Tips for traveling to China for the first time

I used to live in Shanghai, China so I thought it would be fun to give you my 10 tips for traveling to China for the first time. China is truly an amazing, beautiful and super interesting country, and I highly recommend you all to give it a try! 😉

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Shanghai photo diary:

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if you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?


femhon says:

Thanks for the tips.  We are planning to visit Beijing and Shanghai and was surprised that you mentioned both.

Marie says:

or you could just learn Chinese..

Gentle man says:

Don’t forget your toilet paper and hand sanitizer when you travel to China.

林夏彌 says:

Beijing is polluted city, but the average life expectancy more than 82 years old

Sasa Travel says:

china is amazing! welcome to china

Qixi Li says:

i prefer other asian countries cuz i can just go there, but to go to china you need to apply for a god damn visa

从古至今大陆与台湾是一家 says:

China will always welcome you!

Trip Bitten says:

All good tips. Glad you enjoyed your time when you were in China.

Kait Surette says:

This is so helpful, I’m going there in 10 days for a class trip (my high school has a Chinese class for the grade 11 and 12 students and the teacher is taking us there) I’m so excited especially to experience their high schools for a few days 🙂

Hilda Lindstedt says:

I’m going to Chengdu this summer and I’m worried about my clothes. Can you walk around in skirts and shorts and shorter dresses or does it have to be like long legs on everything. Our traveling coach said that they’re gonna think that we are prostitutes if we would walk in our regular summer outfits, and I live in Sweden where it’s about 23℃ (73.4℉) and in chengdu at that time it is going to be about 35℃ (95℉). What do you think?

florianreichelt says:


Samantha Pattinson says:

Thank u so much for this video
I am planing to go next year
I have a question, what is better and cheaper from traveling tge fast train or to take a flight?

Tao Li says:

And it’s great to hear that you didn’t get sicked by eating Chinese street foods. Many Chinese believe that they are immune to certain diseases, as they are exposed to those foods since born 😀

(just kind of inside joke among Chinese, don’t take it too serious)

Elin Beach says:

Im going to china on a school trip next year! I’m so excited

marygaly89 says:

Hi 🙂 we are going to china in November for something between 10 and 15 days and we would really like to make the most of it! we would like to do everything (from the grat wall to a rice feld; from shanghai to hing kong and bejiing…to tibet!) but I think that 10 to 15 days might be a too small amount of time to rally do everything..What do you think we cannot skip at all? thanks a lot

明远 says:


4 Motion says:

I love your video, I am planning to go next year in October. And spend 5 days per city 20 days total Do you think that 5 days in Shanghai is enough to at least have an idea about what going on ?

goodfilmful says:

Why become a taxi driver if you can’t speak basic English?

usmc8408 says:

Culture shock should be seen as a good thing…it means you’re learning something. I lived in Japan for 2 years and was totally the same…hated it at first. Now, I can’t imagine me being who I am without ever having gone there.

Asia is can be a scary idea when thinking of visiting, it will blow your mind because it’s nothing like Europe and America. Don’t let that fear stop you from going though. I am sooooo thankful I took the leap and went.

China is coming up for me next month!! Can’t wait.

***I don’t know if you’ll see this in time, but any tips for getting a tourist visa? I’ve heard nightmare stories about people getting denied for misspelling a word, and other stories that it’s a piece of cake…more of a money grabbing scheme. The bad stories have me kind of nervous now that if I don’t tell them every step I take and where I take it I’ll get denied.***

Ruben Theofilus says:

Really apreciate it! Thankyou!

SirenMarjo says:

+byKaja Hello! I will be going to Shanghai soon, can you please let me know if I will get access to my gmail. Thank you.

Oliver Zhu says:

Great video !!!

Ajay Panchal says:

thanks your video is very helpful

G C says:

Hey guys, another helpful app is Google Translate! It works great: there’s an option where you can speak English into it and it will speak Chinese back out. I went to China last summer and because I am learning Chinese I didn’t use it as much, but some of my friends did and it’s a great asset. There’s also an option where you can take a picture of characters that are in Chinese and it will translate them to English/ whatever language you speak!

soo kiat kho says:

i will go china

dedi man says:

When chinese travel abroad we gets meets with speak English go back to Your home . when foreigner travel to China Chinese woreship them.. please ASIANS OPEN UR EYES…

holahola coco says:

To those whoever plans to China in the future, Don’t worry about internet, don’t worry if you cannot download the correct VPN app right before the flight. Find any college, ask any college student, they know which VPN has the fastest speed, which one is free, which VPN has time restriction, etc. VPN is a very common app in China, but find a free one is very hard. Most young chinese know those “underground” info lol. You will be fine, you will able to access google and facebook in china.

Robyn Little says:

This video was really helpful, I’m going to China for 3 weeks in July with my school. I have no idea what kind of clothes to take, do you have any idea?

Abdullah Al-Hazzani says:

thanks, was helpful

tracy giesick says:

Great video and advice. Any info on Xian?

Mia Does Sports says:

people in china kill dogs for meat

LeadingTheCheer says:

such a helpful video, thank you so much!!

Tao Li says:

Your video is really awesome, as it includes many important aspects, both pros and cons, of China. Especially I agree with that everyone should try street foods in China, that’s the most wonderful part. Everything is great in China, only except unable to connect to Google, fb, etc.

Tanqz Tan says:


Y&S FOOD! says:

Fantastic Article! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to have this in our feeds. We create Travel & Food clips furthermore we will be always looking for new and innovative inputs and so hints. Thanks!

Jim Caterina says:

China has alot of single and gorgeous woman

yalei pang says:

not just Beijing and Shanghai .There are many other cities u should have a visit.they are all beautiful ,too.

Stan BP RaNia says:

Would you say shanghai is expensive? To go shopping in the malls and stores?

Sebastien says:

Don’t drink the tap water.

Emma says:

This is so useful thank you

Miro Hires says:

how is it with internet connection….is it really not possible to use facebook ….how does it work whats app or viber?

Crystal Jade says:

omg, I can tell you that you really know a lot about China, Im Chinese,haha.

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