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acajudi100 says:

Merida, Yucatan has high humidity, and I took my first plane ride to get away to Mexico City. Acapulco is my favorite Mexican resort.

Sergio Lobato says:

I was surprised how many people who spoke English in Barcelona. The young Barcelonans speak English like Americans not Brits too.

Lania H says:

Sooo helpful thank youuu hny ❤❤❤

Heidi says:

This legit scares me about coming in June

Lucky Me says:

Is there any snatcher like phone or purse snatcher?

Marina Schmolling says:

I know, Im from Barcelona and here its not that common to have a good level of english, but thats because spanish is also very important and a lot of ppl speak it worldwide, so as english speakers dont learn a second language that often, the same happens here. Also, times are changing and new generations know english way better (so if you come ask young ppl hahaha) thanks for the video, its funny to listen foreigners‘ opinion about bcn

A Scented Soul says:

lol it’s Pick Pocketer. Great tips though

Heather Alvarado says:

There’s a Starbucks there??

Charlotte Peters says:

Hey 🙂 you have some really good tips 🙂 And I love your had 😉
I’ve recently been to Barcelona myself and I just started to upload videos on my Channel.
If you like check out my video:
And tell me what you think about it 🙂
Best greeting from Hamburg

LS K says:

Stop playing with your hair!!! Annoying.

Zemi Quintos says:

My IQ drop significantly after listening to this bimbo talk. Good tips but I wish the way you talk wasn’t so annoying…

acajudi100 says:

Do not carry a purse, and wear inside secret pockets. only take a days money out. leave your ccard etc, pport in hotel safe.

DEUXSantos says:

Lol, Payeya.

Exploring Kev says:

Great vlog!!!
I’ve just started out on youtube, please check out  my Barcelona vlog and tell me what you think.

Sanchit Jain says:

What is the weather in november in barcelona…???

Dean The Dream says:

Like OMG

아이스큐브 아이스큐브 says:

Find New Global Friends Now

Stacy B says:

Good tips. I’m going end of September. Sounds like my timing will be perfect.

I’m super excited about the shopping part. I want to hit Gucci HARD. Lol

Sultana's First YouTube channel EVER says:

Don’t lie I’m in Barcelona in July today it’s not that crowded in fact it’s fun for my vacation!

TheGamingApple says:

On the beach there are ALOT of naked people

Who Me says:

Why were you living there for 2 years?

Jibran Sualeh says:

I will be in Barcelona next week. Anyone else coming there and wanna hang out together?
By the way Sonya, which beach do you suggest to visit in October?

Purple Water says:

Wow, great vid. Thanks for the tips!

Ryan Bonner says:

heeey sonya, you seem lovely, wanna go for a drink in barca on september 26th? i have a free day there, before some friends arrive on the 27th!

Kyle Buswell says:

Pumpkin spice Latte?

Deepanwita Nandi says:

Check out this MALANA stuff on my page. First video vlog of mine.

londonparis says:

Just for the record, paella (yes, paella, not payeya) is typical from Valencia, not Barcelona. Typical Catalan cuisine would be sausage with beans, snails… and many other dishes. Equally delicious, but not “payeya”. What you are doing would be the same as me going to LA and encouraging people to eat Jambalaya. The reason why you can find paella in Barcelona is simply because it is such a huge tourist destination in Spain. The same reason why tourist shops have bullfighting souvenirs and there are flamenco shows on offer. It’s all very ironic because at least half of Catalonia residents feel disaffected with the rest of Spain and would want to become independent. The fact that you claim to have lived there for two years and failed to pick up on this is baffling.

Andrew Krouse says:

Helpful Vid, you’re funny 🙂 lol

Run The Atlas says:

This was helpful thanks! Going there next month. Went there before in June and I feel you the crowds- so crazy!

Dean The Dream says:

Pit pocketer lol

carmen sumbry says:


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