Beijing Scams

I love China, but scammers can very easily ruin your impression, trip, and overall experience in China. I would like to make this video to help you avoid falling into the traps of getting scammed as a foreigner in China. Beijing is host to many types of scams, so watch and learn how to avoid these scams!
My recent trip to Beijing saw me exposed to most of the common scams Beijing has to offer…
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No Name says:

5:42 what a moroccan flag doing in tiananmen square?


as much as u might have liked china then, now you know scammers, knockoffs, pollution, trash, etc.

Corey Welsh says:

How do you spot these places though if your just walking around a restaurant area on your own ?

Craig Poultney says:

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Mari Isacson says:

I wish I knew about this scam before I went to Beijing in February this year… I got scammed by the exact same lady you showed in the footage. I learned my lesson not to trust a Chinese stranger who speaks fluent English. Thank you for making this video and informing people to watch out for these scams!

GenericOpinion says:

So with your logic, here in the west, like Apple Iphone are scamming you aswell, because they make you pay the full price, without any room for negotiating, whereas the production costs of an iphone is only half the price! Like many other products in the west it is highly overpriced, and the funny thing is, they are actually almost all Made in China anyway for almost nothing! So does that mean western merchants are all scammers?! Why don’t you make a report about that? These are not scams, these are businesses wanting to make as much profit as possible. If the consumer is willing to pay, then the seller is willing to sell. Don’t want to pay the full price? Then be a smarter consumer and compare prices! Don’t blame it on the seller, for they have the right to set their prices as they wish, and the setting of market price fluctuations all depends on demand and supply.

Sourav Barik says:

all scammers are from Hsih An

DHammer says:

14:05 dat one up mushroom shirt saying “oh god” tho

The Film Bros says:

The biggest scam in China is COMMUNISM!

Roger says:

Ugly middle aged lol

Songs Mirth says:

I call them tourist traps. Especially women by themselves. Be very careful of men who want to guide you somewhere. Songs

Tony Xiong says:

If Bruce Lee was alive, he would use his 1 inch punch on the coffee/tea Chinese women in their faces. Don’t mess with my White-lo!

吕清泰 says:


Ivan Anderson says:

So when these people get old who going to take care of them with everyone out for them selves what future they have later in life karmas a bitsh

Jimmy Shover says:

i bought a jacket in the winter in January 2018 and they had signs saying 100RMB and yelling EBUY. I tried one on since i really needed it. I have trouble finding my size so i really needed it it smelled a little moldy and had was torn on one pocket so i asked how much and she tried to charge me 200 RMB so i pointed to the sign and said EBUY and she agreed but she actually tried to charge me double… Yingde China

peter wu says:

That is true, even if a little embarrassed, but I have to admit it as a Chinese. I and every normal Chinese hate those scams, too. what a shame!

Roger says:

Ugh I hate scammers, they can go fuck themselves

stan giles says:

I have taken a local rickshaw once, it was 10 RMB , but it was slower than walking, after 10 mins, it looked like we were not going to destination anytime soon, I just jumped out. and gave him 10, and then went up some stairs , he couldnt follow

Seven Eternities says:

Don’t take the rickshaws

Unless your originally from China like me XD

Bricky Boy4 says:

Never trust a chinky ..even in my country, there sneaky lil shits. They hate western life , they put on that half fake smile and take the dough back home to china.. horrible scumbags!!!

李小平 says:

Thank you guys, u guys r doing a good jobs. Save a lot of people`s money

John Doe says:

I love how non-natives speak English but have an accent. It is cute they try its something i would give a hug to them even though some would use language communication to conduct scams

李越 says:

Pay your IQ taxation. That’s what we say if you are stupid enough to get scammed by these people.

montasser elraie says:

Very informative and much-appreciated videos, you are awesome

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