German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany

Heading to Deutschland/Germany & Wondering What Wonderful Food You Will Be Eating There? Well, Now you can know some of our favorite German foods, drink and treats. From Schweinhaxe (pig knuckle) to Apfelstrudel we give you a quick break down of some of the best German food to eat whether you are visiting Munich for Oktoberfest, Berlin for the Christmas Markets or Cologne for Carneval.
Filmed in Bamberg, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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Iris Jones says:

no, no, no! Sauerbraten is beef

julia howard says:

Semmelkloss?? Wirklich ned.

bobb420 says:

rinder roulade gefüllt mit schinken, gurken, zwiebeln. wer will auch noch mit feta käse.dazu semmelknödel, schönes gemüse und mamas lecker bratensoße. too bad u cant get this in resturants 🙁 oder königsberger klopse, super lecker but also hard to get in resturants 🙁

Captain Quantrill says:

Pretty soon all you’ll be able to eat is falafel.

Severity One says:

If this is representative for German food, the whole country must be diabetic. 🙂

ScarAnrew says:

some of youre “german” dishes are typical austrian ones . .

Amanda Rhindress says:

I really want to go to Germany but scared to with everything happening with attacks and stuff

Aktenzeichen Laibachs Hoden-Wohl says:

Pork. I love it.

Amina Fatikhanova says:

Weisswurst or wurscht is always calf/kalbfleisch with pork/schweinefleisch.

Depression says:

I’m from Denmark, and I love German food. I cook a LOT of german dishes here at home.

Zrm says:

Hey, nice videos! One tip, if you like hearty southern German food: Make a trip to Czech Republik or Silisia (Southern Poland). There you get the best sausages and Klöße (Dumplings) you will ever eat! Generally a new dimension of hearty food!!! My mouth is watering only by thinking of my last trip!

Kapo HB says:

best wishes from germany! did you had your first bratwurst at stockinger in Bremen ?

C Wiskus says:

that kabob one sounds like it would be similar to a gyro

Nicoletta Ciccone says:

The food looks delicious!! I wish I were in Deutschland now, I would like to enjoy my food with a glass of dark beer.


Traditionally the Bratwurst is Pork, The Bockwurst is Pork and Veal and the Weisswurst which is Veal. All are normally Grilled/Fried and served with Senf (Sweet German Mild Mustard). The Bratwurst is the normal one cut into pieces and covered with a Curry Sauce and Powder to make a CurryWurst. Another should be the Frikadellen, A crick Ball sized meat ball again served with Senf. Those can all be had as walk about food. If you go for a sit down then first it should be the Schnitzel, The meat is beaten until thin as it is still raw when Bread Crumbed and fried. (Originally was made from Veal then Pork and sometimes Chicken

Richard Upton says:

Hi Walter love your videos. I am going to berlin for new year this year and was wondering if you could tell me the names of any towns sort of close to berlin like Bramberg to go to for a day out preferably by train, thank you.

X. Sandman says:

I love your vids cause im from germany and in this crazy times the most people who lives in this beautiful country dont knows what they got here. Its not only the thing with the dishes i guess you like germany and this is a kind of a new perspective to think about how good we can live here! Thx man all the best for you and your family

Danielchai S says:

Stay away from evil germany

Linda Fraser says:

I was in Germany and I remember going to a festival call the cole & Pingle !! It was Awesome!! The Beer Is The Best!!

Stephan Kassner says:

Visit Stuttgart Dinkel Acken Koknigs Hoff Porsche Merscedes

Benjamin Wagner says:

Crap I’m hungry

Luke HD says:


Paul Connors says:

Sauerbraten is BEEF, NOT PORK!

Bettie OWL says:

Doners are not originally German, it should be said. They are a Turkish food.

Severity One says:

And yes, döner kebab (a German invention) IS all over Europe now. You’ll even find it in Malta nowadays.

Regina Freitag says:

Hi. I am from Germany and I’m rather upset and angry at your video. While celebrating meat, meat and meat (which does not help with weight loss btw, hint hint), you completely ignore the very existence of non-meat dishes like Milchreis, Pfannkuchen or Gemüseauflauf, and you are not the slightest bit aware of the growing vegetarian and vegan movement in Germany, and for good reason. You don’t show a tiny bit of compassion for animals and just see them as food, no matter if they suffer for your five minutes of enjoyment. You have two little children apparently. Is that what you want to teach them, to go through life just stuffing your mouth without any love or compassion for your fellow beings? What a sad lesson to teach. I’m so sick of people like you. When you praised “Schweinebraten”, I thought of the high degree of intelligence of pigs, of the terrified looks in their eyes in the trucks that take them to slaughter when they are just children, of their playfulness, gentleness and curiosity when they are allowed to live their life, which all animals want to do. Is that too much to ask? Instead of feeding your children dead rotting corpses, you could introduce them to Esther the Wonderpig and her million fans on Facebook, who was rescued out of a slaughterhouse as a baby and inspired her human family so much with her loving and joyful character that they opened a farm sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. They post heartwarming photos and videos of the farm on Facebook, it’s a wonderful story of love and compassion. Show that to your children, so they can grow up and help to make the world better.

Amina Fatikhanova says:

Sauerbraten is always Beef or Rindfleisch

Nathan Hallisey says:

Doner kebab all over Australia. Yum Yum.

Microtubuli says:

sauerbraten MUSS aus pferndefleisch sein. alles andere ist nur mist^^

Stefanie Grünfelder says:

Sauerbraten ist Rind 😉 In Bayern nennt man das Böfflamott. Aaaaauuusserdem! Niemand trink Hofbräu!

Jan Verschueren says:

Mayo on fries is not normal in Germany… at least it wasn’t in the 80’s and 90’s, they may have come around since then. Tartar or remoulade sauce was much more common when I was there.

Edit: red cabbage isn’t always sweet in Germany.

Romanikant says:

Die feinste Küche Deutschlands ist sowieso in Baden, starker Einfluss aus Frankreich. Aber die Wurst ist nix…

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