Germany’s Frankfurt and Nürnberg

Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on Skyscraper-studded Frankfurt — with so much commerce it’s nicknamed “Bankfurt” — has a delightful-to-explore old center. We’ll also visit Nürnberg, a capital for both the First Reich (the Holy Roman Empire) and the Third. From its towering castle and playful fountains to its Nazi Documentation Center and maze of underground bomb shelters, Nürnberg is a fascinating study in contrasts. 

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Valentin dnlu says:


PJG 88 says:

EST ES Grun!

Srinu Jami says:

U Rock s Steve .. Love u meh

Hernan says:

Great video !!! Frankfurt is wonderful. Next time you have to visit Heidelberg… What a beatiful city. Greetings from Chile.

Lea Fernandico says:

Thanks for this video.

al meggs says:

People friendly zones? Splainittometeech?

Be Free says:

we don’t live on a globe, because it’simpossible

Sophebiz Obi says:

In all of his travels in Europe, it baffles me why he never recognizes the black nobility. Europe pays hommage in many festivities. Just seems a bit biased, to me.

Khaled Aly says:

Thanks you Rick, you can’t imagine how your videos makes me feel .. you are a huge support for something you would never expect .. Just know that there is someone who is so grateful to your videos :))

Сергей Коменданский says:


Ulrich Lehnhardt says:

They are presently rebuilding the bombed down Old-Town in Frankfurt. When finished Frankfurt will really be worth a visit and will give you an impression of how Germans really live. Nuremberg was rebuilt in a bad style I think. It looks like a medivial city from the 1950ies.

Kumi12341 says:

That Trump pun was so perfect! The perfect amount of shade thrown his way.

Jessica Ramirez says:

I seriously enjoy watching Rick Steves traveling shows

ElSmusso says:

Nuremberg reminds me of Washington 2017

Anthony Ivan Aglugub Jr. says:

Any Obesity Fat Police Index?

Daniel Wyvern says:

Nurnberger Bratwurst. Second only to Ansbach Bratwurst.

Tyler Wesson says:

Frankfurt Hbf is busy of course, but isn’t Berlin Hbf the busiest?

Rani Jhansi Jhansi says:

I was there in Nurnberg in Sep. Beautiful country

stevo728822 says:

Yep, I’d like to visit.

Gisa W Slonim says:

The railway station in Frankfurt does indeed look like the one in Mumbai, amazing. Perhaps they were both built in the same year? And that this was the style preferred by builders of rail stations across the globe in those days?

Kevin Finnerty says:

You don’t know anything about Hitler

Adrien Veres says:

Thanks to Rick Steve’s I’ve traveled around Europe just with my computer haha ! I really love this channel, it helps me find out which countries i will be visiting next, in real life 😉

Nikola Zaykov says:

Frankfurt is lovely city

ttttkk2 says:

wish i can go there asap!

Firstcollin Lastjt says:

So cool!

Commander Apo says:

Look how you Brits ruined the beauty of our cities. Do you know how much it pains me as a huge fan of old architecture ? Your kind will pay for that !

Carlos Krueger says:

….The Marshal Plan was a Proxy plan…Meaning that The Americans Controlled The German Economy….Just Look at Frau Merkel…She’s Just another Puppet like Trump…Obama….Hilary…Bushes…!…And not to Forget the B.S…That Eisenhower did to German POW’s after WW2….1945 to 1949 Germans Suffered a lot…

Arush Tandon says:

Your tours so amazing you are the best at Tour person in the world

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