The ULTIMATE Chinese Noodle Tour – 5 CITIES!!! Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu + MORE!!!

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In today’s video, we’re bringing you for the ULTIMATE Chinese Noodle Tour, bringing you to 5 MAJOR Chinese cities to eat the best Chinese Street Food and the BEST Chinese noodles in the world!! Dan Dan noodles, hand pulled noodles, Hong Kong rice noodles, beef noodle soup, and more, it’s all in this video!!!

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In this food video travel vlog, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger), bringing you to eat some of the most UNIQUE Chinese noodles!

We’re starting the noodle tour in Beijing, China, and enjoying a huge bowl of Beijing Zhajiangmian AKA Beijing Zhajiang noodles, one of the most fragrant and satisfying noodle chews you’ll ever experience. AND, we’re complimenting that bowl of Beijing noodles with a delicious bowl of pork organ stew, an intense organ aroma stew with chopped intestines and lungs. Delicious!

After traveling to Beijing to eat noodles, we’re flying direct into Lanzhou, the home of the world famous muslim Chinese street food. Here, the local Hui chinese cook up some of the best Halal Chinese food in the world, and have a UNIQUE specialty that is worth flying for, the Lanzhou lamian, AKA Lanzhou ramen AKA lanzhou beef noodle soup! WOW! This is one of the BEST noodle dishes you’ll ever taste! And watching the extremely tasty Lanzhou noodles being hand pulled is one of the most satisfying things to watch too! The beef noodle soup is made with beef fat and bone and also lots of local radish which gives it an incredibly complex and satisfying aroma to slurp on!! And you can order up as many slices of beef to put on top of your lanzhou noodles as well!

After traveling to Lanzhou, we’re flying in to Chengdu to eat Sichuan food and of course, the one and only Sichuan Dan Dan noodles!!! Dan dan noodles or Dandan mian as they are called here in China are one of the most incredibly aromatic and “Xiang” bowls of noodles you’ll ever experience. The spicy chili oil and the intense pork aroma with a slight earthy kick from pickled mustard greens is truly unlike anything in the whole world. You have to fly here to eat these! They are absolutely incredible! AND, we’re topping off the noodles with a nice plump bowl of Hongyouchaoshou AKA Chinese hot chili oil wontons! They burst in your mouth with flavour and chili oil! WOWWW!!! In Chengdu, Sichuan cuisine is at the top of it’s game, super flavourful and intense with Sichuan chili and peppercorn, and I definitely recommend flying in to eat it!

After Chengdu dan dan noodles, we’re taking a direct flight to Shanghai to eat my personal favourite bowl of noodles in the city, and a bowl that is worth flying in direct to China to eat for, the majiang mian AKA sesame butter noodles. The noodles are full of chili oil and sesame butter mixed together, so you have this EXTREMELY satisfying nutty and spicy combo over top of springy al dente noodles, and, you can top it off with some nice spicy pork chunks! It doesn’t get any better than that!! Another BIG WOW!!!

After shanghai, we’re finishing this food travel video by flying in direct to Hong Kong, another world famous food destination, to eat some cantonese cuisine and some southern Chinese noodles, the ganchaoniuhe, AKA stir fried chinese rice noodles with tender slices of beef! We’re visiting a local daipaidong AKA Chinese street food alley stall that is packed with hungry locals who all love eating tons of delicious Cantonese cuisine and seafood! At this daipaidong, aiwensheng, you can eat a lot of different Chinese seafoods and stir fried cantonese cuisine dishes, but we came in solely to eat the stir fried rice noodles, but we couldn’t help ourselves and ordered a mud crab and some fried seafood as well because it looked so good! Another HUGE WOW!! China has some of the best food in the world, and definitely the BEST noodles in the world!!

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Epiko Perfect Noob says:

Heeey! Let your lady sit next to window! 😀

jasonxg says:

I am quite surprised that you skipped Xi’an for your noodle trip in China

Sojib khan says:

Broo. Comin in Bangladesh again

nelson 100 says:

NOW that’s what you call noodles.. my mouth is watering just looking at it.. lol

Vincent On says:

Hong Kong was a waste

Zain Abbas says:


Haryanto Wijaya says:

Trevor exolore more hongkong street food…

Evan Marquez says:

Great video! Have loved your stuff forever. Felt pretty rushed though.

hugo brutus says:


Wacala Apocosi says:

Do you really think 76,46 for the last dish is worth is dam. I think is a little expensive..n wow u said the phone so many times that I want one already lol

Asian SKILL For all ppls says:

You should do more video of you cooking

Winston Cotgreave says:

I love your videos and i think you create amazing content, and i really don’t want to be “that guy”, but do you ever think on your impact on our climate? I mean, it’s amazing to watch you travel to 5 cities with airplane to eat one bowl of noodles in each of them, but don’t you think it’s time to be a little bit more careful with how we treat our dear planet? I don’t want to make an example of you as i feel that you are an amazing human that spread so much joy, but i think it’s nice sometimes to just spread a little awareness because time is running short. You are not doing it to be a bad person, most of us aren’t, we just don’t think about the impact it actually has. Just a reminder for anyone who reads this that we need to wake up a little if we should have any chance at all to save our planet.

