7 Ways to HAVE FUN on a German Road Trip

We took the Autobahn through Germany from Munich to Amsterdam for VIDCON EUROPE, here’s how we HAD FUN! 😀

So my question for you is: Have you ever travelled somewhere for a conference? Where did you go, which conference?

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Rebecca Lockley says:

My husband can work out the location in Germany too. In the UK, he works out the year of the cars based on the plate number. We listen to audio books…..the last road trip we went from our home in Lincoln UK to Fugen and we listened to one of the Harry Potter books.

Marie M says:

Hi Dana,such a Good idea. I really liked this:) can you do a Video about americans eat veggies raw. I saw People eating courgette, Brokkoli and cauliflower? In Germany we also Cook them. I was really surprised

Julia Hampel says:

GP should be Göppingen, right?

aimee65 says:

Yes I drove US 101 from San Diego, CA to San Jose, CA business meeting I love coast views.

Klaus Heiszt says:

What podcasts do you hear? Geman or english or both? I always like to discover new ones.

Danny30011980 says:

The intestine city….haaaaaahaaaaaa. Anyine from Darnstadt on ere who can explain how that name “Darmstadt” came about? 🙂

Judith Leenen says:

At 6:45, when you say you just entered the Netherlands you where only about a 1000 m from my house :). Next time please come and visit? (Just joking around!… but you are welcome to come 🙂 )

ian pugh says:

Yikes didn’t realise that München was 6,5hours drive from Where I live in NRW 52538.

My Canadian friend would say “Europe is full of old shit and I love old shit’

Quaffie says:

falls es mr german man noch interessiert gp is göppingen

gravis778 says:

This past May I went back to Europe for the third time, and it was my mom’s first. It was my first time to drive. My mom just got a smartphone this past Christmas. More than once I pulled the phone away from her and was like “LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!” By the end of the trip, she was finally doing this, but it was really annoying at first. I was like “Why are we paying all this money for a car and gas and tolls if you are not going to look outside!”

DangerCanDan says:

on castle frankenstein is every year germany’s biggest halloween event. you have to visit it……….it’s great

Symantax says:

Why is Dana always smiling? It seems like she’s always happy, but that’s hard to believe.

Paul Wimmer says:

gp is göppingen haha thats where i’m from

Findergordianus says:

There sure are a lot of towns named”Ausfahrt” in Germany.

Lily hani says:

wow, i do wonder how fast stefan drove from munich to amsterdam… that is really long trip but i bet its fun to see nice european countries… ^ ^

Obi-Shawn says:

Star Wars Celebrations II and III both held in Indianapolis. Starting today, which I will not be attending is the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Con in Orlando; though I’m passing on that to attend the Star Trek Con in Vegas this August. That’s the fun stuff, then there’s the work conferences or training’s. The best one was in 97 down in Florida for reptile identification and handling…because we get a lot of alligators here in Wisconsin…your tax dollars at work folks!

SJ B says:

GP: Göppingen BW

UntotesSchaf says:

We always played this license plate game and other games when my brother and me were kids and we were going on vacation. If my boyfriend and me travel today, the most of the time we are talking (and looking out of the window of course). Never get out of topics. Last year we went to Slovakia. 10 hours of driving and it never became boring.

MrsFlooosh says:

hey, off topic: you have to try kitkat chunky peanutbutter! love it!

Kai Unger says:

for our end-of-school trip we traveled from Nuremberg (Bavaria) to London per bus… it was a 24h journey, but it was a great fun.

Doug says:

Was with the American Air Force stationed in Darmstadt for 2 tours.  Loved it and was up at Frankenstein castle drinking bier many times!  Thanks for the memories.

Elbytron says:

Darmstadt: Intestine City. Würzburg: Spice Castle. Dortmund: There Mouth.

Pascal kostiw says:

hear bremen 4 (radio)

Marina Hein says:

Visit Burg Frankenstein on Halloween, theres kind of a special 🙂 but you need tickets!

Reas World says:

If the sign Stefan saw was GP it stay for Göppingen which is a district between Stuttgart and Ulm

Brian Larsen says:

This video reminded me of my time in Germany, when we drove from Stuttgart to Neuschwanstein. Thank you for this lovely video Dana.

Oliver Klein says:

If you’re still in Amsterdam, you have to visit boom Chicago. you will not regret it 🙂

Lukas Dornauer says:

What kind of car(brand) do you have?
Very nice video and I’m doing most of the most you do when I’m on a long trip by car.

Tom says:

Hey Dana, auf die Burg Frankenstein solltest Du zu Halloween nochmal gehen! Da wird es gruselig… :o)

Amir Asadi says:

that Stefan dude is German AF 😀

Guido says:

“Intestinecity” 😀

gasmask73a says:

loved that one. i have lived Close to burg Frankenstein for almost 10 years

Brause witz says:

you shoud go to the castle on Halloween

Fepe says:

It’s good to know, that you have legs. I didn’t see them in your videos at all ;D

SchaelTeer says:

Argh, da bist du in meiner direkten Nachbarschaft, und ich kriege das nicht mit! 🙁

A Potato says:

You should make a video about German holidays that aren’t in America and American holidays that aren’t in Germany.

Fleck Smugbrother says:

I think there are 761 different license plate districts in Germany. I have a FB page called “English Words on German License Plates”. It’s incredible how many words (not just english) are spelled out on German plates. The easiest words are from the one letter places, Munich, Berlin, Potsdam, Stuttgart, etc. They are only 3 letter words but there are tons from each city. The most interesting are the ones from 3 letter districts (5 letters max-I live in GAP). Great hobby……

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