hey you lot,

So this is something thats really personal to me, how dancers and performers everywhere at some point in their life have ups and downs trying to get work in this industry and its something that is hidden behind positive doors! so i wanted to share it with you guys!

Hope you enjoy it, it was great fun and i would love to re visit Hamburg and hopefully one day work in Germany!

See you guys soon

sam x


massaaaaaaaa says:

Was thrilled when I found out you had a channel! love seeing you feature on Ben’s vlog, you’re positivity and humour make for a great watch. Keep up the good work. one more subscriber here 🙂

Robbie Brown says:

0:40 Is that a Brown family thing??

MrLetmein2011 says:

I really enjoyed that video ,I’m going to Hamburg next month for a little trip and this is a lovely preview to the city.
You went out on Easyjet and back on BA ! You crazy dancers!! … what are you like 🙂

Kyle Albers5 says:

love your hard work and smile. take care!

Kristina says:

Yayyy, my hometown! 🙂 <3


Samantha , please please do daily vlogging HAHAHAHAHA like your brother hahaha 🙂 nice video btw :))

mel bowden says:

You’re really inspiring with your positive attitude and open mind… I’m going to remember that for my interview on Friday! Great vlog 🙂

MD Aoun says:

Please be a daily vlogger like you brother !!! You’re awesome 🙂

Pamela Harper says:

Thanks Samantha for sharing. Love the video. I lived in Germany off and on for 7 years. I love Hamburg. Back in the states it’s really nice to see it is as beautiful as ever. You are dedicated to your craft and I must say positive. Positive I think in any industry is hard to find even if you love it. You have nailed it. I will follow and when I come to London I would love to see your show. You are awesome!! I look forward to more of your videos. Pamela From Maine 🙂

Caviara says:

What’s your snapchat!

Ben Parkinson says:

It’s good to see another vlog because I really enjoy them

onedandylion says:

That was really interesting… thanks for sharing! I do enjoy your videos and look forward to your next one.

ThePolarisdog says:

+Samantha Jayne Brown. Who cares? But I decided after watching a motovlog with you and your brother to follow both of you. Not sure if it’s accurate as a whole, but it does give me some insight on life across the pond in a fun sort of way. I’m now going to refer to elevators as lifts and continue to use various terminology of yours here in the states just to get a reaction. Keep up the good work!!! Cheers from the USA!!!

Dan Beal says:

Nice Sam excellent vibe

TheTarujanaanu says:

I miss your vlogs! They are so nice 🙂

Lida Jan says:

Sorry but which hotel you stayed in?

Pork ZERO says:

what a fantastic 11 mins I’ve just had! Thanks

Roc Ren says:

music rendered nicely:)

Marcos silva says:

You’re lovely positive and beautiful as well good luck with you job and thanks to show something about your life marcos from argentina cheers!

Wide Awake says:

I am originally from Hamburg and I still miss it. Only thing is, I am now used to tea/coffee/kettle in British hotels, but then again, you can have fresh rolls and cups of proper coffee ( not instant) at the bakeries which are everywhere at 7am!

baze.djunkiii says:

that’s what i call a personality that shines. and those blues eyes only add up to it.
glad to see that you enjoyed your trip to my hometown although you didn’t get the job in the end. props from hamburg,

Nick Cole says:

As a soldier, I had no idea of this sort of life, but I do love Germany. I recently took my little girl to Pfronten, near Füssen & it was really beautiful. We then drove through Austria to Lake Garda in Italy. As good as Italy was, I preferred Germany! Take care

Manish Sharma says:

I came here from Ben’s channel and I really enjoyed here. Keep it up

spm9153 says:

Weitere schöne Bilder aus Hamburg – d’autres belles images d’Hambourg – meer schone fotos van Hamburg – más bellas fotografías de Hamburgo – more beautiful pictures of Hamburg:
“Schöne Stadt Hamburg – Sehenswürdigkeiten – Sightseeing – belle ville – bella ciudad -beautiful city “

Jon Keller says:

It was neat to see you pat the doorway of the airplanes – I thought I was the only one who made a point of doing that 🙂

Winistan says:

wow , was wondering last night how you haven’t upped a vlog in quite some time and lo and behold .. I come home to this 🙂 

Keep up the great work !! 😀

SingSing says:

0:40 touch the plane for luck 😀

mark grindle says:

You have such confidence to do this. It’s inspiring, even to an older person on a different continent! Always love seeing places I’ll never get to see. That was a crazy Hotel entrance; I don’t know if I would have the wits to find it. Thanks for the Vlog, and have a great Summer, wherever you go!
ps/ This made me smile.

Jonny Shields says:

Really enjoyed this vlog, Hamburg is one of my favourite European cities!

Nor Cal Dave says:

Awesome and thanks for sharing 🙂

Pia xo says:

I’m glad that you seem to have enjoyed this little trip to Germany 🙂 I know, it sucks that you can’t watch any english tv channels (apart from the news channels) over here. Sorry for that haha 😉
Btw, why did you get glutenfree waffles and not normal ones?
have a lovely evening xx

daniel hirt says:

my fav part pf my 6hr walk around hamburg was the lock bridge see hamburg hotel and one of the fairs they had going at the time…also going under the water through the tunnel was awesome just seeing old style roads and buildings

Marie says:

yay another video! 🙂 the theme of it is quite what I wrote about in an inbox to you! have you seen it? 🙂
I’d love to see another race prep or day routine or Q&A!

Davo Devigne says:

Haha mother looked so unenthusiastic having the camera in her face ;[

wirdschonn says:

Cool Video! Hamburg is such an amazing city here in Germany 🙂


i work in a dancing school and i see every day how hard it is for dancers but your a positive woman. one day you will made it! aaaand you look fantastic without make up 🙂

Anais Grigri says:

Love how positive you stayed :). Maybe you don’t get the part this time but don’t worry you’ll get the next one because you’re very talented :).

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