Anyways, hope i’m not too booring and i thank you for a fun video and wish everybody a nice day from Sweden!

Amir Al-Iraqi says:

I think, it has been over a year watching your videos, and I am from Iraq / Baghdad, and if you ever felt to experience Iraqi Food, come over, and see our hospitality bro…

声音听不得批评的 says:

i cant watch your videos any more. its such a torture.

Didi Faster says:

you see if you go to China as a normal tourist and not there to smuggle 220 kg of drugs into the country even if you’re a Canadian they don’t have an issue with you.

panda Lee says:

You deserve to succeed

danial dondol says:

How about going to Korea

Ziggy's Theorem says:

I listened to you droning on about the one plus, now where is my money?

TotallySober says:

he talks too much but rest is great

Fantastic Miranda says:

8:51 i think he messed up by pushing the meat down haha

Farhad Ahmed says:

Please can you go to Qatar

Kopi O kaww.. says:

Your videos getting sharper and amazing by OnePlus 6T. awesome!

purva vernekar says:

I love the excitement Trevor has when he sees food. Love this channel

Gao Ban says:

Right those Majiang mian are awesome. Try the stuffed duck next time you are in Shanghai. Can not remember the name of the restaurant, but Bill Clinton ate there and it is close to the river you took the shot from the 1+

Commander Shepard says:

I prefer my noodles filmed by the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus by Samsung Mobile. It truly is a fantastic phone!

Lemroot says:

Every sponsor needs Trevor to shout out their products. He’s so open about his love for things that it doesn’t even feel like a huge product placement

The Food Ranger says:

We’ve got a SURPRISE video for you! The ULTIMATE NOODLE TOUR of China – 5 CITIES!! Will be back to posting our Bangladesh vids next week!! This is one of my favourite videos I’ve ever made, This was one of the most AMAZING food journeys I’ve ever taken, taking a flight every day to a new city to eat one bowl of noodles and then flying to the next, it was really crazy and really fun! It wouldn’t have been possible without the help from OnePlus and Next10 Ventures and their sponsoring of this episode! Make sure to watch until the end, cause we’re bringing you to 5 SOLID 10/10 Noodles in China, the best noodles I’ve EVER Eaten!!We’re bringing you to try 5 classic Chinese noodles you must try in China, starting in Beijing, and ending in Hong Kong! #Chinesefood #noodles #China #Chinesenoodles

Jerry Miao says:

I can’t watch, feeling homesick for the first time in years

AISHWARY OMKAR 15110007 says:

Hey Trevor, do you watch South Park ?xD

Ricard Olsson says:

@Trevorjames, you talked about the plastic-problem in Sri Lanka couple of weeks ago and mentioned that we all can do something to safe the world.. The plastic is a big problem for sure, but your traveling for fun in this episode make me confusing and sad..

The Big Game Theory says:

Can you try Tong zi dan from Dongyang in a future video?

Md. Abrar Chowdhury says:
Top 7 rated Bangladeshi foods of The Food Ranger. Check it out.

Lika John says:

The dan dan noodles have me drooling

Neutral Bruh says:

Bro, 2 months from now you should do a visit to Indian cities. Because ramadan is about to come!

ChefMK says:

it’s been awhile since I watched and im glad trevor is still the same and doing great. I love the fact that is is riding in eco seats~

Bharath J says:

Watching on op6t

curious810 says:

I’m not really interested in watching a T-Mobile commercial for 18 minutes

Aditya Lee says:

damn this could be the best video you made

YOGA satrio says:

is she a trevor’s girlfriend???

michaellolu says:

“Guys look at this luzhu 4k60fps on the OnePlus 6T”–Trevor James 2019

Eric T says:


dandare1001 says:

Pig intestines are God’s food. I had them in Hong Kong at Christmas. Amazing.

magyar127 ramalamading dong says:



wow nice

Robin Niu says:

中国十大名面:武汉热干面、北京炸酱面、山西刀削面、河南萧记烩面、兰州拉面、杭州片儿川、江苏昆山奥灶面、镇江锅盖面、四川担担面、吉林延吉冷面。 希望未来可以把剩下的一一品尝。

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