Differences between the USA and Germany (Road trip) | Easy German 167

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Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.

Host of this episode: Carina Schmid (http://www.carisafari.de)
Camera: Janusz Hamerski
Edit: Janusz Hamerski / Carina Schmid
Translation: Ben Eve


Elvira Schneider says:

Was redet der Herr für einen Unsinn über Wasser Hänne

H98342mfan asdf9892nmd says:

“dass in einem der entwickeltsten und modernsten Ländern der Welt, gibt es nirgendwo Handynetz” – maybe because USA is so fuck big that you could fit like 6 times Europes in it… Maybe that..

Kiri A says:

Ich kenne Full House! I liked the series when I was a child.

Darkicity says:

Janus Is a cool dude 😉

Rechtschreibung1 says:

Es wäre interessant, wenn ihr die Chance hättet, Arnold Schwarzenegger zu interviewen.

Antoni Garcia says:

Schön! Aber ja, als ich Kind oder vielleicht Teenager war, genoss ich Full House aber nur ein bisschen. Heutzutage ist diese Show nur okay, weil es andere bessere Sitcoms gibt, meine Meinung nach.

Kumar German says:

danke fur Untertitel mit Translation

Marlon Daniel Coelho says:

I stopped at the part they are discussing about toilets in the USA… what the heck? lol

Jill Poulsen says:

Maybe you guys can help me with this – why do all non-Americans like Vegas? We hate it. It is an armpit. Everything about it is fake and corrupt. I drive through it as fast as possible. It only has one redeeming quality – cheap hotels and food. I really hope that people don’t judge us by Vegas!

bennigan88 says:

Loved this episode! I laughed when I read the translation at 2:30 as “that’s not on” for “das geht doch nicht” in reference to having no network coverage. I come from a British American family and that is definitely a British English phrase, not American and made me laugh because I haven’t heard it in quite a while! Also, as someone from the SF Bay Area, I was very sad to hear you didn’t find any good coffee. Starbucks is NOT the best coffee in the Bay Area! There are so many great local coffee roasters and cafes there, I’m afraid you must not have had the right local to guide you!

Schikimikki says:

Tolles Video!!

Jodi's Expat Life says:

“The first person to run to the cashier is the winner”!! xD That is too funny!! Thank you for the subtitles!! 🙂

yoshka23 says:

ich lebe hier und leider habe ich die Möglichkeit verpasst euch zu treffen….bin ein riesiger fan! Gruss von bay area.

Raifa Mammadli says:

Ich habe gesehen Full House in meiner Kindheit. Einer meiner Lieblings-TV-Serien.

Language Lover says:

Music in 06:33? Please! Thank y ou <3

ShaddyWoohooMan says:

Glad you enjoyed America. And yes, we don’t like how spread out things are either haha. Takes me 30 minutes to get to my college each morning and most people I know drive an hour to get to their jobs. I think Americans might be more used to the distances but I do not know what it’s like to drive in Germany so I can’t say for sure.

Crystal D says:

Was this also Cari’s first trip to America? I am glad she had a good trip! We Americans like to make people feel as welcome as possible when they visit! Bis bald aus Los Angeles!

Colette says:

I agree about the coffee and plastic!  I am American and have travelled to Germany, and their coffee is, generally, much better.  And our plastic waste is terrible.  Americans need to stop using so much plastic!  It’s terrible for the environment and marine life.  Thanks for the fun videos, Easy German!

DeadByDawn74 says:

“Full House” ist ein absolutes Fremdwort für mich. Ich hab als Kind dieBiene Maja, Heidi, die Seesamstraße, Hallo Spencer und die Augsburger Puppenkiste geguckt 🙂

Jackie L. says:

Cari hat Recht auf den Plastikmüll in den USA. Ich komme aus Los Angeles aber wohne jetzt in München, und ich finde, dass es in Deutschland weniger Plastikmüll gibt. Zum Beispiel in Deutschland gibt es selten “take-outs”, wo die Leute das Essen oder Leftover aus Restaurants in Kunststoff-Container zu Hause bringen. In Deutschland gibt es noch weniger Plastikbesteck und Plastiktüte. Aber jetzt in Amerika, mehrer Supermarkt berechnen eine Gebühr für Plastiktüte. Hoffentlich können wir als Amerikaner nachhaltiger werden 🙂

Catalina Prada says:

Amerika ist doch ein Kontinent! Ihr wart nur in USA, Nordamerika!

Ani R. says:

8:00 I didn’t notice for a while but when I looked at your mic, I thought you were holding a tiny hedgehog

John F says:

Amerika hat nun einen Führer 😀 für die Steinzeit #nonetworkcoverage

Eman Mahmoud says:

es ist wunderbar vedio . dankeschön

dale smith says:

Janusz rocks with that guitar

Joao A. says:

“Guck mal Ben, da sind Palmen!” HAHAHAHAHAAH Entschuldigung, aber das ist sehr gringo hahahahha. Ihr müsst nach Brasilein gehen. Hier haben wir die schönste Strände der Welt – und Palmen! hahahha.

Ola S says:

Ich mag sehr die Folgen aus USA. Sie sind nicht uber die Racism, Refugees etc.
Du, Janusz und Isi sind super 🙂 Ich hore euch sehr oft. Diese Folge mag ich am meisten. GruSe aus Polen !!!

hojun seo says:

This helps me learn German a lot easier. Thank you for the video! 🙂

Gabriel Alami says:

God bless America

Steven Alibaster says:

You have a shitty phone – that is the problem…

Dóra Horváth says:

Do anyone knows the music from 6.30? 🙂

GreenFox59 says:

It’s important to remember that your experience in America is going to differ by State. I’ve been told that Michigan has similar climate to Germany — I don’t know if that is true or not though.

tromboneJTS says:

They usually say “the next person in line” when they open a new checkout. In NYC, “the next person on line”

Tamanna patel says:

hallo. Ich wohne in berlin und moechte gern einmal mitmachen.

Dagmar Slámová says:

Hallo Cari und Caris team :), danke für dieses Video. Das ist super. Alle sind super. Ich bin froh für jedes Video, es hilft mir Deutsch zu verstehen. Ich grüsse Sie

Manuel Müller says:

Was ist eigentlich das Ziel dieses Kanals

tromboneJTS says:

Do you think they would put a mobile phone tower up in the middle of a national park??? In a region where nobody lives?

Ghkjdf Hbjhffh says:

one thing i noticed from your videos is that german language is very similar to english correct me if am wrong but i could understand her by just picking up some words which are similar to english

Randy Welsh says:

Look at all the towns and cities in Europe that were build 100s of years before the car was invented.

David Cordero Chavarría says:

America is actually a continent, and the USA is in the northern part of it, however, in the English language (and I guess maybe in the German language as well?), when people say America, they are usually talking about the USA, I find that annoying, that you have to say “America, the continent”, to make it clear that you’re not talking about the USA in English (because I’m from a country that is in America, it’s just not the USA, I get that it’s a quirk of the language, nonetheless I think it’s a very bad one)

the subtitles in this video are really great, thanks for making this video, it’s great
vielen Dank für dieses Video!

WhiteSpatula says:

I feel so badly that you lost fifty bucks here! But I’m glad you and the gang had a good time. The world needs more of you. You folks are genuine. No pretensions. I love it! -Phill, Las Vegas

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