Top 10 Attractions, Barcelona – Spain Travel Guide

Take a tour of Barcelona, Spain – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

Hi, this is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top ten attractions of Barcelona.

Number 10 – Parc Guell. Barcelona has many great landmarks designed by the world renowned architect, Antoni Gaudi. One of them is the unique Parc Guell.

Number 9 – Plaza de Espana. It is a grand, massive square in the middle of Barcelona. The square was built back in 1920 for the international exhibition.

Number 8 – La Boqueria, a colorful market where you will find both locals and visitors. Besides the freshness of produce, presentation is extremely eye catching.

Number 7 – Casa Batllo. This Antoni Gaudi designed building has the appearance of being made from skulls and bones. It’s roof is just as fascinating.

Number 6 – Gothic Quarter. It the center of Barcelona’s Old City. Amidst the buildings from medieval times, you will feel transported back in time.

Number 5 – Barcelona Cathedral, a beautiful cathedral located in the city’s Gothic Quarter. It’s impressive gothic architecture dates back to the 14th century.

Number 4 – Beaches. Many people are not aware that Barcelona has an excellent beach scene. Locals love to relax by one of the many great beaches in the city.

Number 3 – La Rambla, probably the most famous area of Barcelona and very popular amongst tourists. Don’t forget to appreciate the history while watching street performers.

Number 2 – Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera, it was architected by the great Antoni Gaudi. The unusual rooftop can be seen on many postcards from Barcelona.

And Number 1 – La Sagrada Familia. This was the largest project by Antoni Gaudi. The construction of this world famous church began in 1882 and is still ongoing.

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Ray Lozano says:

Thanks so much. We are going to be there for 1.5 days in about 2 weeks and this was really helpful.

grafty92 says:

Camp Nou should be at top 3…

spainmig1 says:

Barcelona isn’t a spanish city??? Catalonia without Spain you would not be anything , only, because some catalonia citizen want the independence of spain, you Can’T SAY “barcelona isn’t a spanish city” i’m sure you are a extremist, look the flag of your profile.. “catalonia flag”.. you suck

iliq petkov says:

Hi there, have you tried “SpaniMaster” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you can watch a great free video showing a fun and thus powerful strategy to learn the Spanish language very quickly. This helped Jon to read, speak and understand Spanish in no time. I really hope it will help you or someone you know to master spanish in less time also..

Borja Acosta Acosta says:

Antonio Gaudí please

Anzai Koyanagi says:

Discusting! Just gross! I cant believe this crappy shit country popular. Japan can crush Spain in Military strength, Iq and attractions.

EmmaRiking says:

Gaahhh i’ll be there this time next week! Can’t wait 😀

LUCIFER666 says:


Ahmed Farahat says:
dalia rishon says:

I have a question about the etymology of the la boqueria  market. I read  or heard somewhere,  that one of the speculations  about the  origin of the name is :from the Hebrew word: boker=בוקר -which means: morning , is this correct ??do you have links that proves it?

Hskillhdx Gamin channel don't hate says:

Camp nou? Be biased Barcelona is mostly know for football and beaches

Airport Info HQ says:

0:06 10. Parc Guell
0:16 9. Plaza de Espania
0:26 8. La Boqueria
0:36 7. Casa Batllo
0:46 6. Gothic Quarter
0:56 5. Barcelona Cathedral
1:06 4. Beaches
1:16 3. La Rambla
1:26 2. Casa Mila
1:36 1. La Sagrada Familia
Amazing video!Thanks for sharing.

Autumnal Equinox says:

say thanks to my spanish teacher for using this video for our homework!

Oguz Koca says:

4 günlük bi tatil yaptım mükemmel bi şehirdi tekrar gitmek nasip olur inş

littlemouse91019 says:

My name is also Naomi. lol

Joe Schmo says:

The film is good, but Naomi´s English is really sucks.

3 0onigiri_espaciaaal 3 says:

Someday I’ll be there, and I hope to be when the Salón del Manga will be celebrated! ( A )

bracoo333 says:

Some things you need to know about Barcelona.

Look at this video


Did you know that Barcelona isn’t a spanish city? Barcelona is the Capital of Catalonia. Catalonia is a country in fight for independence.

moris gagula says:

great   video ‘,,
and   very  helpfull   for tourists  around   the  world   who  intrest  visiting  barcelona

geobeats says:

Thanks so much for watching!

TraumaER says:

They speak English there?

Natalie Valle says:

Can’t wait to be there next month….woohoo!!!

The Ticket Fest says:

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ivanbe23 says:

Naomi can get it

Ahmed Farahat says:
Randeep Gujral says:

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chelsea boy says:

Very Good

Jose Julian Estrada Quiroz says:

Hello do you know where could I buy the tickets for La Sagrada familia in advance.

Animegirl's channel says:


Zenn Films says:

Love Barcelona!

Airport Info HQ says:

0:07 10. Parc Guell
0:17 9. Plaza de Espania
0:26 8. La Boqueria
0:36 7. Casa Batllo
0:46 6. Gothic Quarter
0:56 5. Barcelona Cathedral
1:06 4. Beaches
1:16 3. La Rambla
1:26 2. Casa Mila
1:36 1. La Sagrada Familia
Amazing video!Thanks for sharing.

Travis Zane says:

Dope content!

Maria M. says: an instagram about barcelona

Urmila Yadav says:

Loving Barcelona ♥♥♥

Nina Dinamo says:

omg.. lOVE lOVE lOVE.. mY sECOND cOUNTRY.. GOD GOD GOD.. >_< 

Live_Wire says:

No Tibidabo?

TheVicentelopez says:

Good video. For more places to visit my youtube channel.

Alicia L. says:

Where’s the Camp Nou? Tons of people go there.

lexmarkmercury says:

what about the Camp Nou?

20707523 says:

Dime que crees que pasaría después de la independencia? De verdad crees que todo sería maravilloso? Vivis en el mundo de yuppy

Natalie Valle says:

Oops my bad:/ Catalan or Spain, which ever, I fell in love with these places:)

malik ashas says:

I was in Barcelona 14 years.before was in Amsterdam. & right now in Paris. but I told u one thing no one like Barcelona. The city full of life …vive espania. vive Barcelona. miss u.

Barcelona CityTellers says:

The best tours in barcelona

herr direktor says:

seems like gaudi is to barcelona what pessoa is to lisbon… wish i could go there…

aidanc16 says:

Eh you forgot the best one!! Port aventura!! It’s way better than some of the crap in this video

marie Velasquez says:

What Language Does Barcelona ( Spain ) speak

geobeats says:

A beautiful stadium! Thanks for commenting!

Ayad Mohammed says:

I am in the near future traveling to Barcelona. Is there a friend who helps me in roaming within its cities

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