FC Barcelona: Trip to Madrid

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MOHAMMAD RshWanY says:


Looeez Zeeool says:

2-1 Barca win

Priyanshu gaming says:

Luis Enrique ki ma ki chut me Messi ka loda

FC BARCELONA fan till i die. says:

Let’s go barça,let’s fuck them in their stadium

TakeAShowerKid says:


LoOoDa XFactor says:

I need to voice out my opinion
Barcelona needs not to do argentina mistake!
Putting every thing on messi’s shoulder
Expecting he will do another miracle again

Why should we win by messi’s miracles only ?
why cant we win by simply good team play like we used to be ?
Trio cant do everything by them selves , they need solid defence and midfield so they be stress free to shine.

Luis enrique is not a manager, He used the club rich resources to achieve results. We have a 2nd division defence with shaky unknown midfield that changes everyday
I mean what can we expect if some players had different roles every week
roberto played as RB RM CM and RW even sometimes like seriously ?
mascherano played CB CDM CM he even played RM sometimes
and similar situation for plenty of players

Enrique focused so much on the trio and neglected everything else to make it his own laboratory experimenting players and formations.
The fact that the club needs to sell players just to renew messi’s contract tells it all

Good thing he is leaving but we need a lot of certain position players, defenders mostly
i vote for sevilla manager he is good and his tactics i feel could fit barcelona

good luck today i just hope for a draw
if we lose its bye bye la liga and every competition.

Сергей Рубан says:


NahidPlay 2006 says:

we can do it come on Barca

Rayan Show says:


123 mul says:

We Did It

حكم و كلام و امثال says:

Ir y ganar

The Tropical Music says:

As a barca and a messi fan, i don’t think fans should only cheer messi’s name, they should support and cheer the whole team. I think it feels a litttle bit awkard when peaple only cheer your name in front of your team mates. Anyways visca barca!!!

Essio Fuzulu says:

All hail KING LEO!

The Rock says:

All the Barca fans, you’re wish has been granted. Barca won. Messi was the Man Of The Match also.

GioRgi Pro says:

evryvone messi messi messi!

R4msezzz 17 says:


MessiLegend Trần says:

Messi’s extraordinary thing is beat 9 defender and almost score!!!!!!!!

Pepe says:

Anyone notice how they’re dressed in IDF (Israel Defence Force) uniform? Disgusting #FreePalestine

Jimmy Lopez says:

1 hrs and 43 minutes where I’m from till game starts #forcabarca

saud abdullah says:

dont play ardar turn play paco alcaher

The Tropical Music says:

Arda looked so cool

Visca Barça says:

Messi and Suarez are always together *-*

Jesus is Emmanuel says:

Messi messi messi and guess what? he messified the whole game.

حكم و كلام و امثال says:

#forçaa barçaaa

Priyanshu gaming says:

today Barca lost 6-0

Lındą Məşśı10`¡ says:

Yes we can
Leo Messi Messi mesii messi 3-2 vamos barca vamos messi

saud abdullah says:

messi play nicly

João Victor Medeiros says:

Let’s go Barça

saud abdullah says:

dont play ardar turn play paco alcaher

Brandon Mendo Cruz says:

I wish i was there

Mackzy Muli says:

MESSI! #TeamBarç

PasternPiper says:

Forca Barca 3-2

Siddharth says:


Othman Messaoud says:

we are fucked

Douglas Keven says:

obrigação ganhar… Se não, ja era

LittleRice says:


Ks Gamer says:

Play well or loss because there away game is so bad

- Mr:Games says:

تفوو عليكم يا داعمين إسرائيل

John Cristovam says:

No Ney. ;(

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