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Temple of Heaven
Gubai Water Town- WTown
Simatai Great Wall of China

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James Daymord says:

The microphone is also the LG G4 mic ?

ckmac175 says:

you’re so cute^_^

FAV4EVA says:

Hi, May I know which part of the Great Wall is that?? its really nice. For sure I know its not Mutianyu.

KGrace says:

a hidden gem among all the sexpat and propaganda channels

貓婆藥房 says:

Girl you’re amazing !

nysfma says:

Was that Mutianyu? Did you take the bus to get there? Did you take another taxi after the bus? I am going there in a month. Awesome footage !

Xono Xylo says:

What’s the song starting at 2:10?

Inesita travel life vlog says:

I love you so much,hope one day I can do it like you,travel around the world:)

Qihao Tang says:

awesome videos!!

shuang wu says:

DO NOT travel during any Chinese holiday season.

Josesito Comunica says:

eres la alex tienda de estados unidos y en mujer

FromageMoustache says:

Hey, I see it s all been filmed on the LG G4, is the sound recorded on it too? or external. If so that s pretty good.

陈自天 says:

哈哈哈。 欢迎大家来中国…

Aiden Zhao says:

You will feel everybody look at you about holding ‘go pro’ and old Chinese folks think you are talking with nobody lol.

张贤哲 says:

beautiful China,amzing culture and food

Nikster says:

I live in China so i have to pay for a VPN to use Youtube and i also love the blue skys we have in china!! ;(

Reb Hill says:

Yea the great wall amazing! We went to a section where there was only one other car! Very very very steep but amazing views! Also when people say you climb the great wall, you climb it – on all fours at some points…. Awesome day too 🙂

i hate youtube says:

this reminds me of fushigi yuugi especially that circular pagoda

Rujianchuan BBS says:

这是哪里? 好美啊 我都不知道

Arsène Lupin says:

interesting fact: If you look at the parts between each bricks on the great wall of China, if the color is white, then those bricks were set in ancient times using a starch made primarily of glutinous rice. If the color is grey, then those bricks were set during modern restorations using modern brick mortar. And if you see a loose brick laying around, if you search all the sides, the seal of the brick maker and inspector would be stamped and baked into the brick as a form of ancient quality control.

杨洁 says:

OMG! It’s my hometown! And the Bus 980 was the one I usually took when I was in college. Everything looks so familiar!

Anh Nguyen says:

I love your personality!

Ralf Spukmann says:

doing this ,the work ,cutting together making this for the people is very beautvfull absolute Love and thank you ( nice if it is boring private than)!

Dreamcatcher Live says:

Hi. May I know where did you stay when you traveled there? Thank you. 🙂

testing says:

hey check out this great city, oh here’s my face the whole time instead.

BlushingDIY says:

Can someone please tell me the name of the music that was playing in this?:)

Lindo Korchi says:

Haha. That is quite true. They really don’t care if you’re vlogging. Gubei looks very beautiful. The great wall didn’t look like it was full of people; was it because it was “off season”?

Yitzak Moshe-Goldblatt says:

wow, Nadine, you’re such natural in front of camera, a true butterfly.

Kimberly's Vicinity says:

What is your job? I love traveling and I’m trying to find a career that will match my passion.

iLoveLiberation says:

Are you American? says:

Thanks for showing us a place we didn’t know off yet- Gubeik(kou) water town! Ooh and we tweeted you out via @asiareportcom cuz we just love to share good fun. Hoi from Holland!

WheresCourtney says:

OMG Im about to move to beijing to teach english in August and your video made me so much more excited to go!

uintasolitude12 says:

I’m super impressed that you went with public transportation to the Great Wall, as opposed to just taking a tour, or using a taxi. Way to go!

Bj FBI says:

hey, i really enjoy your video. what kind of camera that you used to take this video. hope you would reply 🙂

Conan Doyle says:

what utter nonsense, who in their right mind would go to China

Lee CrazyMage says:

Wow, you came to Beijing. I just began watching your vedios last week. They are great! I would came across you and be your translator if I had known you came. 😛

Fly24 says:

I wish I could travel with you

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