Dine around Barcelona, Spain & try Filicanish’s Top 5 Foods to Eat when visiting the Catalan Capital. From Tapas to Churros, it’s sure to be a delicious experience!

__Places Visited__
Xurreria Trebol:
Churrería Laietana:
Churreria Sagrada Familia:
Chocolateria Valor Barcelona:
St. Josep La Boqueria:
Tapas 24:
Ciudad Condal:
Cerveceria Catalana:
El Quim de la Boqueria:

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MrPaddywack2001 says:

cheese and ham yuck haha

Timothy Dingman says:

I get the privilege of spending Nov. 1 to Dec 15 in Barcelona I’ll be looking for the wine, beer and fish. I will be sending a lot of time in markets because I HAVE A KITCHEN. Fresh fish

KVFitness: Mind Over Body says:

‘ive been to Barcelona, Spain. I went by myself, I was only 19. I toured the whole city by foot, metro, bus, and rollerblades (I had brought them from the US) The only time I experienced something unnatural was when I decided to go visit a club by myself downtown closer to the beach area. It wasn’t so great tbh and on the way back home towards Catalan, I’d taken a metro. the blue line, Line 5. Mind you this was like 3 AM. There were still a good amount of people on the metro as if night-life were always that lit. So I got comfortable and I stood on the metro as if I were taking the red line from DC to MD. I was wearing a shirt, shorts and some sandals because I did not have night-out outfits. (Oh well! I still don’t! Lol) Out of nowhere some man, who seemed to be “drunk” came up to me and tried to stumble on me and felt up on me when he did. I gave him a stank face and I moved. I looked around to see what others reactions were or why they didn’t help and everyone in that cart just looked at me. It was a look you get when you know something’s up. So I got a flight feeling inside then. I went to go sit down by a few people. I Facetimed my friend who was still awake here in Penn. US and told him about what had just happened. He asked me “Is he still there?” I looked up thinking the man had left and on the row next to mine the man was there, looking at me with his arm resting on his leg and his head resting in his hand just looking directly at me. If this were daytime I don’t think I’d think much of it but the man didn’t get off and there were two more stops left on the metro until it ended its trip. My stop was second to last, and I thought there is no way this man has the same stop as me. My stop had come, which was El Carmel and people had begun to get off. I got out and started to walk fast paced toward the exit. For those who haven’t taken this stop, it’s quite a walk to get to the surface- if anyone has taken the metro from DC to MD to Wheaton Station and seen the flight of stairs you have to climb to get to the surface– well imagine that x4. So while I was exiting the first room where the metro had dropped us, as I looked behind me while going up the stairs and thought ‘yes! he’s gone!’ but I thought too soon because when the metro was about to leave, out pops the man looking around, saw me, and headed towards my direction. By that time I was on top of the exit stairs and my flight senses kicked in. I sprinted all the way home. Not to the surface, HOME. I ran like I never ran in sandals before in my life!! I don’t know how I did it but I did and I’m lucky. I’d still go by myself again– or maybe not be selfish and share the greatness with somebody– either way those two weeks were the best weeks of my life! I’m 22 now, and I miss it very much!

Bryan Byak says:

Great video bro!

Je Villaroman says:

“jamown” nyeta

Javier Zafra says:

Jamón serrano,tapas,etc its not catalán food its spanish food my friend

Lu Lee says:

Sorry I honestly disagree with your recommendations. The places that you recommend are for tourists overpriced. I

Marlon David says:

A pickpocket is a good desert

Juan García says:

1-Catalonia is not land of ham or the best cheeses
2- there are churros in all of Spain
3- The best seafood in the world are from Galicia and the paella is from Valencia and the best fish is from the Atlantic and Cantabrian
4- The Catalan cream if it is from there
5- Although there are good restaurants, tapas in the Basque Country are better
In short, you only tasted one Catalan dish, the rest is better in their places of origin, but there are good typical Catalan dishes and you do not name any

kanopus06 says:

“jamón and cheese” is more like spanish, in Catalonia is more typical eating “pa amb tomàquet amb pernil”, that is, bread, with tomato spread over, olive oil, and salt, with some cured ham (pernil salat) over it.

wan plus says:

No abuses del jamón que los embutidos a diario son cancerígenos.

ElZascasDeYoutube says:

Man, those 2 flags on the same wall…lol haha

GforceGT says:


Vivian Foster says:

I tried the baby squid with two eggs at El Quim. It was very salty. Plus, it was pricey, over $25. All the food stalls in Boqueria are over priced. You can get the same stuff for alot cheaper outside Boqeueria.

Leo Robertson says:


Jon Void says:

Your flags lol

The Camino Project: follow us along the way says:

We are about to hike 600 Miles! Join us.

Evan Ferguson says:

cheese cheese cheese

B F says:

What will happen to the British Immigrants after Brexit?

Starr RL says:

Hi Jay, I heard you on Radyo Filipino Amerika, on the Rio Grande Show. Subscribed, great channel!

Lazar Djurovic says:

Where is the best crema catalana in Barcelona?

Carlos Perez says:

I was there today and got the cheese cheese cheese!!

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