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For centuries, Frankfurt has been one of Europe’s most important trading capitals.
Today, Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, the German Stock Exchange and an airport, which handles almost 60 million travelers a year.
Despite its stature as a financial giant, Frankfurt remains surprisingly compact. Most of its attractions are clustered close to the city centre, making the city perfect for exploring on foot or by bicycle.
Cross the Eiserner Steg into Frankfurt’s ancient heart, the Römerberg. After being devastated by allied bombs in World War Two, many of the square’s most important buildings have been lovingly restored. From the Römerplatz, head deeper into the old city to discover important buildings such as Paulskirche and Goethe-Haus.
In the eighteenth century the city’s elite built villas across the river from the old town. Today, many of these villas house specialist museums, such as the German Film Museum, the German Architecture Museum and the Stadel Museum.
Just behind the museum embankment, lose yourself in Old Sachsenhausen, where you’ll find narrow lanes lined with traditional houses and some of the city’s best ebbelwei pubs.
Once you’ve replenished your energy, hop on a tram to the city’s northwest and spend a few hours at the Frankfurt Botanical Gardens and Palmengarten. 70 years ago, as the city smoldered from war, few could have imagined that these greenhouses would ever again see such beauty, that this city would ever again experience such peace and prosperity.


JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hi I really enjoy your channel ☺ Keep it up!

Daffa Reyhan says:


Luis Lopez says:

Please do Munich and Hamburg

azeriyim lan says:


Marelke Roux says:

Wish it looked this nice when I visited 3 weeks ago. It is a dirty place full of migrants and antifa. Difficult to see a native german. Did not feel like germany more like Morroco.

nUtana nivedana says:

Wow! Great and please make a video about Indian cities.

MiyukiSawada240 says:

i have a 6 hour layover in a week in a half. what can i do thats walking distance or short cab ride with 2 bags of luggage to lug around.

Skbappy Lehar says:


M. Taku says:


Max Bell says:

With all the due respect, but these Northern European cities might have a good organisation and a good way of living, but they lack in soul, joy, happiness…in few words, they will never have a “Dolce Vita” feeling. So damn sad atmosphere.

AnajiDV says:

Frankfurt is beautiful, nice video

la patte du chien says:

frankfurt on “la patte du chien”

heat flux says:

0:53 damn, this is beautiful

s m imtiaz says:

So nice city. My love & respect to Germany.


Am a big fan of Germany. Will visit Frankfurt in Oct. Any suggestion in which area of Frankfurt I should get a hotel? Thanks.

saintKahlo says:

Any tips for people who recently moved here?

W Ghost says:

Interesting city

rocknroller1986 says:

Never thought I’d put Frankfurt on my list of places to see… once again Expedia you’ve convinced me to open my horizon to new places.

jon green says:

if you are traveling to Germany in 2019 (or any other time in future), watch for the BEST SINGER/ENTERTAINER in the universe, Helene Fischer she will be on tour again in Spring-Summer 2019, you can watch some of her 2018 and previous Tour videos on her website und youtube.

Mitchell says:

Just goes to show that nobody cares about skyscrapers or modern buildings. We all want to see cosy old towns centers, narrow cobbled lanes and grand churches.

吳燈燦 says:

很高興 能看到你旅遊 一路平安

Safa Safa says:

Frankfurt made me such a big phenomenon. I used my radars there with gang of international idiots

Safa Safa says:

i will build a street in frankfurt and call it : Safa strasse. Safa was here heeheheh


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Nasib Azizi says:

I live in this beautiful city.

Lakecik says:

why did not you show the refugees standing in Frankfurt on every corner and accosting people?

杨飞凡 says:

hello! friends
what’s your camera for this video???? that’s very good!

LB22peter says:

What an excellent pronunciation! One would say it is a native speaker of English… if it wasn’t that “squaaare”

Undisputed Champion says:

Germanistan’s most multicultural city. Disgusting. Lived here for 20 years it’s a big dogshit city.

Loyal says:

I wish i could visit this nice city again ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Võ Trần says:

I really like your video, in quality image and location in the Frankfurt. So, can i get some images in this video to introduce for Vietnam’s people? And I make its to NOT for trade. Thank you!

Santhosh Illa says:

I’m waiting for Switzerland video

Tyr4n LP says:

Frankfurt is the city with the highest crime rate in Germany. Just saying…

Samrat Paudel says:

I love Germany &its people so much. Germany is amazing. Iam from Nepal & i am a big fan of Germany.

Olivier Letellier says:

Je vais aujourd’hui, j’ai hâte d’y aller ! Je viens de Montréal.

Andrew James says:

I Would Love To Live in There

Abin Nabrudin says:

Alus kitu nya ua.

yo gotti says:

Do Munich

Rahim Meena says:

Very good brother. I love Germany than all countries in the world. Please brother create another videos concerning MUNICH,DUSSELDORF,STUTTGART,HAMBURG and other Germany cities. Please and please again brother helps us to do that. Germany is my favorite country on the earth.
Here in expedia there are some countries like Australia all their cities explained here. And our Germany please do it

Nyasha Masawi says:

i think i would visit Frankfurt too

Al Black says:

Francoforte è una città interessante! Sono in parte birrerie, chiese gotiche e
grattacieli in parte moderni. Durante la seconda guerra mondiale, le bombe alleate hanno danneggiato la città in modo orribile. Bratwurst è uno snack popolare.

pratima rajguru says:

this video got me nostalgic… One of the most beautiful cities ever visited by me… great infrastructure, awesome Frankfurter cuisine and above all very warm people…

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