time in Barcelona back in the mid 70’s. 3 years in Spain in Andalusia in the South. First wife was a Catalan from Barcelona. Great memories and the best food on Earth! I have been back twice since leaving. Thanks for the memories. I will get back there to share it with my current wife..if I hurry!

Debbie Ricketts says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing your trip.

LD _ says:

It was interesting – but I must ask: What’s with stepping away from the van life vlogs? I’m sure most people subscribed to the van life experience, and not all the ‘tours’ you have been doing lately? I vote get back to van life and the outdoors. There is so much to see all over America.

Future Boondocker says:

So nice to see you two relax and enjoy Barcelona…good for the soul!

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