A Food Lover in Beijing | The Food Ranger

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Join Trev for a walk through some of Beijing’s most lively food spots and a taste of Beijing’s most popular dishes.
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Stuart Williams says:


Rachel Wells says:

Damn dude.. I think all this good food made you a little fat since this one! Haha


Watching these videos are so addictive

Lamartin Sangkoyo says:

who is she ?

Rick Shaw says:


rowell sales says:

damn i just stumbled upon your videos and now im gonna watch it from the first videos. love it dude. tai hao le videos ahahah

Yang Wang says:

the cinematography in these earlier videos is really great

barrelrolldog says:

jian bing is da best

Noises in the System says:

this is such a chill video so freeing

Indian Nigga says:



where is this place in beijing

Nan Wang says:

Your Chinese name is 常乐?


So different from your newer videos, the tone and the editing and everything is so different. And your so skinny here

mo jojo says:

Is she a beauty queen or something like that?

ALPHA IC1 says:

He definitely got a happy ending later that day

gamer555 says:

so if I learn mandarin I can get these chicks. pay for me.

Renu Rani says:

Aww you looked so innocent.

Salman Abid says:

one should not waste food

Aliex Sam says:

Why you need the lady pay the money? That’s very rude and unrespectful in China.

Ron stark Ron Stark says:

At his is a wonderful cultural experience. Where do you find your guides ?

Qiang Yang says:

I came here for one reason: to eat

Evelyne at CulturEatz says:

great video, I am going to Beijing soon, what is the name of that restaurant?

Yaming Liu says:

where is the video that you and your parents were in beijing?

Laura ZHANG says:


Jeffrey Wang says:

man,you look much younger in this vid than in any other vids u made for some reason.

lobir says:

Hey, just so you know, your music is really loud – louder than your voice.

jrguichenne says:

Hi Trevor, i met you in Chengdu on a World Fair Expo in a University.. i wanted to ask you which morning market was the one on the start of this video.. were you get the jianbing cause i went to a supossed morning market but it was already close forever.. Thank you very much!

shengf40 says:

As a Beijing native now living in Canada, this video makes me so miss my old home! Great production work, Trevor!

gphuang67 says:

Trever, where is your on-screen grading system? tell us what you really think of the food.

Nikola Tesla says:

He found a chinese elf.

王文伟 says:

妹子so good

Matt Luevano says:

I cannot get enough of your videos, I love how you analyze the food and give your honest opinion on each dish, stay hungry my friend!

Uma Grace says:

How do you get money to buy foods and travel place to place?

guyman solomon says:

Im a super fan of you. I have never missed any of your videos and I watched them at least twice. I found you in this video look sooo young.

K P says:

the chinese lady all she want is the D!!!

pavan kumar says:

you look soo dull in this video…. not like your usual videos…. u didn’t like the food???????????

Erin Rockefeller Aldrin says:

hello Trevor, you’ve made a lot of improvements since 2013 in regards to the food description part. Please keep making those videos, they are awesome 🙂

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