11 Best Tourist Tips for Germany

I got a LOT of advice when I found out I was moving to Germany. Here is some of the more practical advice and tips that helped me and could be useful for anyone planning to go as a tourist, or even to live there.

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chrizzel 27 says:

you can feel safe cause we dont own guns 😀

Feeluck says:

the mass imigration didn’t change a thing in germany. you most likely have found right wing extremist material in your online search. they’re just trying to get votes with their propaganda. there are over 80 million people living in germany and they were using terms like ‘foreign infiltration’ or ‘islamication’ for a total of like 300.000 refugees.
there were also fake news about refugees were raping little girls, robbing old women or murdering people arbitrary. none of this was true, its just right wing propaganda.

Aquarius1011 says:

A tip in Germany, is that when going into a shop, not a large department store, is to immediately greet the shopkeeper. Then, when leaving to say goodbye.
That may be the trend all over the European continent, not just Germany.  
In the north of Germany, when greeting, can say ‘Guten tag’, and in the south (and Austria for that matter) can say, what sounds like, ‘Chris Cot’. (In the south can say ‘Guten tag’, but better to say ‘Chris Cot’.)
Otherwise, can get scolded and corrected by the shopkeeper.

Bubba Williams says:

When I was there, the exchange rate was 1mark 60 to 1 mark 80, to each U S Dollar.

Rex McStiller says:

Spilling the drinks was the idea behind the clinking.

Peter Nachname says:

Nur Bares ist wahres.

Holger Hansen says:

This is the third of your videos that I have watched, and I must say I’m impressed. Good explanations, good comments. Even when you mention some disconcerting habits that Germans have (staring, scolding you at traffic lights, etc.) , you do it with friendliness and a smile on your face. A a German, I appreciate that. Keep up the good work and – thank you.

pat goff says:

I went into a Turkish gasthaus by my apartment to get a gyro an it is amazing how the men stopped talking the minute i opened the door an would start back up the minute it was closing. Happened Everytime

triper says:

Kelly, whenever you travel within Germany and would like to explore even more good things about germans and their atttitudes, you should check with http://www.triper.one – here as a traveler you get invited by local host for some quality time offside the mainstream tourist traps. You might get invited for a bbq, for a vernisage or rock concert of unknown band. All of it is free and the best chance to come as a travel and leave as a friend. 😉

pat goff says:

I had a German bank account for my kindergeld an wohngeld payments

Adi&Nico Baumgarten says:

Me as a german has to say that most of us germans can speek english and are able to understand most things. But most people or a lot (me too) would say, that they don’t speek english. Thats not because we don’t wont to talk to you or to be rude, but more because we think we don’t speek that good or right and we don’t like it. So if you even speek a litle german if you visit germany, try to speek german at first and tell the person you are talking to, that you come from us and if you don’t know something in german, than ask in english. This helps a lot of germans to talk in english, because they see that you tried to speek german and it is ok if we make mistakes, i guess. So i hope you kinda understand what i wanted to say.

Texopox Oxatek says:

Why are you nervous about immigrants?
I really don’t get it

johan bauwens says:

I don’t think Germans stare more than other people. Maybe it was because you looked good 🙂

forty2 says:

Safety, yes sure. Germany is much saver than the US. But don‘t be always too sure. You still need your good sense.

SethLacroix says:

You ALWAYS tip 10%, as someone working in the service industry: stop spreading this nonsense.

Katie Layton says:

Statistics show that the percentage of alcoholics in Germany is much, much higher than in the USA. The study showed that it most likely has to do with the different cultures. The drinking age here is 21. In Germany kids can start drinking with a parent at age 14. That is a huge age difference and 21 year olds are much more likely to not binge drink than teenagers. Also, the lack of being able to just go anywhere with alcohol in the USA also makes a difference. I am grateful for the laws on alcohol her in the USA. I am also happy that I can dress up if I want or wear pajamas to the store if I want because no one cares!

Liesbeth De Vries says:

Americans perceive it as staring, Germans don’t. It’s just checking out the other person. Normal behavior here.

Nikioko says:

What about drinking in public during Spring Break? 😀

Robert Schwegler says:

Kelly,that’s an Illusion if you think you get starred at.That’s quite normal if u come into a new Country to have that Illusion.

Zulu flor says:

I usually tip 10% in germany

mrmiyagi5 says:

Are Hawaiian shirts ok?

Nikioko says:

Cash is king. “Nur Bares ist was Wahres”. Keep that in mind.
6:10: “Bad luck”? It’s seven years of bad sex. I would call that more than just bad luck.

BloodyClash says:

The whole idea about klinking glasses on prosting is to spill your drink into the other glas. In older times it was used to trust the other to not have poisoned your drink.

mikeandersonwa says:

I filmed a music video in one of the many abandoned castles in Germany (in Saarland), and I experienced a lot of the “German Stare” because there were constantly people peeking in through the windows watching us film, it was amazing.

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