Learn from the mistakes made by this American living in Germany! Here are 7 things I’ve learned you just shouldn’t do in Germany.

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Ulpian Heritor says:

11k people thought she was Anitta Sarkesian


Say guten tag
Ofcourse u say heil

Su Nyein San says:

Absolute akzeptieren die Nummer 7 🙂

725 heather says:

What’s the point of celebrating a birthDAY on a different day ????

Petoyusa-dono says:

Don’t drink beer before 4 pm 😀

Korbrent says:

In Germany flying the flag is considered abnormal. Patriotism kind of died in Germany after WW2 and the flag is only flown on certain days.

W S says:

you cant be white in germany

Adrian Disenko says:

You can Even lose your driving license if you cross the street while the light is red

Lucas the Nintendo Fan says:

I live in germany but not munich i’ve been there multiple times though

Mokinsen says:

Did you know that you get arrested if you say in Germany that the Holocaust didn‘t exist?

rainieritomanoy says:

Coz grilling stinks! And can cause fire! Buy a house if you want to grill.

MUVApanama1 says:

In Panama bike lanes (are a new thing) are not sacred at all. It drives me crazy when all the people are walking on the bike lane! I´m Panamanian but I was raised in the States so some things drive me crazy.

josorr says:

You are unbearable.

Jamareku says:

Ja kann ich absolut bestätigen

Nick de windt says:

Ok so just to be clear DON’T wear a shirt that says “USA: back to back world war champs” ?

schnertblatt says:

We have bike lanes here in San Francisco. Woe betide any car driver . . . or pedestrian . . . that trespasses into the bike lane. (By the way, just to make sure none of you think I’m being facetious, I’m all for bike lanes.)

Z Emruld says:

Is Germany fun?

robin hood says:

3:59 Bullshit

Barthakus says:

This thing with the ubahn is bullshit

Wolfram Rösler says:

How about: Don’t tell other germans how awesome you think germany is?
because you are considered a Nazi if you do.

Nick Translator says:

You take off shoes at the door in Russia and you don’t wish a person a happy birthday before his/her actual birthday.)))

Dusty Grady says:

One thing that you do in Germany is to overload it with disgusting Muslims. The Muslims own the weak German people

Simone Nachname says:

Beg your pardon, is the bike lane the first or second Don’t do? What are all the others Don’t dos??? This is You Tube – not Hyde Park corner … YT offers tools to enrich our videos. I really would have liked to watch the the whole vid but …

George Elie says:

When in Dresden never say “look at all the new buildings thanks to the United States Army Air corps.”

Miruna Petrescu says:

I dont know If this is in all germay but at McDonald’s You need to Pick 2 sauces You need

Frank Zito says:

I sing when I am on the Train and I don’t care about others 🙂

Vikinaro Tv says:

Did she live under a rock

M.J C says:

Second is false…

trinity. aka.batman says:

If you do these things in America you’re a pick. I haven’t been to big cities, but where I live this is common sense.

Sophie von Jena says:

Even if you want you can’t talk with someone on the phone in the subway because there is no service

Tobias Bernhardsson says:

Shoes indoors is an American thing. Shoes is for outdoor use in most of Europe.

ianthia says:

Ew, i’m American and I don’t walk through the house with my outdoor shoes, I usually change them for indoor slippers and even have ones that I use just for my room. It seems weird to wear your shoes in someone else’s home, but it also feels weird walking around their house in bare feet. Slippers are the most practical solution, I think

Lucas the Nintendo Fan says:

Why am I watching this I am German.

Lucas the Nintendo Fan says:

This video should be called 7 Things You DON’T DO IN MUNICH GERMANY

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