Day Trip to Beijing!

Since I had a day to kill, I thought I’d go on a day trip to Beijing to try and meet up with a subscriber and see a couple of the sites like Tiananmen, Wangfujing, Hou Hai, Gu Lou, and eat Peking Roast Duck! Yeah, yeah, playing the tourist….but actually, I had fun! I can’t believe it – I haven’t had fun in BJ since 2011 haha!

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Maria das Santos says:

Absolutely fascinating.It must be a nightmare reading for a History degree in China so much to know and so little time to analyse.
The food looks superb and the museums seem exciting,although why no original material?The politician needs to lighten up and allow us on the outside,yes I am a peasant,a view of the elite-what is there to fear?
Now more the greed factor has now kicked in and I would engorge on the output of China which is just fascinating.

snarkyguy says:

You made a duck burrito! And I loved the history blooper in the middle of the vid. Very nice!

Lake thingamijig? LOL!!

cliff leung says:

Asutin after you eat cantonese 燒鵝 or 燒鴨.You may not like eat Bejing duck

Xin Huang says:

Hi, man, how do you film the video? i think you should buy a gopro. right?

A. J. says:

Is your girlfriend Chinese?

S. Ippei says:

That was fun, thank you^^

DominicWebi says:

Beijing Buhao

Webster Bennett says:

Love the videos. I have to agree that I fell in love with the people and food. Quickly learned about corruption, pollution and gov’t control though. Plan on returning soon.

pan xq says:

I‘m getting so hungry after seeing this video at night

殇已往昔 says:

I miss China so much QwQ

ReturnOfWilderness says:

Beijing cuisine and restaurants look really good. Is it considerably more expensive to where you live?

Also could you see yourself ever living there?

Andy li says:

I don’t think the people in Beijing hates tourist 

MishuTaste says:

Next time: show us some important government buildings and ask the prime minister for an interview. ; ^ ) 

Shiloh 陆冬恋 says:


Abraham Gutierrez says:

Hey Bro! Im from Mexico, and im studying chinese here in shanghai, im gonna stay here for a while, so if you someday come to this beautiful city, let me know it!
Good Video! 再见!

Aston Ma says:


Brian Loose says:

nice video

Asad Janjua says:

May be the reason you enjoyed this time around was that you had your girlfriend along?

Zheng Youlai says:

I don’t think that painting is done by Qian Long…

Patrick S. says:

lmao thats a lot of maos.. lets party!

codediporpal says:

OMG have to have that duck again.

Jimmy Lee says:

Hello Austin, I am Jimmy from Anyang, Henan province. Here we have a lot of culture relics here in Anyang, Yin ruins where oracle bone is found, the capital of Shang Dynasty. Tomb of caocao, tomb of Yuan shikai. You li cheng(where 易经 is written). Hope someday you can come for a visit, I would love to be your guide.   

Erin's Travels says:

Awesome! Looks like it was a fun day. How cool it must be to live close enough for a day trip into Beijing! I’m so jealous. 🙂

魏聪 says:


Fred Saga says:

next time you can try 卤煮火烧:, definitely my favorite Beijing local delicacy. As for roast duck, you want to try 便宜坊 as well. 

lzudux08 says:

thanks Austin, always love your video.

haha wa says:


A. J. says:

how are you able to access youtube, facebook, twitter, etc, from china?

Alex Liu says:

will you have a trip to northeast china someday? i’ve been to the ice and snow world in harbin a few years ago. that’s amazing! 

Gibberish Mike says:

Great Video!  Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the reason why they have dim lights at any museum is because it “minimize light damage by minimizing the energy absorbed by artifacts.”  

Spelljunkie72 says:

Hey, you’re supposed to be taking a break! 😉 Great vid as always, though!

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