Shanghai to Beijing by high-speed train: Video guide…

Video guide to the train ride from Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing South, 1,318 km (824 miles) in 4 hours 55 minutes. Shows the boarding procedure, stations, business class lounge, scenery & each seating class on the train.
For practical info on schedules, prices & tickets see

You can also travel Beijing-Shanghai by time-effective sleeper train – see the video at


Elston Cordner says:

When i came back to nyc from china i was so angry. China is leading in so many categories its embarrassing. while we have an orange buffoon in charge.

SilverWave says:

It says “check-in” on these boards, what do you have to do there? Do you need to go through a security check? I know a lot of train stations in Israel have them

Chinesedad Your says:

Do not be over-optimistic, it is still a long way to catch up with Indian railway.

josef-olivia Transit says:

the U S always boasted to be the biggest, well China’s got you beat by a mIle. deal with it.

Kevin Han says:

love your train videos, but why do you use the “…” so much? it’s kind of strange

Peter Troniseck says:

Transrapid – German Technology at its best competing with Bombardier from Canada. The investment is in Concrete – not rolling stock. Good luck China.

Владимир Минин says:

Why is the business class better than the first?

Abhay Achal says:

Looks like indian Mumbai. Nice job China

vikashkumar tiwari says:


vinoba baswanta says:

China hai

amandeepv says:

Can you buy tickets for train before entering China via Internet?
Are there signs in English so you get tight train.

s. muthuraasu says:


John Quack says:

Thank you for the video…

Sameer says:

really great
china is great…
India is nothing..
china why don’t u govern india also …
i m frustrated living in India .
i don’t wanna live here..

优美地低于生活艾豆豆 says:



awsome station and trains


its looks like they bought an ICE train from germany.

siren songs says:

Why do China haters always come to videos featuring China’s technological/economical rise? Hope you know your dislikes are worth shit. Next time, worry more about your own country, ok?

Viswa Kulaseekara says:

why China fast development,

Kamran Azam says:

Had anybody watched an angel flying at 3.57 – 4.02 see clearly at the top of the train. on the left side of the timings written on platform.. some angel flying..



初塵 says:


YiNaN says:

First class seats are best in my opinion when you put pricing into consideration.

afaq ahmed says:

China is The Fastest Growing and Self-made Country…………Love From Pakistan

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