Announcing Our Trip To Germany!!!

In 2014 we spent nearly a month in Berlin with a few side trips to other parts of Germany including Leipzig, Freiburg and Frankfurt. It is one of those countries that we felt could potentially be a base for us in the future. The food, the culture and all of the travel activities fit like a glove. We’re thrilled to announce we’re heading back again soon! In just a couple of days we’ll be exploring the Northeastern part of the country including Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. The goal for this trip is to immerse ourselves in as many cultural activities and sample as many regional foods as we possibly can. We sure hope you’ll join us 🙂

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Announcing Our Trip To Germany Travel Video Transcript:

So Hello from my parent’s backyard here in Brampton, Canada. This is our last weekend in Canada for a while. We’re actually traveling back to Germany this weekend. And we wanted to announce the trip and tell you what we’re going to be doing over there.

So basically the idea is that we’ll be traveling to the Northeastern part of the country. We’ll be visiting Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. And the whole idea is to go in search of unique customs and traditions that exist in that part of the country.

So what is particularly exciting about this trip is that we’re going to be doing most of it on the road. It is going to be a road trip by car. We’re going to be traveling to a lot of off-the-beaten-path types of destinations and going to places we’ve never seen before.

So some of the things we’re going to try while we are there include punting. So apparently that is a flat boat that is propelled by a pole. So we’ll be learning to punt in the canals, in the forest. Hey, if we can kayak and canoe then I think we can give it. It’ll be fun why not.

Yeah, we’re also going to be sampling lots of pickles because apparently this region in Germany is known for producing pickles. We like our pickles. We do.

Um, what else are we doing? We’ll be doing some hiking along the Chalky cliffs in Ruegen Island and also visiting a few different woodwork shops where they still make toys by hand.

So, very cultural activities that you normally wouldn’t think of when traveling in Germany. But it should be fun.


So let us know if you have any suggestions for thing to do in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. It is a bit of a mouthful isn’t it. It is and we’re heading there soon. See you soon. See, you.

And in the meantime, we have a few more videos from New York City coming out.

This is part of our Travel in Germany series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing German culture, German arts, German foods, German religion, German cuisine and German people.

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network


PartTimeWanderlust says:

Ahhh road trips are the best! Have a great time 🙂

Idorandomstuff says:

Co my sister lives in Dresden Germany

BIGNIC says:

You’re going to a country that is high on my list and my great grandfather was born in Germany.   I so look forward to your videos have a great time you two.

Hadegel says:

And if you want to see beautiful cities, I cannot recommend Frankfurt (Oder) and Eisenhüttenstadt.

Michael Wang says:

im waiting for your new German trip vids.have as much fun as possible when you vist Germany

FashionAplenty says:

Hey guys, how was teacher’s college? Are you now going to work in schools? An update would be nice since I’m thinking of following the same route.

A. Oreal says:

Nice!  Keep us posted!

Ratika Sood says:

Sam r u a Red head?

mkmm60 says:

Germany is so small, make your trip by bicycles. That makes more sense than by car! Or plan to do day trips with bicycles.

10 Million Miles Journey says:

Oh my goodness, I will be going to Germany too. I am on a Quest to visit and every country in the world (literally) and film each one (I think I will be the 1st person to accomplish this!). Just finished Japan(in a rented RV!), drove Route 66 (twice!) and going to China soon. After that I am thinking about Germany!

Lazy Travel Days says:

I cant wait for your video’s have fun and stay safe.

Spreeweltenbad says:

We are looking forward to see U in Spreewelten Bad! Our cute, little penguins are also excited. Have a nice trip! See U tomorrow …

Michael - says:

Hello from Bavaria / Germany,

some advices for Your Destination what i can give you are:
What I can advice you is the Schweriner Schloss in Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:
And some books, you can order when You are in Germany:
But i dont know how good your German is at the moment:
Traditional Eating in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:
30 haunted Places in Castles and so on in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:
And You should visit one of the fantastic Middleage-Festivals and Middleage-Markets:
As just an Example there are over 1000 all over Germany during the Year!
And Schloss Sanssouci, Sanssouci Park, Potsdam, Brandenburg

Welcome back to Germany – Heart of Europe!

Greetings from Bavaria – Nature- and Nationalpark Bavarian Forest,

Maria del mar says:

Super trip to a less visited area of Germany. Sound great.

20alphabet says:

Have fun, and be careful of the police… especially when they demand to see “Yaw paypuss, pleeease!” They can be real Nazi’s! Seriously, when on the road, find a place to do a top speed video!

biglostboy says:

greetings from the south part of germany. i hope you will will enjoy the new trip to our wonderfull country 🙂 if u make a trip to the north see dont forget the “nordfriesland inseln” like sylt. wonderfull places.

dada asdada says:

How exciting, Germany is probably my fave country to visit

morbvsclz says:

I can highly recommend Rügen, the largest german Island, right at  the polish border. Especially the Jasmund National Park is absolutely fantastic. At least it was when I was there 5 years ago 😀

And of course the castles. Especially Sanssouci. It’s pretty touristy there, but that usually means there is a reason for it.

A Boat trip on the many rivers and lakes there is also always nice. I’ve been on the boat from Potdsam to Werder (Havel), but there are other routes available of course. And afaik they are on a regular schedule, so they work a bit like a bus service.

Love Love says:

Love your videos 🙂 if you gonna be in europe u should visit Portugal . have a great time in Germany :)))

evogardens says:

Hey Guy’s,
YEAH, road trip! Sounds awesome.
I used to hate pickles. When I was a kid,
I would remove the pickles from my Maccas burgers and stick them on the Windows or chuck them up on the ceiling. Now I love em.

CaseyRuddTV says:

Looking forward to the videos from your trip! I hope to travel to and eventually live in Germany one of these days, but until then I will live vicariously through your adventures. Have fun you two!

Nix Da says:

You could visit Potsdam’s castles, Warnemünde at the Ostsee, go to Lübben and Burg in the Spreewald and do a Kahnfahrt. And maybe tropical island..

Lee Pran says:

Come to Singapore pleasee

Dank Memes says:


QWERTYOP80 says:

Looks like we’ll be in Germany at the same time! Although I’ll be in Berlin doing the stuff you’ve already done before… haha!

B.J. Martin says:

Go back to college. I heard it’s free in Germany 😉

Hadegel says:

What you could visit:
– a cultural event from the “Sorbs”, a west slavic minority
– the Spreewald, a biosphere reserve
– “Tropical Islands”

Gunslinger 101 says:

Greetings from Germany ! Viel Spaß in Meck-Pomm und Brandenburg ! My Hometon and place of birth is Hamburg ! Also very Nice !

MrTRYTOO says:

you picked the wrong part of germany imho

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