Day Trip to Augsburg, Germany

Most tourists go straight for Munich, but nearby Augsburg also has lots of sweet areas and really beautiful things to see! Join us on our day trip.

Road Trip Germany Part 2 (Bielefeld, Nienburg, Cows, Hamburg):

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sabrina k says:

You should visit Würzburg or Bamberg

Connie Raiford says:

I was born in Augsberg July 17, 1981. We left in 1986. My dream is to take my daughter and show her where I lived as a little girl. I remember riding the trains, the food, and the Germans always wanting to touch my hair or rub on my skin.(I know what it means).

Eti GG says:

On this slide have so many people peed greetings from augsburg

Yoongis Boobs says:

komm doch mal nach Magdeburg 🙂

ghostfire23 says:

It seems like a nice, peaceful and foreign-friendly city. Wish I could move in the city very soon. It’s a very lovely place. I’ll “study” the city for more info

Toni Al says:

will stay in augsburg 4 days mext week. any comfortable bar with traditional food? I care about good beer and a large comfortable bar that serves german food, like yardhouse or similar.

Anika Befus says:

omg. I’m live in the near of Augsburg

SLIME TIME time says:

i live in augsburg

Sarah Brenner says:

i am from Augsburg

Romeax says:

lol im living in augsburg

hammad shakil says:

you have been to york and walked along the wall? me too 😀
amazing thing is york is also related to Romans, Constantine was crowned there

Daniel Helbig says:

I live in Augsburg

Joe Cool says:

See as much as Germany as possible. Take a Rhine River tour and see the German vineyards.

Yo Joo says:

You should go and visit Memmingen. About an 1 and 15 minutes away from Munich. Old city center, nice Stadtmauer to walk along. But you should go there on a Saturday, otherwise it is quite abandoned.

Bernie B. says:

Hi! You could visit the oldtowns of Landshut, Regensburg and Passau. And of course one of my favourite smaller towns in Bavaria: Burghausen (with Europes longest castle). But there are many other gems like Nördlingen or Wasserburg am Inn!

Danson for Joy says:

What a beautiful place! I would feel transported back in time there! We live in western Washington state, and some of my favorite day trips are either east to the breathtaking Cascade mountains or west to the Pacific Ocean. I’ve lived here for six years, and still have SO MUCH to explore (I haven’t even been north to Canada yet!).

Travelblog JoyDellaVita says:

Take a Day Trip to Lake Constance (about 2 hours with Bayern Ticket), the Christmas Market in Lindau is very beautiful 😉

Tugay Er says:

Ich bin auch aus Augsburg habe so viel selber nicht mal gesehen hahaha

gkflfkgl says:

I lived in Augsburg for two years not directly in the city center, I lived in Neusäß/Steppach but it´s still home for me. This summer I want to do a daytrip to Augsburg. I love this city.

An Drea says:

york, walk the walls, the best thing you can do there ☺

lara Jasmina Fischer says:

I live in augsburg

robert loya says:

My mother was from was from Augsburg , absolutely love the place , very beautiful. And by the way F*CK YOU if you have rude comments to make about the people or the place.

The Beautie GIRLS says:

I live in Augsburh

Jacques Dablah says:

You maybe wanna go visit the Blautopf in Blaubeuren, it is maybe a 20 minute drive from Ulm, in summer it is quite lovely to see.

Maggie Jones says:

Germany is such an aesthetic country, like damn.

Chris B says:

We were stationed in Augsburg for about 2 1/2 years when I was in the Army in the late 90s. It is a lovely town and we had so much fun living there. I really miss it. Later on, we got stationed in Wuerzburg for another 5 years. I often day dream of going back for a visit. Street food, riding trains, buses and street cars were always a lot of fun. They used to have what they called a schönes Wochenende ticket and you could travel on the trains as far as you could go from Friday night to Sunday. Great fun. In Augsburg, we’d get a Tages Karte or a Kinder und Mutter Karte and ride the buses and street cars all over town. Much better than trying to find somewhere to park. We liked the brezen and semmel brotchen, but they had the best donner kebabs down town. Thank you for doing this video. Very interesting. By the way, Wuerzburg with its river and fortress is interesting as is Rothenburg with it’s medievil walled town.

Politically Yeast says:

Ich liebe Augsburg

Arno Welzel says:

I moved to Berlin a couple of months ago after living in Augsburg for nearly 40 years. I know all the places you have been there so well and I have to admit to feel a little bit of homesickness (even though I’m very happy in Berlin as well).

Chris Deff says:

Try Würzburg!

sumamme says:

If you like to walk city walls you should go toördlinger_Stadtmauer
Nördlingen. It s a lovely little city about 1 and 1/2 hours by train from Munich.


Yes it was really sweet and funny;-) I didn’t know that we are popular for our cheese brezels, haha:-)))

Philipp Robertz says:

Augsburg is the best, most beautiful city! I am very fortunate to have been able to call it my home for 10 years <3

You are tearing me apart Lisa says:

I want to visit Germany so bad. It looks like such a beautiful country.

Daniel Wallburg says:

where is that slide? Preise help. Wo ist diese Rutsche? Bitte um Hilfe.

RealGaming says:

Iam From Augsburg too

Never Mind says:

come to weilheim, there is it soooo Beautyfull, lots of Old stuff, and Museums and pretty cool houses 😉

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