Visit Beijing – Top 10 Sites in Beijing, China
What to see and do in Beijing, China. The Best sites for tourists and travelers from the great wall to the forbidden city to the hutongs, Ming Tombs and temple of heaven.
filmed in Beijing, China
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014


Flower 3D says:

Hello Wolter and greetings from Greece!!! If you ever go back to China do you have plans of visiting Chongqing?I’ve heard it’s a very large and beautiful city and in the last 5 years has developed a lot, if you ever go will you do this kind of video with positive and negative things of the city? I’m really interested in your videos!!!
Thank you!

Henry Young says:

Pretty reasonable! good job!

Vianne van Wees says:

Whaaah, i’m gonna go in november! So excited! I’m a female travelling alone, so if you happen to have any more tips and/or recommendations i’d like to know! Thanks for this awesome video!

keyana fletcher says:

Your videos are really awesome! And very informative.

Clara Zhang says:

Thank you so much for making this video ! Welcome to Beijing again !

F Faulkner says:

The Ming Tomb is kind of spooky to me though. A lot of urban legends about it …

Cooper says:


Nice Video Mark! I plan on visiting Beijing in July. Do you recommend I get any vaccinations? I hear the water quality is poor and there is a higher chance of getting TB, hepatitis etc…. The shots are rather pricey though, thanks for the help! 

Mike Arroyo says:

how did you travel in Beijing? Is public transportation easy to use? and how did you communicate? great video thank you.

disneycrazii says:

Great video! What section of the great wall did you go to? I went to the Badaling section during my school trip. It was crowded but our tour guide said the views were worth it and he was right! 

fasteddy says:

Looking forward to our first trip to Beijing, China. Many thanks to you and your beautiful family for posting these great, informative videos!

SJW Destroyer says:

Fucking disliked. HORRIBLY MADE video.

Song Siyuan says:

you made me homesick, a lot. lol. 

abc abc says:

GW 1 day. FCity and square togethet 1 Day. Summer Palace and T of Heaven together 1 day. Lama temple and Nanluogu 1 day.

z zhang says:

so beautiful wife

keatingin says:

Really, I think the beihai park is bit old now. I suggest Jingshan Park, really cheap ticket. However on top of the hill, you will get to see the whole forbidden city! 

OnTheGoWithCarson says:

I would do soooo many things to get the chance to go to China. One day I will go for sure! It looks beautiful and I love all the temples. Thanks for sharing 🙂 

Coked Up Krabs says:

Damn your wife though. Beijing is so beautiful

Treasure Fantasy says:

nice video! is that easy to go to places by metro or train? (without taxi) like from airport to the sites?

Tori Rosales says:

is your wife foreign?

ljyup1990 says:

did you photoshop the sky>???hahahah

Lena Chou says:

Love your video.I am Chinese .I’ve been to Beijing twice and I REALLY LOVE this city and the traffic is becoming better now.

podgedurka says:

Great video – just one quick question, how many days in beijing would you need to cover most/ all of these sites?

Adi Hermann says:

Mark, awesome guide and you have a very beautiful wife. Going to Beijing this first of October I can’t wait!  Good Job! 🙂

Joseph the Gamer says:

I am in China and l met Donald Trump

Emilie Pamina says:

My parents moved to Beijing for work so I have a lot of time checking all your things out! Thank you so much!

A2Y Travellers says:

Another great video… thanks for your help!

Simohamed Lamrani says:

what about the best places for shoping ?

Jessee Michael says:

Been there about 15-20 times for business since 2000, but one thing I recommend… call it BeiJing, not BeiZHing. All of my colleagues from there corrected me on my first trip. BeiZHing sounds exotic and all, but it’s just a simple “J” sound.

Also, I recommend any street market that *doesn’t* look like a mall for some real haggling. The Xiu Shui market near the China World hotel used to be a bunch of outdoor stalls, but was turned into a 7-story complex a few years back, and really lost its fun. Go find a smaller place to shop for clothes, bags, etc… it’s really all the same stuff you’re buying regardless of what stall you go to, and remember their job is to get as much profit out of your transaction as possible, but a lot of times the workers are students, and the opportunity to converse (usually in English) with foreigners can often leads them to be able to further their education, or get a “real” job elsewhere.

Definitely walk through some hutongs if – and while – you can. It’s a fantastic preserved way of life from not that long ago, but that real estate is worth a fortune to the city, and who knows how much longer they’ll survive before being torn down and replaced with yet another high-rise building or mall.

And DO NOT go to Starbucks, or McDonald’s, or KFC… stop the spread and eat local. Otherwise, great advice!

axlis123 says:

what about the olympic park? that was pretty sick too 🙂

fashiontouch22 says:

Hi Mark, you’re such an inspiration for me, thanks for all those great video, I can’t stop watching them! I’m an 18 year old German currently living in Madrid (gap year) and I absolutley love travelling and living abroad 🙂 Greetings from Spain

Embutorres says:

I absolutely enjoy just seeing your videos, even though I probably am never going to be in any of these amazing places! Keep up.

Thomas Adams says:

How can you afford to travel so much? Honest question, I’m interested in traveling but currently I can’t going too many places. I’ve been to Colombia, South America and Mexico, and I might go to France this year, but not without a lot of saving and fundraising. What sort of profession do you have? Thanks!

Shawn Cookson says:

Another great, well made video.

Ebrahem Okasha says:

Great video, great place
And gorgeous wife 😉

Bonan Yan says:

actually the attractions he suggest are only suitable for old guys, young people will never go to that kinds of places in Beijing…

Bradley Washburn says:

I am in China now… Thanks for your videos. A great help!!!

Jeremy Kranz says:

Very nice video. Thank you.

SakurabaStyle39 says:

I love your videos thanks bro

juan lopez says:

Around what time of the year would you recommend to go?

Lesley 丁嘉欣 says:

Great video with lots of good information. I’m traveling to Beijing in 2 weeks and am worried about the severe air pollution. Hope it turns out well when I get there. Fingers crossed!

Vladimork Tootin says:

How crowded is the place?

Abas Qama says:

How far is the Great Wall is from the Beijing airport, and what is the best way to get there?

TyCazz says:

The weather looked amazing when you were there. Blue skies and almost smog free.

alexanderkenniethbam says:

Is it expensive?

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