Germany’s Dresden and Leipzig

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on Saxony, part of the former East Germany, remains a secret to most travelers. We’ll visit the two great cities of the region: the capital city of Dresden, with the opulent palaces and art treasures of the Wettin dynasty, and Leipzig, with its Bach heritage, a massive monument to the day Europe beat Napoleon, and museums remembering its communist heritage.

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itube0047 says:

Degenerate UK/US

silversmitty says:

stronghold of right wing PEGIDA with weekly rallies. beware if you’re not white.

Sieg Paulsen says:

How did they restore those beautiful murals depicting the leaders in music, art and kings of Saxony. Really amazing, and so grateful that it got done for future generations

Davi Tiago da Rocha says:


Bobegnops Fpokmmawhcs says:

Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany.

Morton Olson says:

25,000 Killed ? No Sir 250000 – 300000 Souls .

Michael Gfroerer says:

I like Rick’s videos and his pleasant attitude but seeing the ostentatious, gaudy and useless decorations of the King of Saxony makes me think of the poor folks who had to endure a life of hell so kings could have their toys.

Shaun Lindsay says:

Why couldn’t they do this with the bombed UK cities like London and Birmingham?? The latter is in such a state now

maddog ryan says:

very good video

Гульнара Калганова says:

Why didn’t show Leipzig’s ZOO?

Rainer Vilumaa says:

The Green Vault (Das Grüne Gewölbe) of Dresden is to die for. The exquisite beauty of the objects on display is greatly enhanced by the music playing on the background. Kudos, Rick!

Sina says:

This channel is widely underrated. It’s amazing how Rick tells the history and gives the feeling of the place and its details. THANK YOU! new fan 🙂

The Goodly Dragon says:

Modern Germany is kind of like East Germany, only the modern Stasi (under different names) care about different issues.

John Smith says:

Replicas are not that interesting , if the allies bombed Rome to the ground would you want see a coliseum built in 2005  or the real one built in 80 AD ?

Earth+ says:

‘Free west Germany and communist east germany’……that’s a bit naive way to put it. West Germany wan’t totally free either.

bujar ibraimi says:

Is there any place in the world that americans haven’t bombed yet?

Joker Jonny says:

I life in Dresden

Rollo Alquiros says:

Nice history lesson. Thank you Rick. Keep up the good work and educate us all.

YU says:

Lužica- Luschiza – srpski grad- Serbian siti…!

SabretoothEmo says:

nice, but all built and designed by jewish peopIe

Don Heus says:

Great overview of Leipzig, but Rick or the show did omit an important detail about the Volkerschlachtdenkmal , it wasnt just Landmark to remember the fallen Prussian soldiers who fought against napoleon it was also a landmark to remember the many Germans in the state of Saxony who fought for Napoleon and against other German states like Prussia and Austria.

Kool Aid says:

Leipzig is amazing!

Escriba DeBalaguer says:

What about Görlitz in Saxony? It´s the best preserved german city. You should not miss it.

Lots To Learn says:

The Dresden part was not filmed in 2017; I was there in June & there’s far more diversity there than this film shows. Almost on the Czech border, Dresden is safe. Much larger Leipzig is more cosmopolitan.

Arnold Sten says:

I spent four wonderful days in the culturally beautiful city of Leipzig in 2013. Thank you, Rick, for bringing back some wonderful memories.

Erland Moeckli says:

This was inspiring. I am currently living in Leipzig and got a few ideas here for places to go and steep myself in history.

vince tommaso says:

I went there when i was 21, with my erasmus mates. A so charming place that hope to visit soon again.
Diese Stadt ist in meinem Herz gebliben.

Francesco Bonfiglio says:

Churchill and Roosvelt are two war criminals.

Illup Gravengaard says:

Now the german government spies on its citizens facebook post.. nothing has changed 🙁

Úrsula Hans says:

Amei, lindo

torontoguy1097 says:

The unfortunate truth of this part of Germany is that is a hotbed of NAZIS and shocking racism. As beautiful as it is, it is often on the precipice of riots. There is no denying that if you live or have travelled there. Spend a few minutes searching on Youtube. I have personally, as a tourist in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, wandered smack dab into several fascist vs antifa street wars in the past couple of years. The Antifas were bussed in from the Western States. If you are a person of colour (meaning non-european heritage) I suggest you do NOT visit. At the very LEAST, you will be stared at in the most intense way. The unfortunate truth of this part of Germany is history. The population was not properly “de-nazified” and anyone over the age of 40 was educated in the DDR, brought up to see themselves as VICTIMS of fascism not the perpetrator. Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt seems to be jammed with unrepentant 2nd and 3rd generation descendants of full on Nazis. To deny this is futile. Poland and the Czech republic are more welcoming to the world in general for the MOMENT. I fear for central Europe.

A K says:

The collapsed church is far more moving and poetic. Fulling demonstrating how religion, culture, and arts could not stop humans from destroying themselves. Fitting to the great German philosophies of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? A little too ironic? Yeah, I really do think. It’s like naaaaaapalm on your wedding day.

phototravel85 says:

Next time you could visit the saxony Manchester too. Chemnitz is the 3rd biggest City in Saxony and have also some nice Places or historical Buildings.

Cruzer's World of Retro Wonders says:

Stasi collected mountains of data on its citizens. Glad I’m not living in times like that. Oh, wait.

Martina J says:

RICK STEVES!!!! I could watch his videos all day!! MY MAN!!!

Samuel L says:

Is there any information to know what the music was at 4:16?

shawnshao16 says:

Who ever controls dresden, who controls saxony, whoever controls saxony, who controls germany.

August 1813, on the east bank of Elbe, battle of Dresden

Jake Dean says:

Both are worth visiting!

Neil O'Neal says:

At 15:10 “An erection like this was a big deal in communist times”. LOL !!

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