3 Day Trip to Germany and Russia I Flight Attendant Life I Vlog 32

I hope you all had a good start into the new year. I had lots of fun celebrating with my family and friends and now finally had some time to edit this vlog. Come and explore Cologne (Germany) and Moscow (Russia) together with me!

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Mary Marin says:

Hi Verena, so I am just a bit late and catching up on your vlogs…So, Happy New Year!! I loved seeing Cologne and Moscow in one trip!! My husband’s grandfather is from Cologne, so when we were there many years ago, we looked up his last name in their phone book:-) Not sure what we hoped to accomplish:) It is a beautiful city.. And I loved your room tour in Moscow- that room was amazing!! I was there in 2005 to see the World Figure Skating Championships, and I loved it there. I found Moscow to be a very vibrant city, and I loved their subway. Thanks so much for always sharing the cities with us!!

Star Master Tech says:

Looking sleepy, Verena :))

Tim00020 says:

Diese seichte “Oh Tannenbaum” HERRLICH!!!

athommen1 says:

Boyzzz question: – Was the FedEx aircraft footage in RUS or in GER? CGN is among the airports that have a special meaning to me. It is UPS European HUB and I had the privilege to spend 3 days with them, having all access, even at their TWR during a night shift, when the heavy cargos fly in. If you have the chance to film some of that airport, at a certain point, it would be fun. Another great Vlog of yours!

skya eiland says:

Love the room tours! Especially the giant tub in the second hotel!

thedefenceman says:

Which airport in Moscow did you arrive/depart from? Sheremetyevo … Domodedovo … or Vnukovo?

byromania says:

This was another excellent vlog of your flying routine through Europe. Thanks so much for doing this! Happy New Year to you!

Star Master Tech says:

Verena, Where are you?? Where is the Moscow vlog?? LOL Upload Please. :))

Hank McAff says:

Have been binge watching your vlogs. Great job, and can’t wait for more

Mike Workman says:

You should do a video with you putting on tan nylons and heels.

alexlondonaviationlover says:

Wow very amazing video and Happy New Year to you and hope you have a lovely trip and keep the vlog up

The World Of Mike says:

@0:30 till 2:20 when you are in the car talking you don’t sound like your normal self…..you sound and look extremely tired, you are blinking very slowly, and slow to think of your words…..you tired or drunk? 🙂

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