Our Trip to China | What its like for American Foreigners in Beijing 🇨🇳 | Travel Vlogs Day 1

OUR FIRST TRIP TO CHINA!!! Day 1 of a 7 part series. We decided to do something different for our vacation this year and through Rewards Travel China here we are. Come on an adventure with us because we are going to see many things in these travel vlogs including Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace today. We also found out really quick that being foreign comes with a price in China. We had many people wanting pictures with us. We hope you enjoy as much as we did because this is just the beginning.

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Brandon and I are college sweethearts. Brandon is from Alabama (Roll Tide) and Bisceglia is from Georgia. Currently, we live in Charlotte, NC suburbs. We have 2 active little boys, Brody (6) and Brock (4). Simply BTs family is a ordinary family that enjoys exploring and having fun. As parents we are just trying to keep up with these kids. We hope you join us on this journey with Simply BTs!


Being Jaz Marie & Family says:

Nice view, the braids were perfect for the vacay..

Simply BT's says:

Can you believe we are in CHINA?!!!! This is going to be an 8 part series so you can experience this adventure with us. We missed uploading but these travel vlogs are about to give some life. China was amazing – smile and laugh with us.

ReeseInTheCup says:

Yayyy ur back! Yall celebrities im excited to see all the China vlogs. Ur celebrities hehe

trulyspeaking says:

Yooooo i was waiting for this vid! First let me say i’m proud of you all for having the ummm let’s say ” hangly danglys” to even travel to such distant lands. I’m also glad you all returned safely; yo boi stayed prayed up for you all. I told “B” he should have worn a Lebron jersey..lol

Larry Vitas says:

I LOVED your vlog of this trip! My fiancee and I are going on the same trip early next year. QUESTION. What airlines did you fly both ways?

SimplyChardon says:

I cannot believe how many people took your photos! Idk if I’d be able to handle that. Great idea to get a massage after all the travel and walking!

Le-Le M. says:

Y’all are such a rarity in China, they think we’re celebrities!!! That’s even in America boo, same thang!!!

Yuen Harvey says:


The Forrester Chronicles says:

Yea Chinese people are very, how shall I say it, “intrigued” by Black people more so than any other Asian country. Glad y’all had a good time!

MissRessaT says:

Okay China!

Reloaded Reeality says:

Come on with this hair T! I’m loving it! I’m so excited to watch this travel series!

quinn mei says:

Welcome 歡迎 ^^

Shade' M. says:

It’s so amazing to be on the same trip but to see it through someone else’s eyes. I loved hearing about y’alls day at breakfast and even though we went to the same places our experiences were a little different. China was lit. I can’t wait for the next trip. Just let me know where we going and I’m there!!!!!

My Twisted Lyf TV with Poetry says:

They must’ve thought y’all were Basketball players lmao or like you said just because you’re black. That’s hilarious.

Leslie Priest Vlogs says:

Thank you for bringing us along Queen. Omg all the pics just smile and nod… Lol The music that goes with this added the flava!! Really feel I am there with you all…. Mmm that food looks delish! A massage at the end of the day. ….yasss enjoy you deserve!!!!

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