Barcelona with kids – 10 things to do in Barcelona, Spain, when visiting with children

Visiting Barcelona with children. If you’re visiting Barcelona with kids, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do. From picnics to funfairs, aquariums to chocolate painting, there is so much for the younger ones to enjoy. Here are our top 10 tips for visiting Barcelona with children.


Anastasia Dreiser-Ignatieff says:

I don’t want kids… there is literally nothing good about them; from the day they are born you are paying for them and whats worse you can’t leave the house without them. I guess you can try to travel but don’t expect to do anything really interesting because all they will want to do is spend all day at kiddie parks and doing stupid shit. I guess you can pay a nanny to take care of them while you take personal vacations if you have the money but that’s only if you have the money. In the end you watch your kids grow up and become pricks, probably making stupid life choices and leaving you alone after 20 years of raising them without so much as a thank you… by this time you are probably divorced because the kids drove you apart and your youth has been wasted. It’s no coincidence parents are happy when their kids finally leave and they can start living their life the way they want… my point is that you can skip all the necessary bullshit and spend that 20 years enjoying life by never having kids X(

Maggie Videos!!! says:

I love you

Meldrums On The Move says:

Looks like we missed out on a few things! 🙁

AB Apartment Barcelona says:

Visiting Barcelona with children? ‪#‎VideoGuide‬

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