My first trip to Beijing, China 2012

Hello Peops~
Watch my first journey to Beijing in October 2012. China was so beautiful and I wanted to share some of the places I visited. Even though I had hours of footage, I just took some of the most relevant, but also funny clips to shorten the video down. I hope you’ll enjoy!
P.s. don’t mind the shakiness of the video. Next time, it’ll be better. 😀

All footage is taken by me. I do not own any rights to the music.


jiangyo lee says:

Recommendations to China look elsewhere, especially the countryside.

Ben Dover says:

I like this video and music I like china too. did u see the great wall of china?

maykay14 says:

what is the first song?

Loy C says:

omfg , look at the number of people in china 0.0

lovely country though 😀

李满 says:

To tell you the truth, I’m Chinese, I’ve never had these things, these things are Few people eat, but very few Chinese=many people…

English is not good, forgive me

Xianning says:

wah looks like lots of fun aha 😀
did you try the scorpion kabob sticks? lol

Xianning says:

i heard the spiders are rich in protein… my cousin ate a lot of those while he was in china i couldn’t eat it cause… imagine all the stuff inside the belly LOL it just explodes in the mouth!

Calvin Lynn says:

It’s an awesome trip u got there. I love it.. 🙂

alex riches says:

Could you please name the first instrumental to this video?

Ben Dover says:

your beautiful girls are finally back (n_n)

zhengbianlu says:

great song~

Shih Brian says:

看完我也想去北京玩了 XD

兔子迷失的 says:

满 李?难到你就是其中的那几个?这些东西随处可以遇到好吗?请问您在哪?河南?

Ye Liu says:

The videos all over the place I am very familiar with! My family is here.<3  Very excited to see this video! Welcome you come to Beijing again! By the way, you're beautiful

Ben Dover says:

oh sorry you did looool

Wengong Yu says:

nice girls

kyamillion007 says:

Thanks Lakse Hope you enjoyed yourself. I was in Georgia earlier this year.

Dee Liu says:

what’s the songs name? great video

威赵 says:

i‘m a Chinese, your video is perfect! song is good too, i guess you guys have a very good journey,thanks your coming for beijing, you sister is beauuuuuuutiful!

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