FC Barcelona trip to Vigo

Team to face Celta at Balaídos with kickoff set for 8.00pm CET
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TroOoky KiNG says:


Avsemsom says:

Suárez with the tea 😀

Edgar Escobedo Azcarate says:

2:37 que hace ahí pirlo con pantalones rosa :v

Shasif Sabir says:

meesi love you

Zac Sosa says:

u can tell CLASS when u see it look at all the followers messi and suarez had compared to the others

Croûton Quentin 25 says:

Le Barça est ma star préférée est Lionel Messi

حسن جميل says:


lau victor says:

They wear the same jeans and shirts?



Курсантбек Сатвалдиев says:

месси говно

الأسطورة أيمن says:


mathewtms says:

Messi has a bad attitude towards his fans

Dani Georgiev says:

karlos garlitos

Tom Mclean says:


nobody survives even one bit says:

why their shirts look all the same

XxxxX BoOM says:

welcom barca

Guhsteh says:


Dennis Jørgensen says:


AgustínTV98 says:

kajjajajajajaj messi cagon jajaaj que hdp

Fahed David says:

Aaaaaaaaaa barca

KaidenPlayz Games says:

Does Messi know English or just Argentina?

Hard Classes says:

Much much love for these players showing love to their fans while being in the midst of traveling. That can be hectic and rather stressful but showing love is something all should do or at least try. Thank you.

سمر لسمر says:

للطلبة الملك. ملحوظة ةجباوو

Jacob soo Marc and Pierre are my friends says:

Why are you all wearing the same thung

Firas says:

Almost a year ago, same team, almost same video

Sanne Iglesias says:

porque lo mismo ropa?

암세포 says:

0:49 Rakitic handsome!

Julio Vigoreaux says:

and he is not stupid MAKI JOVIC 11

Leonardo Quineli says:

Se escucha: Messi cabrón, hdp!! 04:45 Enojados porque no da muchos autógrafos.

Arnas Pres says:


magda gocholeishvili says:

miyvars barsaa

ARKAM JR says:

I think that suarez drinks 1 to 2 liters of tea in 1 day what do u guys think

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